The Ripple Effect of Adding Value to Employees and Candidates in Staffing and Employment: A Great Lesson From Zig Ziglar’s lessons

Zig Ziglar is an acclaimed motivational figure that I was forced to listen to when I was a young.  I started a lawn mowing business when I was in the 5th grade and when I turned 14, me and my partner Gary received a contract to mow apartment complexes that required us to drive across western Oklahoma to each yard.  During our drive time, Leon, my best friend, Gary’s father required that we listen to Zig Ziglar during our drive time; and he tested us each week!  I hated it at the time.  However, I still use these lessons I learned to this day.  Here is one of the great lessons I learned long ago that I would like to share with you.  Zig, once alluded to a golden principle that resonates deeply within the staffing and employment industry. Paraphrased, it suggests, “By aiding enough people in achieving their desires, you, in turn, will attain yours.” This nugget of wisdom, though simple, holds monumental significance, especially in the realm of staffing and employment. The big idea? Proactively add value to others, and you’ll see it returned tenfold.

Incorporating this philosophy into daily habits can revolutionize one’s approach. Here’s how to execute Ziglar’s principle in the world of staffing and employment:

  1. Active Listening When Interviewing Job Applicants:
    • It’s more than just active listening though.  As a staffing company, we want to go one step further.  After listening, it is also discerning potential.  We have a proven track record with many of our managers and we often can discern potential talent that can be presented to our clients who later become diamonds in the rough.  We have done this for many years, and we do it weekly.  It is one of the primary things that makes Trinity stand apart from other staffing agencies.
    • How it adds value: The foundation of effective staffing lies in understanding candidates and their potential. By actively listening, employment agencies have an opportunity and influence that can better match candidates with suitable roles.
    • Takeaway: In every interview, you, yourself can also use this opportunity to sense potential.  In today’s employment market, this is a great recruiting tool that many will not take advantage of.  Encourage recruiters to focus entirely on the candidate. This nurtures trust and ensures better placements.
  2. Genuine Compliments on Professional Achievements:
    • How it adds value: Recognizing hidden skills and aptitudes while noticing and  complimenting a candidate’s achievements can boost their confidence in the employment process.
    • Takeaway: We train our staffing team to identify and commend notable accomplishments in resumes and interviews.  We also train them to ask tough and intelligent questions that will not only lead to a better understanding of their talent, but also bring out skill-sets that an individual holds to the surface.  Often times, these skill-sets are unknown to the candidate.  This is a primary way that a great recruiter can become a true asset to every candidate they interview.  But this takes time and effort.
  3. Disseminate Employment Knowledge:
    • How it adds value: Sharing industry insights, resume tips, or interview techniques can provide candidates with a competitive edge and give them unique ways of marketing themselves that they might not have ever though about.
    • Takeaway: At Trinity, we train our recruiters to always look for ways to add value to everyone that you meet.  As Zig said in his quote.  If we help enough people today get what they want, we will never lack in what we want.  We truly try to add value to all that we meet.
  4. Offer Time for Career Counseling:
    • How it adds value: Sometimes, all someone might need is the right kind of recognition and/or suggestion.  Beyond placing candidates in jobs, providing career guidance can shape their professional trajectory.
    • Takeaway: Dedicate a specific time during every interview where you allow your staffing professionals to offer any guidance they see for career progression.  This is a great way to enhance our company’s value to all that we meet.
  5. Facilitate Networking Connections:
    • How it adds value: Every week, we have an opportunity to create jobs that do not currently exist for candidates that are now available.  But this doesn’t happen overnight.  It can only happen if you do a great job for your clients over the long term.  That is what we have done.  As a result, we are able to use our reputation with a multitude of recruiters in many companies to create job opportunities when we meet someone with a special, specific talent.  In the world of employment, connections are invaluable. Introducing candidates to industry professionals can open doors.
    • Takeaway: Again, always look for opportunities to add value to others.  And take action!
  6. Empathy in Employment Discussions:
    • How it adds value: Empathy strengthens recruiter-candidate relationships, ensuring a more tailored staffing process.  However, you cannot be a bleeding heart for the wrong individual.  Discerning this is the true skill.  Many people will have a sympathetic story.  Some are lies, and some are true and are a reality of real life.  A great recruiter can see through the complexity of the story and determine those that have just had a true life setback from those who have created their own setback by their actions or bad decision making.  It is a fine line of having empathy and detecting reality.
    • Takeaway: Encourage your team to be empathetic, especially when discussing career aspirations or feedback with candidates, but always stay grounded.
  7. Provide Constructive Feedback Post-Interviews:
    • How it adds value: Feedback post interviews helps candidates refine their approach, making them more marketable.
    • Takeaway: After interviews, ensure that recruiters offer actionable feedback, preparing candidates for future opportunities.

In Conclusion

Navigating the intricate dance of staffing and employment is all about building relationships and trust. Not only with Trinity’s candidates, but also with our clients.  Zig Ziglar’s philosophy, though simple, can be a transformative tool for those not only in the staffing industry, but for everyone. By investing in adding value to every candidate’s situation journey, staffing agencies not only enhance their reputation but also ensure a sustainable and successful of adding value to those we serve.