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Corey Minter: Hi, my name is Corey Minter. I am with Trinity Employment Specialists and President of Trinity Employment Specialist. Trinity is a staffing company. We specialize in staffing in the medical community. We have two different divisions, we have medical community where we staff basically every position that you can think of in the medical world. We staff for front office all the way up to a physician’s assistant. Tulsa Staffing In the end in our other division, it’s in the finance world, focusing on banking finance and accounting. That’s what we specialize in, is what we’ve done for years and years. We’re an award winning staffing organization we’re really, really proud of that. What we proud ourselves on the most is being able to find A players quickly and providing a system of hiring these individuals and a system for terminating quickly so that you don’t end up wasting money by having the wrong person on the bus for too long. Tulsa Staffing What we can do is we can replace that individual. Let them go and find something else that they can be an A player in and get you an A player quickly. If we can get you an A player, you’ll save more money because they do one and half times the work, they attract other A players and they also stay longer. These all characteristics that have been documented about A players, those are just the things that they do.Tulsa Staffing We want to help our clients find only A players and give them a system to be able to do that. When we do that, we reduce the amount of time that they have to staff because A players stay longer. In a way we work ourselves out of a job, but it’s a good thing because if we do that for company and we get them to where they don’t need to use us hardly ever, they refer us to people and say, “Listen, these people really changed our ballgame.” But we change the ballgame only when our customers allow us to get them only A players. It’s a big shift in thinking when you’re trying to hire someone. We’d love to talk with about that. I’ll give our information here in just a second. Give us call or visit us online at We’d love to be able to help you. I want to tell you a real quick story about an employee. For the employer yourself there, you need to watch out for this kind of thing. I think it’s important to watch out for it, but for those that are employees I think that it’s important for you to — I want to give you a vision of what to expect through success in achieving success. I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with some of the most successful people in this town and they all have the same things in common. This is it. Man, they work hard. They work really, really hard. Harder than the average individual. Hours never stop, last night I was working at eight o’clock but at the same time I have some flexibility in my schedule, but it just doesn’t ever stop. The people that are willing to put themselves through the pressures and the struggle of working hard seem to always create the most opportunity for themselves. It’s just true. I want to tell you a real quick story about someone that we just extended an offer to and then rescinded the offer, and why we did that, and what we can learn from it because there’s a lot to learn from it. I’ve learned a little bit from this, but this is it. I extended an offer to someone who would be someone new to our team in sales. They were really excited about the offer. They said, “I just really want to have some time to think about it,” and I said, “Okay, that’s okay”. They want to go and talk to their spouse and try to figure out, just think about it for a little bit. I totally get that. I would want to do the exact same thing. Tulsa Staffing After that they started asking questions that really got me concerned. They started asking questions that were asking about how things could be easier. They were just leaning in and trying to figure out, and you could tell they were already starting in their questions that they were asking to see what can I get out of, what’s the path of least resistance here, is this going to be easy? It was just one of those typical things. Tulsa Staffing This is what they wanted at the end of all of their questions. They wanted to know, ‘Is this an unbelievably easy way for me to make a ridiculous amount of money?’ That’s what they wanted to know. ‘How simple as this? Can I work part time?’ All of these crazy things. We rescinded the offer but it’s because the only thing that they were leaning towards in their questioning was, “How can this be easier?” Tulsa Staffing Well, let me let me just paint a picture. I want to give you a scenario. I went hiking this last weekend and I remember seeing a picture of it. It really got me thinking. There were two pathways, I was on one pathway and it split out, it just did a Y. You’ve seen this. But here’s the thing, one of these pathways was a pathway that I’m always used to taking and it was the low road. It’s a super simple hike. Super easy, not really many hills, just walk, walk there and walk back. The trails not very difficult, it’s basically gravel the whole way. Then there is another road that went uphill a little ways. I hadn’t been on it before. That day I decided to take the high road. Once I got up on that high road, I saw some amazing things that I just didn’t know were there. Really great places to look over and it looked over the river. You could see the treeline, your way up high. Have you ever been up to a big place and it’s a huge cliff, and you look off into the distance, and it’s just an awesome beautiful sight? That’s what I got to once I got up the hill there. It got me a thinking, I want to create this scenario in your head and this is it. We all have a fork in the road in our lives and in our careers especially when it relates to success. There’s a Y. There’s a decision you have to make. Sometimes you have to make thousands of these decisions over the period of a month. You just make all these decisions. But I want to define the high road in the low road real quick. The low road stands and is defined by things that we’ve always done, things that we’re used to, things that are easy. The low road I knew was a super easy track. I knew exactly where it went. There weren’t any crazy hills or anything like that. Everything was there. Everything was common. That was an easy thing for me to do was to take the low road. It wouldn’t have been a horrible thing had not taken the low road, that’s not a bad thing. It’s just average. That’s what it was for me because I go out there hiking all the time. The highroad represents things that you have not done before. It’s always uphill. It’s a struggle and you’re going to have trouble getting there. You don’t know exactly where you’re going. You’re going to experience new things which the human nature is generally always against, but at the same time, once I got up there, it had a huge reward. It was a huge struggle but the reward was great. It was a lot of fun. I’ll always take that trail but it was something I wasn’t used to. I didn’t know where I was going. I was a little bit concerned honestly taking it going, “Man, I hope this doesn’t take me up in it and it drops me off somewhere, and I just wasted some time. Or I hope it didn’t go up there in just dead end. I have no idea where I’m going.” Those are some of the chances and risks I would have taking the high road, but this is the thing I want to communicate. Most people in America are always going to stay on the low road. They will never venture to the high road. I’m not saying that it’s bad to stay on the road low road occasionally and get refreshed in life and in your career, but at the same time if you are a person that always takes the low road, that’s what this individual was doing. They wanted certainty. They wanted something that was going to be easy and they wanted to be told, “This is going to be super easy, you don’t have to work for it and you’re going to get paid a ton of money.” That thing that type of stuff just rarely exists. Every successful entrepreneur, every successful individual that I know, they are willing to go do something that is extremely difficult that no one else is willing to do. They’re willing to learn things that a lot of people are not willing to take time to learn. Successful people, they read all the time. They never stop learning. It never ever stops. But we are coming across deer season right now, my grandpa used to tell me all the time, “The deer that get shot or the deer that take the path of least resistance, but the deer that don’t get shot, they stay in the woods, deep in the brush.” That was an important lesson for me to learn in deer hunting but that’s true for success. You’ve got to be willing to take the high road sometimes and strategically. But if you don’t ever take a shot, you’ll never ever see if you can win. The high road’s always going to be difficult, it’s always going to be uphill, it’s always going to be a struggle. But it’s just like Michael Jordan making the game winning shots. If he never asked for the ball, he would never know. He missed way more than he ever made, yet he is known for making game winning shots. Here is the thing, sometimes, taking the high road, you’ll miss sometimes, but all you’ve got to do is make two, or three, or four wins and it makes a life changing difference, but you’ve got to be willing to take the high road occasionally. Listen, I hope this helped you, Trinity Employment Specialists is a great staffing company, we would love to work with you. Please call us at 9-1-8-6-2-2-2-5-8-8 or visit us online, at We would like to help you and your staff find A players. A people that are willing to take the high road and not focus only on the low road, and stay unengaged. I hope this helped you, thank you so much for your time.