Recruiting During the Christmas Season? Be Careful

In our staff meeting the other day the topic being discussed was that we were in the middle of the Holiday season and how it affects growing companies almost every year.  The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays seem to bring so many wonderful things and so many obstacles all at the same time.  Here are some that we have seen over the past few years: Employees tend to stay in their jobs over the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.   I think the reason why is a given.  No one wants to lose their vacation time and the ability to take off for a small amount of time to spend with their family.  So, from a recruiter’s perspective, it is truly the hardest time of the year to recruit great employees.  Most great employees are currently working, and if they are thinking of leaving their current job, they will almost always wait until after the holiday season to make the transition. I think that it is so important for employers to be open to not jumping too quickly to make a hire just because there are not that many options.  I completely get being in a dire need to get someone within the position and get them trained so that you can get moving in the right direction, but making a hiring decision based on the reality that “this is the best we found” during the Holiday season is probably going to be a big mistake long term. As a staffing company in Tulsa, this is very hard for us to say because it is usually a time where things start to slow down.  But this year (according to the International Business Times, IBT) there has actually been a big increase in the number of employers seeking to add to their staff this Christmas season.  Of course, there are always exceptions, but in general almost every recruiter would agree that this is a very difficult time to recruit great talent. I hope that Christmas time goes exceptionally well for you this year.  At Trinity, we all wish everyone a joyful Christmas season.  We hope and pray that stress is low, family time is pleasant, and that you are able to truly enjoy this time of year for what it is meant for.  Quick reminder:  One thing that will always make this time of year mean more is to celebrate the blessings that you have been given this past year and do what you can to give to others in your own way.  I promise that it is always better than receiving something for you.  Merry Christmas from the Trinity Team!