Giving Back to the Community

** Trinity Employment’s involvement in our community, giving back to the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

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Trinity Employment Specialists’ core values are based on giving back to the community.  We believe the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow.  We have created a give-back program that for every job placed, we will donate to the Oklahoma Baptist Children’s Home.

Staff an Employee, Support a Child – Trinity Employment Specialists

What is Staff an Employee, Support a Child?

Simply put, for every employee that is placed through Trinity Employment Specialists, Trinity will donate to the Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children. We want to give Oklahoma’s children a chance to succeed in a challenging world. Additionally, this organization needs our support, and we are thankful for the ability to play a small part in helping Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children.

Why is Trinity involved in this Outreach?

Trinity Employment Specialists founded our company based upon our core values and principles of giving back to the community and helping those in need. We firmly believe that today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders and that we should all do our part to help those that need assistance helping themselves. If you would like to get involved with Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children, please reach out to for further information.

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How Can You Get Involved?

As an employer, every time a new employee is hired through Trinity Employment Specialists, you can know that your money is going to provide quality jobs for great Oklahoma families. You can also rest easy knowing that a portion of that money will be supporting a wonderful organization that helps families and children in need. The more you hire, the more money that is donated to OBHC!

What Does Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children Do?

OBHC is one of the largest providers of non-profit, child and family-focused services in Oklahoma. Located in Owasso, Oklahoma, Oklahoma Baptist Home services both children and single mother families.

In their child-focused program, up to eight boys or eight girls are placed in a cottage-style home, under the supervision of a husband and wife serving as houseparent’s. Children enjoy day-to-day life together! They attend Owasso Public Schools and are encouraged to participate in a variety of school, church and campus activities/programs.

OBHC also offers the Children’s Hope program. This program offers family-focused care to help single mothers and their children.

Visit their website at or call at (918) 272-2233 for more information how you can support Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children!

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