How to Balance Fun and Work

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How to Balance Fun and Work

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Most businesses strive for a satisfying Tulsa workplace atmosphere.  It can be hard to create and maintain.  However, once achieved, I can guarantee you will never want to go back and will always search for ways to maintain a fun work atmosphere.  It provides, joy, happiness, peace, productivity, and it is good for everyone even friends and family (who have to be around you). Here are some helpful hints to remember.

1)      Don’t be too Serious: 

So, how do you create this atmosphere of fun? I believe our team is currently enjoying a very satisfying workplace, and one of the main keys is “Not being too serious”.  It seems our team jokes about almost everything.  Even the big let-downs and negative happenings somehow turn in to positives.  No question, everyone is saddened or frustrated by the circumstance, but throughout the ordeal, we ALL are able to laugh about it in the end.  I really think that makes a huge difference.

2)     Make time to have fun

Most individuals immediately think bad things when work is mentioned.  That is probably because all they do when they are at work is WORK and only WORK!  It is amazing the productivity that comes out of having fun at least some small percentage of your day.  Using our team as an example:  It seems periodic breaks to just have fun and loosen up produces more business than when we just put our nose to the grindstone for weeks on end.  Goofing off really creates more productivity and synergy than most managers would believe.  In fact, if I notice one of our team members having a down time, I almost feel it necessary to order for them to go play for the next 10 minutes.  It just does wonders not only for just them, but also for our teams’ productivity.

3)     Treat team members the way that you would like to be treated yourself

Ahh… the golden rule.  It is such a great thing to live by.  Whether you are managing a team or just living your life.  Treating others the way you would want to be treated will reap so many good things not only for you, but everyone else around you.   I have found by doing this, you can develop a general acceptance and respect from your team.  Whether you are the team leader, or a member of the team, this is a very important thing to do if you want to enjoy the time at your job.  If you are a leader, you do not want to have respect solely because of your position.  You can be much more effective when your team realizes you care about them as individuals, want them to succeed and want them to enjoy their jobs.  If you are a team member (not the leader of the team), you still have leadership qualities you can attribute as colleague of the team.  You will achieve much more fulfillment from your team if you are respected.  And the only way anyone can gain respect is to offer it to others first.

These are just a few positive thoughts on the subject of enjoying your workplace.  I hope that everyone reading this article truly enjoys their workplace.  But, I also know not everyone is lucky enough to work in such a great atmosphere.  If you are not, I encourage you to take some of these ideas and try to be a leader within your team and bring some of the above characteristics to your current atmosphere.  If your team is currently not operating very smoothly, you may have a great opportunity to make a positive impact on those around you and hopefully lead your team to a much more enjoyable workplace.