Trinity’s Referral Program

Trinity Employment’s Referral Program In our industry, we have learned good employees know and stay in contact with other good employees.  For that reason, we offer an employee referral bonus for existing employees and colleagues. At Trinity, we are consistently on the lookout for smart, talented and dependable personnel – the kind of people who naturally desire to make a positive difference wherever they work.  We are not just looking for candidates that are great at what they do, but also those who are great to work with. When referring a person to Trinity, consider the following:
  1. Would you want to work with this person every day?
  2. Would this person be someone you would like to work with on a team?
  3. Is this person dependable?
We offer a referral bonus for each person you recommend to us that we hire and retain on our payroll for 90 days. Again, we greatly appreciate you and any employee recommendations you refer.