Actions Steps for Moms Getting Back in the Workforce

Article written by Tulsa staffing expert, Cory Minter, with Trinity Employment Specialists 5 Action Steps You Can Take:  Moms Getting Back Into the Workforce
  1. Meet Recruiters & Agencies •  Get in front of an employment agency/recruiter •  They can represent you to hiring mangers and talk about your character while connecting the dots of your past experience with the job they are recruiting for.
  2. Don’t Hide It •  List on your cover letter why you’ve been out of work
  3. Update or Maintain Your Licenses •  Example: CPA’s, RN’s, LPN’s etc… •  Keep up your licenses •  Take evening classes and list them on your resume
  4. Get Connected or Stay Connected •  Stay connected to other professionals through Social Media avenues such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter •  Make sure that those you are connected with you know your background and specialty •  You can write an article and share it •  Find your industry specific article and share it with some informative comments etc.
  5. You only need one yes •  Don’t focus on all of the no’s