Reliability and Absenteeism in the Workplace

Tulsa staffing company, Trinity Employment Specialists, works diligently to raise employee reliability Reliability is great problem within all companies in America.  But it hits close to home as Tulsa companies deal with absenteeism in the workplace.  Billions of US dollars are lost each year due to both absenteeism and unreliable employees.  Increasing reliability and decreasing absenteeism is something that will save many companies thousands of dollars each year in revenue and Trinity Employment Specialists wants to make extra efforts in finding talent in Tulsa that do not have habits that are counter-productive to companies. I have always been of the opinion that you hire the person and do your best to train the talent.  We have done that over and over in our office.  However, when you are working in specialty positions such as the medical field or Engineering for example, it is obvious that one would need a specialized degree for such responsibilities in order to comply with State and Federal regulations.  However, when it is necessary to hire someone with an important certification or educational background, it is also equally as important to pay very close attention to their past work history.  Not always, but sometimes previous employers will give you a very good insight into their performance while on-the-job.  It is essential that you at least make the effort to contact previous employers and ask open ended questions and shut up and listen.  You will be amazed at what you will hear. Regarding absenteeism:  Not all absenteeism is bad.  For instance, it is very important to not have someone who is sick continue to attend work when they are obviously sick with something that may infect your remaining staff who will most likely be out with the same illness if you are unable to detect the problem.  I believe (and research supports this) that the whole office and its revenue will be better off by sending sick employees home if they have decided to come to work out of their efforts to be reliable.  Although I admire that kind of dedication and reliability, it can also be detrimental to the organization as a whole. At Trinity Employment Specialists, we put a high emphasis on looking closely at past work history as a good indicator on how reliable they were for other companies that they have worked with previously.  We also make efforts to contact their previous employers when they give us their permission to see if they are someone that they would re-hire.  This information is not always released, but it does not hurt or take much time to make a simple phone call and ask.  Sometimes, they will take the time to give you some very valuable information that is very important to know before making a long term hiring decision. Any kind of information that you can systematically gather that can narrow your margin of error will not only save your company time and frustration, but it will also save lots of money.  Turnover is a very expensive and costly thing for any company and it is a great benefit to know as much as you can about anyone that you wish to hire.  Trinity Employment Specialists would love to help you with any of your hiring and personnel needs.  Please contact us anytime at 918-622-2588 and we would love to discuss more with you about the services that we offer many Tulsa companies.