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Contact Our Tulsa Staffing Agency Now This content was written for Trinity Employment Trinity Employment Specialist provide staffing solutions for companies, individuals and businesses of all shapes and sizes. We give you what you need and what you want. What do you want? You want a job that’s can help you thrive and ultimately reach your individual goals. As a company, you want people who are going to show up on time, work hard and be an ideal fit for the position that you have open. Don’t rely on any other Tulsa staffing agency when you have Trinity Employment Specialist at your doorstep. Start now at 918-622-2588. It’s very important for you work with a company that has integrity, honesty and treat you the way that you want to be treated. We would never send you somebody that we would not hire ourselves. Most of the time, from what we’ve seen and from personal experience, most Tulsa staffing agencies will simply send you the first person to walk through their doors. This does not work and we have seen it. They do not focus on connection, relationship or finding the right person for the right job. They simply keep sending you people until one of them happens to stick. Our Tulsa staffing agency does not rely on the luck of the draw. Instead we do our research when it comes to background checks, individuality and even personality. Research shows that personality has so much to do with whether or not an individual will thrive in a certain position. It makes no sense to send you someone who has absolutely no sales experience to a sales position. It doesn’t make sense to send you someone to fill your medical position when they have no interest or no passion for that industry. You want someone who’s got a thrive and someone who’s going to work hard as well is over exceed your expectations. It can be hard for company to find good people. It can also be time-consuming and stressful trying to find the right person for the right job. Why not allow Trinity Employment to lift that burden off of your shoulders and do all the work for you. We act as your own private human resource department. We tracked down the people, find the people, interview the people, background check and send them on their way to you. Every company has the last word when it comes to hiring or firing someone that we send them. Individuals keep coming to us because they know were only going to send them to job positions that there actually interested in. Individual goals are very important and if a person is at a job where they feel like they are not getting to where they want to go it’s absolutely pointless. They may last a month or even a year, but are they really giving everything they got into the job position? We would help your company thrive and in order to do that you need the right people. Quality and Individual Goals This content was written for Trinity Employment Here at Trinity Employment we are known to many individuals and companies is one of the number one Tulsa staffing agencies here in the city. With over 10 years of recruiting experience underneath their belts, we help companies and individuals find what they’re looking for. While focusing on what really matters, Trinity Employment leads individuals to ideal positions and helps companies fill positions that a been open for a long time. Partner with the Tulsa staffing agency that’s going to help you get to where you need to go now. Get started today by calling 918-662-2588. Experience is everything. Experience of understanding people, companies and what makes a good employee. Our founder and our owner, Cory Minter has over a decade of recruiting experience in the fields of Healthcare, Engineering and Human Resources. He focuses on business development and building relationship with clients to help them find the ideal candidates that could ultimately build a career out of physicians that they have available. He enjoys what he does and will always strive to help you find the ideal person. It’s important to have connection with each of our clients and the individuals who come to us for help. Connection is everything when it comes to understanding your goals, your financial goals and where you ultimately want to be at the end of the day. It is absolutely no good for the company or the individual to send somebody who’s not an ideal fit for the position. Most Tulsa staffing companies simply send you the first person walks in, we focus on the background, the experience and the end all goals to help people find a job that fits them perfectly. Human resources is usually the last thing that people want to do. Interviews, talking with people and ultimately decide if they’re a good fit can be very stressful and can be very time-consuming especially for a business owner. Trinity Employment allows you to focus on what’s important which is growing your business and looking for ways to make your day to day operations run more smoothly and effectively. When you let us handle the human resource aspect, you can trust that were going to find the individuals that are in a help your business grow. You have the last word when it comes to hiring we just help you find the people. So get started with one of the top and award-winning Tulsa staffing agencies in the city. Let us find you individuals who are looking for more than just a job but are looking to start a career. Companies trust us, banks, hospitals and many other businesses throughout the city always turn to Trinity Employment when they’re looking for someone who is ideal. 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