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** Trinity Employment Specialists, a Tulsa Medical Staffing and Tulsa Administrative Staffing company can help staff the Tulsa area

At Trinity Employment Specialists, we help connect exceptional talent with quality employers.

1.  Trinity helps to connect employers with exceptional talent.

If you, as an office manager, are looking for a person with a specific set of skills or the perfect fit for your team, Trinity is the place for you.  We visit with you to get your desired skillset and then listen to what type of personality/fit you are looking for. We throroughly screen candidates before sending them to you for an interview.

Trinity conducts a detailed interview process, which can include job verification, background checks, drug screens, along with any other required pre-screening needs.  Let us take the headache of screening and interviewing the candidates for you, presenting you with the top choices for your position.

2.  Trinity helps job seekers to find a great company.

In today’s economy, it is hard to find a company that values you as an employee.  If you are an employee seeking a career and a great job in the Tulsa area, you have the right place.  We meet with our employers and try to find the right fit for your personality and skillset.  Our goal is to find a job that will smoothly transition from temporary to permanent.

Today staffing companies have matched millions of employees with new jobs.  Trinity offers jobs in medical and administrative professions.  Most positions are temporary, with the end goal to become permanent.  Trinity has relationships with many Tulsa area employers, giving you a foot in the door to these companies.

3.  Trinity’s goal is to find a great fit between employer and employee and to help reduce the unemployment rate in Tulsa.

To reach success, we strive to find a perfect fit between the employee and employer, transitioning the position into a permanent placement.  By taking the time to get to know both employee and employer, we have the knowledge to find that fit.  Trinity is not just for a placement and numbers, but to increase quality of life of the Tulsa area population.

Trinity Employment Specialists is a staffing firm that specializes in in staffing in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City areas. We two main areas that we specialize in. The first is the Medical Field and the second is in finance, banking, and accounting. We have been in business for almost 10 years now. Over the past 10 years, we have grown at a very steady and aggressive rate. But our growth has not come from the traditional marketing strategies. Many companies market their services through advertisements and other media means and Trinity has never relied on such means to build its business. Trinity has grown in a much more organic manner. It follows this small tidbit of wisdom. “if you do a good job for someone, they might tell 2 to 5 people if you are lucky. However, if you do a poor job for them, they will likely tell at least 10 to 100” depending on how bad of a job you have done. Over the past decade, Trinity has repeatedly done a quality job for its customers, or as Trinity refers to them, Partners. And last year almost 80% of our business had come by way of referral. It is one of the biggest compliments that we could ever receive.

Trinity makes strong attempts to add value to people’s lives. Whether they are our partners (customers) or if they are a current or potential employee. Either way, Trinity looks for ways to add value to what they need or desire. There are many times that our staff makes efforts to help our candidates when we know that we are unable to work with them. You never know when that individual that you are unable to assist now in life might change later in life. Trinity has grown our reputation on assisting individuals each day when it might not even help Trinity to make money or help the company in any way. By doing this, over time, there have been many employees who at one time were not qualified to work with us find a job on their own many years ago, and have now become managers. However, because of the way that they were treated while visiting or interviewing with us, they realized the way that they were treated was different (in a good way). And when they become a manager, they decide to work with us. We are not treating people good only so that we can get business from them later. No, but it is rather because it is just the right thing to do. It is our business model and people are slowly paying attention to this way of doing business. It is something that we are very proud to have consistently offered to the people that we interact with daily.

Sometimes we might not have a job opening that is a good fit for the individuals that we meet with. After meeting and discussing their career goals, it is often determined that we might not have a good fit at the time. There are many staffing companies that would either let the person leave and never contact them again, or place them in a position that is not within their career path to make the company money. Trinity has a different approach to helping our candidates. Trinity often makes efforts to contact some of our contacts to see if they might have an opening. This is even when we know that they will not utilize our services and see if they might have an opening. This may make no sense to any rational businessman. I can hear the questions coming now…….” you mean to tell me that you are going to give away someone that you could possibly place?” Well, yes, when it is the right thing to do. Trinity has a way of doing things that is different. We have an unwritten way of doing things that goes like this: “God has a place for everyone. It is not always through Trinity Employment Specialists and we are ok with that.” The point is that our mission is to help and assist individuals to find where God would want them and we love it when we can be a part of that process whether we benefit financially from it or not.

So, when asked the question how Trinity benefits its customers and potential employees or candidates, the answer is much different that many people might think. What I think is so special about this company is that we focus on helping the individual however we can. But something else that we offer is that we have relationships with many of the top accounting, finance, banking companies in town. We also foster and hold close relationships with most of the major hospitals and medical clinics in the Tulsa regional area and Oklahoma City. We are consistently given job orders from these companies that range in a variety of open positions that might not ever be posted on any website or media source. There are many predominant companies that elect to hire directly from staffing companies rather than going through traditional hiring practices to find its employees. One of the ways that it benefits our employees is that we can offer an array of opportunities that they would not have the opportunity to be around from any other one location. Of course, there are other staffing firms in this area that they can also visit and register with, but I will stand firm on the fact that I believe that we treat the people that we work with…. with more respect, integrity, and character than any other staffing firm in the areas that we serve.

If you find the information in this article interesting and if you might be wondering if we are who we say that we are, I would challenge you to check us out on our website and consider applying with our company and attempting to arrange an interview with one of our recruiters and see the Trinity difference.

Thank you so much for your time!

Cory Minter
President of Trinity Employment Specialists

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