How to make your resume stand out

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How to make your resume stand out

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When you are a recruiter and are seeking a specific skill-set from candidates, it is always surprising at the variety of experience sent from applicants.  Especially when the job description is so detailed in what the requirements are for the job.  In my experience, many candidates in fact had the experience that we were looking for, but just did not take the time to list it out on their resume.  Given that what we were searching for was clearly laid out in the job description, it surprises me that so many would neglect to cater their resumes to the job description; especially when they had the experience that is being sought after.  Following are hopefully some helpful hints on preparing your resume for getting an interview.

1) Check for any errors

This may sound too elementary for most individuals that may be reading this right now, but you would be amazed at how many true professionals have neglected to check for errors.  We find careless errors all of the time and in fact have had numerous hiring managers refuse to meet with them when they find errors on their resume.  My advice is to have at a minimum 3 individuals that you consider to be smarter than you to overlook your resume.  Not only can they check for errors, but they may also be able to notify you if it doesn’t make sense; which leads me to my next point.

2) Make sure that it makes sense

A number of resumes just don’t make sense.  Why?  My conclusion is that the individual writing the resume makes the mistake that everyone understands the type of position that they were in and the kind of work that they performed.  This is a big mistake.  Because the Tulsa employee (or the author of the resume) completely understands his or her position, they often make the mistake of assuming that everyone else reading it has the same knowledge they do.  What happens is that they may use a common abbreviation that everyone in their previous or past company knows and understands, but the rest of us do not.  This leads the reader down the road to confusion and ultimately your resume in the no stack.

3) Make sure that you cater your resume for the position

Many individuals send out the same version of their resume to every potential employer they find hoping that that one version will work for many varieties of positions.  Anyone in that has a few years of experience has such a variety of skills that it is impossible to get them all on a resume that has any reasonable length to it.  Let me tell you a secret of very successful people……..They cater their resumes to the Tulsa job description.  They are aware that there is no way that they can get all of their experience on one resume.  So, they list the skills that they have that is relevant to the job description.  Please let me warn anyone wanting to do this to not ever lie.  That is always a great mistake.  However, if you take the skills that you have and make sure that they are relative to that specific job, your percentage of success will greatly go up.

Creating a resume can be a tricky game.  Paying close attention to detail is essential for anyone in today’s competitive job market.  Always remember to always make strong attempts to outdo your competition.  Always do more than they do.  Many individuals are lazy when it comes to sending out resumes and applying for jobs.  Take advantage of their lazyness and out work them.  It will definitely pay off.  In other words “Make your own Luck”!

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