Take Your Application Seriously

Article written by Tulsa staffing expert, Cory Minter, with Trinity Employment Specialists Take your application seriously: You would be surprised how many people just simply do not take the application seriously.  There are so many things that you can tell by the way that one goes about filling out an application.  The funny thing is that usually it is the receptionist that watches and reviews the applications within most offices and in our office, their opinion is heavily weighted and if someone does not pay attention to some of the details, we are told firmly about it and it really makes an impression on all of us in the office.  So I have 3 main details for you to consider when filling out an employment application at any company. Do pay attention to the details: It is hard for some to consider and to take into consideration that the receptionist at any company most likely knows that application like the back of their hand.  Also, it is most likely a pet peeve of theirs when the same things are looked over and missed time after time.  The reality is that there are approximately 100 to 200 small sections on the average job application and it is very easy for the average person to miss at least one of these blanks.  Remember that it is the receptionist’s job to look over the application and notice any blanks that are unfilled and make sure that it is fully completed.  If you miss too many of these sections, it may become blatantly obvious that you do not pay attention to detail.  Please don’t let this silly mistake happen to you. Do not write “Please See Resume”: Each application that you fill out is considered a legal document that you fill out with the respective corporation.  The application is meant to have language in it that states that you promise that all of the positions listed on the application are “real positions” and to verify that there is no falsifying on the application.  If you do not list anything on the application, the document is basically voided.  In fact, I would warn you not to work for a company that does not make you fully fill out a formal application.  It is an essential part of the hiring process.  In addition as listed above, you will most likely really frustrate the receptionist which will in turn be glad to notify the rest of the staff with their concerns. Write Clearly: In our company, we need to refer back to the application to get certain answers answered and it is so frustrating to just simply not be able to read it.  Also, again, when the receptionist is accepting your chicken scratched application, there will most likely be some assumptions made that very well may be passed onto the interviewer.  In addition, this is a pretty obvious thing to pay attention to.  But, being in the business of accepting many applications, you would not believe some of the examples that I have seen that honestly kept me from pursuing them further. I am writing this section because I just am surprised at what some “Professionals” do to represent themselves.  In my mind, this is a topic that is just too simple and elementary to be even addressing.  Especially with some of the candidates that are applying for very “professional positions”.  However, the fact that I am writing this piece right now should say something about the way that many have treated the basic application document within our organization.  I honestly wish the best for anyone that is unemployed at the moment in this kind of economy.  I hope that this short piece helps someone to think about the attention that they put into the simple Job Application.  And that more professionals will take their application seriously. Good Luck!