Traits of the Highly Successful

Staying motivated can be very difficult to do.  Especially in difficult times.  So how do some of the most successful people stay motivated when going through difficulties?  This is something that I have studied over the past two or three years and I have listened and read many books that cover this topic.  Because, tough times and struggles are a certainty for anyone who is super successful, it is essential to remain positive and in some ways relentless.  Here are a few things that I have noticed myself that are key ingredients to staying motivated and are common thought patters to the very successful.
  1. Have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish:  Those that have achieved at the highest levels understood what they wanted to achieve.  Most people will have two or three goals that they would like to accomplish (all that are usually unrelated).  However, it is very important to be moving all in one direction.  Have you ever heard the phrase that if you try to catch two rabbits, you will lose them both?  If you want something, chase it with all your might and use all of your resources and time to accomplish the goal.  Having this kind of visualization will also help when big setbacks happen; and they will.  This thought pattern helps the reaction to bad things to be secondary to the big idea; therefore giving the visionary the mindset to keep moving forward.
  2. Commit to being the best that you can be: This is something that 99% of people are just unwilling to do.  It is a common denominator of the most successful people on earth.  They are few, but have all made the same commitment.  The commitment to be the best is not easy.  In fact, it usually comes from very hard work and sometimes many setbacks.  What most are unwilling to do is the relentless effort to learn and become better.  It is vitally important to become a student of the targeted project.  It is vital to read books and be willing to put in the time to learn more than anyone else.  Reaching the top comes with a continuous effort to learning and gaining wisdom.
  3. Find a mentor: Having a key mentor in a targeted field is a game changer.  Having someone that can teach best practices, offer encouragement and instruction is invaluable.  However, getting someone to commit to mentoring can be a difficult process.  Remember that the most impressive and successful people are extremely busy and most likely do not have time to meet regularly.  However, persistence pays off.  Even if it takes up to a year or more, finding a good mentor will easily shave off years of learning the hard way and it is unimaginable how quickly problems are solved when someone who is successfully experienced offers simple suggestions and lends their advice.
  4. Believe the best is yet to come: It is very easy to become discouraged when hurdles and big setbacks happen. Those that have the ability to disregard hurdles and setbacks and keep their eyes on the main goal have a great advantage.  It will seem to others to be a super-hero type strength that leads them consistently to success.  Many will just think that they are lucky, but the very successful will know that it is because of this mindset.  This viewpoint is not only healthy, but also offers some the fortitude to continue marching forward regardless of the circumstances.  Movies are made about people who have the ability to maintain this thought process through storms and obstacles.  It is repeated throughout history enough times that it is a certainty that this kind of thinking can lead to unimagined success.
These are a few of the patterns that I have noticed from my mentors and by reading about others who have seen a great deal of success.   These concepts are hard to maintain, but I hope that they inspire and encourage you to adopt these yourself.  These offer a healthy mentality that will get anyone going in the right direction.