Effective Job Interview | Trinity Employment

Finding the right person for the right position is exceedingly difficult. At the moment, our recession is slowing and the economy is growing. And that is good. However, most recruiters have seen the pipelines of good talent start to deplete. It is making it more difficult to find top talent for almost everyone if you are looking for a specialized skill-set. Following are a couple of things to consider when recruiting for top talent. 1. Cast a Vision: Sharing with a potential employee a vision of where the company is growing and where their role would play within that plan can get someone who is motivated to do well work hard and find interest in the job. Most people are looking for leadership and part of being a leader is casting a vision. The other part of casting a vision is to remember the vision that you shared and do what you can within a reasonable time frame to seeing it through. This will not only help to onboard the someone with the right mind-set, but also help to retain them. 2. Prepare a list of questions: It is very important to prepare a list of questions to ask a potential candidate. It is also very important to ask the same or very similar questions to each candidate so that you can have an equal sample of questioning. If you decide to ask different questions for each candidate, you run the risk of simply doing a poor job of interviewing one candidate over the other. You will have a better sample if you ask the same questions. This is statistics 101. 3. Look at your top performers: Looking at your top performers and taking notice of what they have in common can be very helpful. What did they do in their previous jobs that may have helped them be successful in your company? What roles did they hold? These observations can be very helpful in finding a suitable replacement for an A Player. I also think that it is helpful to establish a correlation of your previous top performers references. Look back and see what their references said about them. There should be a similarity in what an A-player’s reference says about them that may be able to help you determine whether they are an A-player or not Remember that some people (especially salesmen/women) can perform very well in an interview. It is so important that you prepare well in how you interview your next employees. References are a golden thing. Do not be overlook “good references”. Insist on them and make sure that you put a huge emphasis on them. Remember these three things and I think it will help for you to find an A-player much quicker.