Protect You from Others or Others from You?

March 20, 2015

I think that everyone who works with other human beings has a specific skill-set that needs to be developed in order to be successful and not make themselves or anyone else miserable. The fact is that everyone is so different. Different personalities like and dislike certain things and without a personality test at your exposure, […]

Using Resume Key Words

January 6, 2015

We all know it is important to have a good resume, but now you can amp it up by watching this quick video that will help you to use strict key words that will help your resume be more productive for you today.

4 ways to avoid a negative work week

October 3, 2013

4 ways to avoid a negative work week Have you ever been stuck in traffic thinking that the traffic jam is never going to let you through?  Well, if you live in Tulsa right now, you know exactly what I mean.  Our city officials have apparently decided to begin construction on many major intersection in […]

Hard Work Makes You Lucky

October 3, 2013

Hard Work Makes You Lucky??? It seems over the past few years that the idea of working hard at something is a very unpopular idea. This trend has been growing at a very rapid pace; mostly the younger generation, but it has spread into all ages and groups. The whole concept of working hard and […]

Time Cards

January 19, 2013

 TO FILL OUT OR APPROVE TIME CARDS EMPLOYEES: Trinity employees are required to fill out and submit their time card by end of day each Friday (if working weekends, they must be in by end of day Sunday).  Employees are paid each Friday for the previous week worked.  For any questions regarding payroll, please contact us […]

Staff An Employee, Support A Child

August 18, 2012

**Staff An Employee, Support A Child – Trinity Employment Specialist – Proudly Providing Tulsa Medical Staffing & Tulsa Staffing What is Staff An Employee, Support A Child? Simply put, for every employee that is placed with a Tulsa employer, Trinity Employment Specialists will donate to the Oklahoma Baptist Children’s Home. We have set up this program so […]