Leaders in Healthcare Luncheon Series

What is LHLS?

Leaders in Healthcare Luncheon Series’ mission is to educate leaders who drive the business of medical practices in Tulsa and the surrounding areas.

LHLS has a goal to share the best practices in a quickly changing healthcare industry. As a healthcare industry leader, LHLS provides the learning resources to initiate change and drive results in medical practices throughout the Tulsa area from some of the most entertaining and informative speakers in our area.

The Leaders In Healthcare Luncheon Series does not charge a fee and is intended for management of medical facilities. The luncheons are held the second Wednesday every other month at Ti Amo Italian Restaurant at 61st and Sheridan from 11:30am – 1:30pm.

Upcoming Speaker

Cindy Harp | Vice President of Organizational Effectiveness w/ the Persimmon Group 

May 8, 2019

Questions can be a powerful tool in solving problems. Good questions develop our interpersonal skills, build relationships, and initiate breakthrough exploration to even deeper discoveries. Having the right questions can have a positive impact for your organization. In today’s medical environment, however, there are unique challenges. How can a subordinate ask questions from a person in power with confidence yet without offense? How do we empower our employees, from the administrative professionals to the techs to the nurses and so on, to ask better questions as well? In today’s political and legal climate, our industry undergoes so many changes that we may find ourselves unsure of not only which questions to ask, but how and when.

Join Cindy Harp for a dialogue on The Art of Asking Questions. We will discuss how questions help us achieve our desired outcomes through conversation. We will explore connecting the relational benefits of the questions we ask with the questions themselves, discuss the significance and impact of subtle changes in the phrasing of a question and how value can be gained simply by asking.

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