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Cory: Hi, My name is Cory Minter. I’m President of Trinity Employment Specialists. Trinity is a staffing company and we staff in both the Oklahoma City and the Tulsa markets. One of the things that we try to do as a staffing organization that is different than some, not all. I think that different staffing companies have different goals. Some staffing companies have a goal of meeting high quantity, so they want to get as many employees out as possible. It doesn’t matter the quality as much as, “Let’s just get somebody in there to fulfill that role and that’s what we want to do.” They make a lot of phone calls, they make a ton of connections and they just blast people out. That generally happens a lot more, also, when you have an economy that is really booming. Tulsa Staffing In the ’90s, that was a really big thing for staffing companies and some just haven’t gotten out of that practice. To some extent that works, and for some companies that does work, especially if you’re just trying to pack bags or do some type of assembly. You can probably do that with those type of individuals, but that’s really not what Trinity focuses on. It’s not what our primary abilities are in our market. We put a strong emphasis on hiring top quality individuals for companies. Tulsa Staffing We only want to be able to provide A-Players. In every company, everybody knows there’s an A-Player, a B-Player, C-Players. Hopefully, you don’t have too many of those. But we do not want any of our customers to tolerate B or C level players if they’re going to utilize our service. We want to make it a commitment to all of our customers to only be able to staff for A-Players, that’s what we want to do. We also want to partner with other companies who are good enough companies that A-Players would actually want to go and stay in. Tulsa Staffing We’ve had some customers over in the past and they did not have the culture that held and maintained A-Players. If you put an A-Player in that culture, because it was either chaotic or not planned out or it was a negative type atmosphere, whatever the situation was, we’ve noticed that A-Players will just leave those organizations. We want to provide a good place for employees. The biggest reason is because– we we’re in Inc. Magazine this last month for one of the top fastest 5,000 growing companies in America. A big reason for that is because we want our employees to refer us, other employees, and we want our customers to refer us to other customers. Tulsa Staffing In fact, yesterday I’ve got a call from one of our customer’s back today, he has referred us to another group. That is a big reason why we’ve been able to grow, is because we have our customers referring us to other customers. It’s one of the biggest and best compliments that we could ever have, super honored to be able to receive emails like that at all. But one of the things that most companies need to really put in the forefront of their mind, in addition to making sure that you hire A-Players and have a system of getting rid of C level players when you need to, and doing it quickly, is to make sure that your employee force is engaged. Tulsa Staffing I was reading a study. I think I’ve got the stat right, but it was so high I couldn’t believe it. It was out of Forbes Magazine the other day that said that 85% of employees are not a 100% actively engaged in their work. 85%? What are they doing? It scares me, what they’re doing. Tulsa Staffing I was doing a radio show with a guy that owns a really large optical practice and his biggest concern is, he said, “Well, I’m concerned they’re stealing from me,” because he’s had so much theft. But you want to wonder, what in the world is going on where 85% of people are not actively engaged in their work. I want to talk really quickly about some things that we do at Trinity to try to get people engaged. It’s really important to make sure and be intentional with this. It’s really easy just to go through your day-to-day work and just keep doing the same old things and hopefully expecting different results. That’s the definition of insanity, or you can be intentional to try to get your employees engaged. I want to tell you about one quick little move, things that we do at Trinity that I’ve notice a big difference with, and our employees really like it. One of the biggest or one of the hardest things to do for an employee or a business owner is when the weekend is over, and you had a great weekend, and then you got to get up on Monday morning and go to work, and you’re just like, “Oh, I got to get going,” and there’s always this grind in most people. Now, I know that there’s probably like a small percentage where everybody’s like, “I love Mondays,” but as a majority of the United States, most of your employees do not like Monday mornings. In fact, they drag on Monday mornings and they struggle on Monday mornings getting going. If you follow some studies, a lot of people say it’s not till late Monday afternoon or in the evening to Tuesday where people actually get going. This is what we do. We have something called, Make Mondays Great Again, and basically what it is, is that we want to make Mondays great. We want to start the week off with the right kind of enthusiasm that we want in our company throughout that week. We want to set the tone for the week, we want to set our goals for the week. We want to claim what it is that we’re going to try and get accomplished, and we want to pump each other up. Part of it is just to have fun. Let me go over some of the things that we do. It’s Make Monday’s Great Again. A lot of times we’re going to start out with upbeat music just playing throughout the office and everyone is just getting ready to get started. This is right before we’re really getting ready to hit home. We have some kind of a game that’s next that we do. Sometimes, we have somebody that would play a video of something really silly that’s in our field. Sometimes, we’ll pull in a movie of a horrible employee or something like that and just make fun of it. One time we had somebody bring in a Jeff Gordon video, it went viral, and he took this guy on a test drive and just scared the pants off of him. It just made everyone laugh and get engaged. Last weekend we did a jelly bean game where some people might get a jelly bean that taste like a bar or something like that. We we’re just trying to do something fun, but after we do something fun, we want to try to encourage and inspire. This comes from me, I want to encourage and inspire and retell the vision of why we do what we do. We tell our company culture goals, our mission statement. This is where we go over, who we are as a company? The biggest reason for that is we don’t ever want to drift into something that we don’t want. We make a decision to tell people, this is what we stand for, and I’ll tell you what it is. I just remind people that every dollar that we make, a percentage of it goes to support the Oklahoma Baptist Children’s Home and Plumbline Counseling Ministries. We are helping people in a big way. At the Oklahoma Baptist Children’s Home, we’re helping young mothers, who have babies, who do not have the resources to keep them. It keeps them from being out on the street. We really do a great thing. Also, our vision is, we want to change lives for the better. Because of our relationships with all of the different people in the community and all the job opportunities we have, we get the opportunity to place people in the right positions. If we do our job right, we’ll change their life for the better. We remind people of this all the time. We always go over our weekly goals, we set up what we’re going to do during this week, and we proclaim. “This is what we’re going to accomplish this week. These are big ticket items, let’s get this done.” Everybody leaves really encouraged. At the very end, we just pray. I know this is very unconventional, and I say pray. We pray for the people that are going to come into our company, and we pray for their lives, and if we have an opportunity for them, that we would be able to see it and put action to it. In that way, we can change lives in a good way. That’s what our Monday morning meeting is about, but whether you do a Monday morning meeting or Wednesday meeting or whatever it is that you do, make sure that you keep your employees engaged. It’s really important. Don’t let your employees be one of the 85%, who just are not actively engaged, that’s ridiculous. Let’s get our employees engaged, let them have fun and work hard while they’re at work. Let’s enjoy it. If we can help you out in any way at Trinity, please give us a call at 918 622 2588 or visit us online at [00:11:23] [END OF AUDIO]