How Can Trinity Help You?

** Trinity Employment Specialists, a Tulsa Medical Staffing and Tulsa Administrative Staffing company can help staff the Tulsa area At Trinity Employment Specialists, we help connect exceptional talent with quality employers. 1.  Trinity helps to connect employers with exceptional talent. If you, as an office manager, are looking for a person with a specific set of skills or the perfect fit for your team, Trinity is the place for you.  We visit with you to get your desired skill set and then listen to what type of personality/fit you are looking for. We thoroughly screen candidates before sending them to you for an interview. Trinity conducts a detailed interview process, which can include job verification, background checks, drug screens, along with any other required pre-screening needs.  Let us take the headache of screening and interviewing the candidates for you, presenting you with the top choices for your position. 2.  Trinity helps job seekers to find a great company. In today’s economy, it is hard to find a company that values you as an employee.  If you are an employee seeking a career and a great job in the Tulsa area, you have the right place.  We meet with our employers and try to find the right fit for your personality and skillset.  Our goal is to find a job that will smoothly transition from temporary to permanent. Today staffing companies have matched millions of employees with new jobs.  Trinity offers jobs in medical and administrative professions.  Most positions are temporary, with the end goal to become permanent.  Trinity has relationships with many Tulsa area employers, giving you a foot in the door to these companies. 3.  Trinity’s goal is to find a great fit between employer and employee and to help reduce the unemployment rate in Tulsa. To reach success, we strive to find a perfect fit between the employee and employer, transitioning the position into a permanent placement.  By taking the time to get to know both employee and employer, we have the knowledge to find that fit.  Trinity is not just for a placement and numbers, but to increase quality of life of the Tulsa area population.