Hiring Employees in Tulsa

Hiring Employees in Tulsa, OK Trinity Employment Specialists   Hiring employees in today’s market is becoming more and more difficult.  There are many things that contribute as key reasons for this.  Even though it is a known problem, it is still the recruiter’s responsibility to overcome these obstacles and deliver positive results to their companies.  So how do they do this?  I will try to share with you some of the things that help Trinity Employment Specialists be key leaders in hiring great employees. Be Picky:  One of the main mistakes that I see many employers make is not being picky.  Here is the typical scenario.  Everyone in the company is asking and asking for MORE help and there is sometimes an intense pressure on the HR department and hiring managers to get someone in the empty seat.  I understand the pressure and the rush as we have all been in situations where we were a person shy of operating at full capacity.  It puts a stress on everyone.  However, rushing this process can cost companies thousands of dollars each year that is literally thrown out the window in training and wasted salary paid to the short lived employee. This bleeding of the companies resources can be avoided by choosing to be picky as to who you bring on the bus.  There are a couple of hints that may be unorthodox that I would like to throw out as options for you to consider.  They are very simple, but hold much wisdom.  The first is this:  Don’t hire weird.  Have you ever been on a team where the team is now asked to accommodate the newest addition and it’s just plain weird? Maybe they have the background, and maybe they have the intellect and knowledge, but they are just plain weird.  Or maybe your team is the one that is weird.  Either way, they are not a fit.  Rule number one is to not hire someone that you do not believe would be an easy personality fit for your team.  I see small businesses do this regularly. Take your time and be picky for the right things:  Millions of dollars every year are saved by the company that decides to take its time when hiring their new addition to the team.  Many novice hiring manager are often tempted to hire the first person that they just plain “liked”.  There are a couple of things that I would like to bring up that I unfortunately have some experience with.  People that are naturally likable, very friendly and have the ability to be very warm, fun and enjoyable in the interview have a tendency to be very dramatic when the test of time is come and gone.  I want to encourage you to be conscious of this type of person.  Usually they walk in and everyone likes them immediately.  They are usually funny, fun to talk with and everyone just has the “feeling” that they would be fun to be with every day.  In my experience, some of these kinds of people can be VERY friendly, VERY opinionated and sometimes VERY dramatic.  Checking references would be HIGHLY recommended for someone that you immediately like for those reasons and want to hire. Obviously there are many things to consider when bringing on your next team member, but being picky and taking your time are two of the most important things to remember.  Especially if you find someone like I described that is just instantly likeable.  It is sometimes forgotten by some managers at how much money is actually lost when they make a decision to hire someone that does not work out.  It is so important that your staff, who are responsible for hiring, be reminded of the average cost of an employee that does not work out.  Every company’s human resources are either their biggest asset or liability.  Good or Bad employees can make or break any company.  Be very careful to not cost your company the hefty price of a mis-hire this year.