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Cory: Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’m President of Trinity Employment Specialists. Trinity is a staffing company that specializes in the medical field, it had for almost ten years now. And we’re proud to be one of the select elite medical staffing groups in the Tulsa market. We’ve developed quite a reputation for ourselves for quality and it’s something that’s very, very important to us, something that we’ve worked very hard for. Because of this quality, Trinity has been able to become one of Tulsa’s top 40 fastest growing companies for the last three years running. And we’ve been nominated for an Inc. 5000 Award which we are really excited about. Tulsa Staffing

But it’s something that we put in front of everything. We only want to hire A players for our customers. That’s it. And if we’re not able to get an A player, we would almost rather wait until we do, rather than sending out people who are subpar, it’s something that’s very important to us and it’s what we do at Trinity. And it’s one of the main reasons why we become one of the Top Fastest 40 Growing Companies. We don’t do a lot of advertising but a lot of people will advertise for us when we do a good job for us.

However, I’ll tell you what, if you do a good job for somebody, they might tell one or two people. But if you do a bad job, they’ll tell 20 easily. So it’s something that we are always constantly working on- position that we’re always recruiting for mainly are clinics or medical assistants. Medical assistants are the first person that you generally meet on the clinical side of a doctor’s visit. They’re the person that takes you back and records the chief complaint, spends time talking to you about any kind of medication that you have. They record a lot of information into the system. And they’ll give injections and they’ll also conduct some of the minor procedures that might be done in a physician’s office. That’s primarily the job duties of the medical assistant. Tulsa Staffing

We’re looking for two or three medical assistance at the moment, but the big thing for us is, we really need to have someone who is certified or registered. Back when the Affordable Care Act was enacted in the United States, you needed to become a registered or certified medical assistant. And if your medical system listening to this and you have worked somewhere for the last five or ten years, well you are probably not even knowledgeable about how important this is, unless your clinics brought it up to you. But getting hard is very difficult to do, unless you’re registered or certified, so it’s something that you might want to consider. But our government has restricted payment to clinics who do not have registered or certified medical assistance. Even the insurance companies, they could be a problem. So lot of clinics are trying to adhere to that and make sure- they don’t even have a medical assistance on their staff that could become a problem within getting reimbursed. Because reimbursements are really hot topic right now for medical assistance. Tulsa Staffing

We’re always trying to find someone who is an A player. It’s something that we don’t want to compromise on. We only want to provide A players. We understand that somebody may be an A player in this clinic and not in the other clinic, so we really try to use our intuition to figure out the best place for each individual but what constitutes an A player, is have an exceptional patient skills. And being able to treat patients with exceptional customer service. You’ve been to different places before and you were treated well and you’ve been to places where you were treated poorly. The places you want to go back to, are the place you were treated well. So vitally important that patients feel comfortable. Especially, when they are there to take care of their health, which is one of the most important things to them. Tulsa Staffing

So we’re trying to find some with that friendly personality, has great patient service experience. And we need somebody with a minimum of two years of experience before we can submit them to any of our clinics. So we’re generally going to be looking for somebody who has some experience. Tulsa Staffing

If you are someone who has some experience or if you know of someone who does, we would really love to speak with you. You can connect with this in several different ways, you can try to give us a call at 918-622-2588. You can visit us online at And while you’re there, if you want to fill out an application, you can do that and submit your resume online as well. We would really love to work with the best in Tulsa and in Oklahoma City.

If there is anything that we can do to help you in your career, please give us a call, we’d love to talk to you. Our number 918-622-2588. Thank you so much. Tulsa Staffing

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