Staffing for the Banking Industry

Staffing for the Banking Industry has been a staple for Trinity Employment Specialists.  Trinity has staffed for banks for the past 4 years and it continues to be a specialty that drives its business.  However, there are many things that have been learned over time that has seemed to provide some very positive results for both Trinity as well as many banks in the Tulsa area.
  1. Finding good tellers drastically reduces the turnover rate:  What Trinity has noticed from many banks in Tulsa and Oklahoma City is that tellers are a high turnover area for many branch managers.  The obvious reasons are there:  it is a lower paying position and there are many opportunities as a teller that is available at a competitor’s branch.  Unfortunately, these branches are sometimes located across the street because of the number of banks in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City areas.  One of the main things that have helped Trinity add value to many banks in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa areas is because we put a high focus on quality and not settle for average.  Many of our customers comment on this attribute of our service
  1. Holding top talent is very important: Like I mentioned above, there is literally a different bank branch on every corner in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa.  This means that employees have many options if they ever become frustrated with their current position.  In the banking world, it is often hard to get the best talent because they are usually happily working somewhere else.  The top talent at the manager and executive level are usually passive candidates.  Meaning that they are not currently looking, but they would be open to a new opportunity.  This takes a bit of work on the recruiter’s part, but it is always the best case scenario when the managers and executives are happy in their positions and they have ample reasons for not moving when given the opportunity.
  1. Becoming very proactive in recruiting: It is always a good recommendation to never stop recruiting.  Many companies get happy with their staff and get comfortable in their thinking that things will stay the same for a good while.  And that may be the case, but if this is your strategy, you will be often caught off-guard when you receive the resignation letter.  It is always best practices to always be recruiting and keep potential candidates in your mind and have them keep your branch in mind as well.  A great tool to do this is through Linkedin.  I would recommend that you never stop using this tool for recruitment.
Having a good recruiting team is essential.  According to Jack Welch in his book Winning, the top talented companies always win.  It is essential that you reduce your turnover, put best practices in place to hold your top talent and always be engaging in recruiting efforts and have a great team in place so that you have a good shot at having better talent than the bank across the street.  I hope that this has helped you in recruiting for your next staff-member.