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Cory Minter: Hi my name is Cory Minter and I’m the president of Trinity Employment Specialists. Trinity is a staffing company, we staff in both the Oklahoma City and Tulsa markets. We have two different divisions, one focuses solely on the medical field and we staff for everything from a front-office person, medical assistant, LPN, REN, X-ray techs, financial counselors, we have medical billing specialist, CPC, certified coders. Everything that you can imagine in a medical field we staff for, we’re staffing for an EEG tech right now. It’s just constantly finding different types of positions and in the second division it’s in banking, accounting and finance, there we staff everything from a bank teller, loan originators, accountants, customer service individuals when it comes to finance, especially in the telecommunications industry we provide people who help people with their bills and help explain their bills. That could be a big deal when you’re with the telecommunications companies especially wireless company, and who can understand their bill so Trinity provides people that help with that. But those are the types of positions that we’re constantly recruiting for and it’s something that we’ve always been able to provide A players in these industries. It’s our specialty and it’s what we do, it’s what we do really well. If we can help you out in any way at Trinity we would love to, I really want to encourage you to visit us online at or give us a call at +9186222588, we would really love to help you. Until then I want to try to give some encouragement to our managers. I just did a video just a second ago talking about the lack of engagement that employees have in the workplace. Studies have been done and ridiculous numbers are out as high as 85% of employees are not actively engaged in their companies that just seems really high to me.  Tulsa Staffing But I want to talk with you about some things that I’ve learned in training managers that might help if you start at the top and train your managers to BP individuals that the employees look up to, drive them. These are just great characteristics of managers I want to share with you, we’ll do this really quick. The first thing is have your managers commit to really making an effort to mentor the people that are below them, that are in their chain. Make sure that they spend time really trying to help the individuals get what they want and sometimes, and I don’t recommend you go only into their personal lives, but offer advice that will help them in their professional lives to a way where they might be able to be open to share what some of their personal goals are or at least know what some of their financial goals are so you can as a manager try your best to help them to get there.  Tulsa Staffing The thing is to be a great leader you really need to put others in front of yourself, put others first and they will give you everything that they have. But in America most managers put themselves first and put their subordinates in second, third and fourth place down the line and that is just something that’s a big mistake. You want to have a culture where your managers are mentoring your employees to be great and really trying to speak into their lives, really trying to teach them the business, teach them why they shouldn’t do things and why they should rather than just saying, “Go do it.” But mentoring people and raising them up is where you gain their allegiance and they’ll stay even if they’re not paid more money, there are lots of studies for millennials now where they’re really looking more for some type of a mentorship type of the scenario and they will trade that all day long for a high salary. It’s really important, especially with this new millennial generation that we mentor them and that we try to help them to be successful. Studies say that all of them are looking for this. Of course you can’t be absolute, many are looking for this. You need to be the type of individual that they think that their life is going to be better because of knowing you and that comes when you’re putting them first and you’re investing in them, you’re looking out for them and it’s really clear that they can see it. This is not something that you tell them, “I’m looking out for you.” No you got to show them and you got to put them first. It changes their allegiance to you when you give them a vision of what they could be and you give them hope. Vision and hope is two great things that especially our millennials need but most of our employees need these things.  Tulsa Staffing There are managers out there and have you ever seen this where they’re just like pushing people up the hill like, “Get up there. You go do this, you go do this.” Pushing people up the hill. And there is a difference in a leader who’s pulling people up the hill, “Let’s go, come on.” What I’m saying is, you want to be a cheerleader for the people that are around you that you believe in. You want to be a cheerleader for them and help pull them up to the next level rather than pushing them. A lot of times when you’re pushing them you’re managing out of fear. And that works, it’s true that it works but you’ll never get an authentic buy-in from an employee when you manage with fear. However when you make their lives better they will give everything to try to help your team succeed and that’s what you’ve got to do. I’ve changed some of my management style over the last two or three years and I’ve got allegiance from my team and it’s such a great big audacious difference.  Tulsa Staffing You want to make sure and celebrate their successes in a big way and let them know when you see that they’ve succeeded and never let a good chance to compliment them go by. Don’t overdo it so it doesn’t mean anything anymore. I remember a story by Zig where Jim Stovall actually was telling a time where he was sitting with Zig Ziglar and there was this boy that come up next to them and he was handicapped and he was working in the food court at the mall that they were having lunch at and this boy just really scrubbed down the table and Zig Ziglar walked up to him and said, “I’ve never seen anyone scrub a table like that and get it done, I can tell a whole lot about who you are by the way that you scrubbed that table and I just want you to know that I recognized it and I believe that you’ve got to be one of the best workers out here and you just inspired me today by the way that you did something small so great.” And you could tell the boy’s face lit up and he changed his demeanor and Jim Stovall was sitting back there and he was telling the story, he’s like, “I can’t even believe.” He’s like, “This kid has no idea who’s encouraging him right now. It’s like he’s the great encourager.” And just think about that when you’re with your employees. Find opportunities to make them feel great about what they want to do, about what they are doing and they’re going to want to do more. That boy for the rest of the day I guarantee you he scrubbed those tables because that meant something to him, he was proud of that. That somebody noticed that he was doing a good job and a lot of people are just begging for somebody to notice when they do a good job, be a good cheerleader. The next thing is — I just told you to be — really encourage your employees. Next thing is be tough, be strong enough to know when you need to be tough, be strong enough to tell someone when they’re doing something wrong. If not, what you’re going to be doing is you’re going to be tolerating bad behavior which is basically the exact same thing as celebrating the bad behavior and the individual who’s looking for you for guidance and mentorship and leadership will never even know that they did something wrong. You’ve got to mix it with being tough, hold your standards high, make sure that they know that you’re going to hold them to their standards, be tough, cheerlead when it is right but when-  Tulsa Staffing Cory: -they’re not doing what you need them to do, be a tough leader. They will respect you way more if you’ll do these things. I hope this helps our managers out there. I thought that I wanted to spend some time talking about some of the things that I’ve seen, that have made me successful. I’m not perfect at this and I struggle with it too sometimes. But these are some of things, some of the moves, some of the ways that I’ve learned how to be great and successful. I hope that you have a great day. Call us at Trinity if we can help you out. Our number is +9186222588 or you can visit us online at Thank you so much. Tulsa Staffing