Staff An Employee, Support A Child

**Staff An Employee, Support A Child – Trinity Employment Specialist – Proudly Providing Tulsa Medical Staffing & Tulsa Staffing What is Staff An Employee, Support A Child? Simply put, for every employee that is placed with a Tulsa employer, Trinity Employment Specialists will donate to the Oklahoma Baptist Children’s Home. We have set up this program so that our local children will know that the charity that is supporting them will be there for years to come. We want to give Oklahoma’s children a chance to succeed in a challenging world. Additionally, this charity (much like other charities) is in need of our support, and we are excited to play a small part in helping this great organization. Why is Trinity Involved In This Outreach? At Trinity we founded our company based upon our core values and principles of giving back to the community and helping those in need. We firmly believe that today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders and that we all should do our part to help out those that are incapable of helping themselves. If you would like to get involved in this outreach contact us and we can connect you with the right people. How Can You Get Involved? As an employer, every time you hire a new employee you can know that your money is going to provide quality jobs for great Oklahoma families along with helping to support a wonderful organization that helps children in need. The more people you staff, the more money we will donate. What Does Oklahoma Baptist Children’s Home Do? The Oklahoma Baptist Children’s home is one of the largest providers of non-profit, residential childcare in the great state of Oklahoma. In fact, they do not charge for their services or accept government funding of any kind. They do not discriminate in any way. Additional Information about Trinity Employment Specialists: Trinity is proud to offer Green Country with the staffing and employment services that Tulsa, Oklahoma needs. In a challenging economy for many businesses we help connect companies and employees with jobs that are both permanent and part-time in nearly any trade. If you are an employer and you are looking for temp staff, full-time employees or other jobs, just give us a call today. Trinity has a reputation as being the best Tulsa staffing company in the area.