Changes in the Medical Industry

There are many changes happening in the medical industry at the moment and much of it affects the quality of employees that are available.  No question, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has drastically scared most independent clinics and many of the smaller clinics have been shut down because of the cost effects that it has had on those who did not generate the income to support the new requirements.  And that created many open positions that remained unfilled because of the fear that was put on the medical field industry wide. Recently, there has been a change in demand for qualified personnel that have experience in the medical field.  The demand has grown and the supply has significantly shrunk.  Almost every recruiter that is in the medical field has experienced a big difference in the quality of candidates that are available and willing to go to work. We have seen companies offer sign on bonuses for top talent and the recruiting efforts have had to change.  Before, any recruiter could post an ad and reasonably expect to see some top talent make themselves available.  There was still a competition between companies and those who were qualified were easily able to find a good opportunity.  But that has changed starting the beginning of 2015. Starting in January 2015, there has been a big shortage of top talent in the Medical Field.  It is clear that many of the positions that were left unfilled have been filled and successful recruiting has changed as a result.  Now, most of the top talent are not answering ads.  They are most likely working and we are now having to rely on going after passive talent.  That takes a much more skilled recruiter to do, and it will definitely open some opportunities for those recruiters that are talented to give their companies a leg up. Recruiting is an art and a big challenge.  Having talented recruiters working on postions that are difficult to fill is probably the most well spent money spent in 2015.  Everyone knows that companies are only as good as the people in them and finding the best people is the single most important thing to do for most medical companies this year.  At Trinity Employment Specialists, we specialize in staffing in the Medical field and have extremely talented recruiters that know our industry and are leaders in finding top talent in this very difficult season.