Trinity Employment Career Center

Welcome to Trinity Employment Specialists’ Career Center.  We specialize in positions in the Tulsa area that include Medical, IT, Accounting, Administrative, Banking, Sales and many others.

See What Our Clients Have to Say:

Matthew Crockett 

“My name is Matthew and I’m a banker here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was a teacher but I was looking for something different. When I was searching for a new job I found Trinity. Trinity helped me find something I really enjoy and something that I didn’t even know I liked doing! They helped me find something that I love and that I’m excited about doing. The best thing about my job is that I am able to help people. Everyday I get to help someone’s life be easier and I think that’s the best thing about my new job. I would defiantly recommend Trinity, I actually have recommended Trinity to few people who were looking for jobs. I think that the consistency that Trinity offers is one of the best things about them. They make sure that they work as hard for you as you work for them. Being able to come and know that no matter what happens, Trinity always has my back, and their always going to support me and make sure that they put me in a position where I will be successful. That is why I would recommend Trinity to anyone who is looking for a job.” – Matthew Crockett

Justin, CEO of a Large Orthopaedic Clinic in Tulsa

“Through Trinity Employment Specialists, Cory Minter has been providing staffing services for our client for over four years. He has always maintained a professional composure while remaining both personable and approachable. He takes the time to understand our staffing needs and has provided us with long-term employees throughout the relationship between the clinic and Trinity Employment Specialists. Cory has always been quick to respond to any needs or issues that arise. His ability to manage relationships with both his staff and his clients is admirable.”

Natasha Ervin

“My name is Natasha and I work as a medical assistant. I chose Trinity because I was looking for a job and came across them online. I stay with Trinity because I have developed trust and appreciation for their ability to be professional, personal and efficient. What I like most about my job is that I’m just honored to be working in a wonderful atmosphere and with great people. I would also recommend Trinity to other people because of the devotion, the time and energy that they put into people to find a job so they can be happy. Once Trinity places you in a position where you fit in and your comfortable they check up on you to make sure your happy with it.” – Natasha Ervin

Sara Gaston

“I applied for a job online and Trinity called me the next day regarding the position. I came in and interviewed with Jenny. I had used Trinity to hire my own employees in the past and when Jenny called me I knew that I was in good hands. Trinity helped me by finding out all about me, my skills and everything that I was wanting to do. They were able to find jobs that I would fit well in and benefit from. What I liked most about my job is interacting with the patients. I’ve been in medical for 15 years and now I’m learning a whole new specialty that I knew nothing about and its exciting to challenge myself! I would defiantly recommend Trinity to a family member or friend due to the fact that they really do care about the people who come to them for help in finding a job. They stay with you and help you find the right job that is a great fit for you!”– Sara Gaston

Vicki Bradley

“My name is Vicki and I work as a medical billing specialist. I heard about Trinity through a job fair in 2011. When I applied, I received a phone call within two days and had a job within the week! What I enjoy most about my job is doing the billing and the collection part of it. I also enjoy interacting with patients and with people. I would recommend Trinity to my family and friends because they work with you, they are very professional and they quickly find you a job.” – Vicki Bradley

Keono Brown

“My name is Keono and I’m a customer service rep at a local collection agency. I found Trinity through a job posting on online. They found the job that best fits me with my resume and that also fits my personality. What I like most about my job is that they treat me like a person instead of an employee and is very family ordinated. I would recommend Trinity Employment to friends and family because what they do is find a job that best fits your needs and personality. It’s a great company to be employed with.” – Keono Brown