Tulsa Staffing | Where Do You Find The Best Staff?

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Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’m president of Trinity employment specialists. We are a staffing organization located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but we also staffer our entire region. Um, and we’re one of the top staffing firms, not only here in Oklahoma, um, but also in the different region around here. And we’re one of the top rated staffing firms as well. We staff for administrative staffing, industrial staffing and, uh, medical, everything you can think of in the medical field. Um, today I’m going to talk about how to hire in 2020 and things to think about because, um, hiring has been almost flipped upside down, um, and sideways in all of these different things. In fact, I would imagine that probably about three to four different strategies we have implemented here in our company alone, just, just for this year. And we’re not even done yet. We’re just in November, but it’s been one of the craziest these tears we’ve ever experienced for the top Tulsa Staffing around.

I know I’m not alone in it. And so there’s probably a lot of people that are thinking about it. Um, here’s well, there’s some rules, the real important things that we’ve learned. I thought it’d be important to go over them, share them with you. We’re always trying to add value to different people. Um, and so this is primarily going to be for office managers, they’re trying to hire. Um, and let’s just see if this interests you at all. The, the first thing is you gotta be diligent. Um, there, all right. So at first we had a mass Exodus with a great Tulsa Staffing experience. Everyone was being employed, everyone was being unemployed. However, those employees that were underneath 50,000, 50 or $60,000 a year were basically getting paid 50 or $60,000 a year to stay at home. And so with, with no requirement for them to have to who, um, apply, you know, even try to get a job.

And so because of that there for a long time, we weren’t able to recruit anyone in this pay range because everyone wanted to stay at home if it was at all possible. And it got to a point where you could literally just quit your job and you would still get unemployment benefits. They said, we’re not going to fight anything. We’re going to give everyone unemployment benefits. And so this was really a problem for a lot of employees or a lot of employers. And so during this time period, you’ve got to remain diligent. You had to really recruit in by the people that didn’t want us. I sit at home all day and they wanted to go and get a job that they could start growing in. Once the economy rebounded. Now the, the $600 a week thing has gone away. However, now it’s $300 a week.

So now you’ve got everyone underneath $45,000 a year and less that are doing the exact same thing. But like right now in the medical field, it’s very interesting. In fact, I’m having, I had this meeting with our, uh, with our recruiters earlier today. I was like, you’ve got to teach all of our employers and all of our clients what’s going on, right industry. You got to teach them that you got to move and, and you can’t sit on candidates like you normally were because the medical industry is exploding. Now they shut down elective surgery for hte best Tulsa Staffing by far. And, um, all of a sudden that decimated our medical field, seriously, it decimated it. And then now that elected surgery is coming back back. People are now more comfortable with it going back to surgery. So now hospitals and doctor’s offices are trying to restaff. In fact, one of the hospitals here, they’re, they’re paying a $7,500, just a referral bonus to bring nurses in to their, into their, uh, hospital.

So now you’ve got to be diligent in the, if you actually get a candidate, you better move because people, at least in our area are hiring like never before. All right. That was long enough for number one, being diligent. Number two, you better create a plan, right? And that means you, you know, all right, who else is gonna be involved in this? Cause you got to move quickly. So you need to find out who, how many people are going to be involved in this hiring process. Sure. That they sign off on a job description and that you add the job description completely like updated. And that it it’s not 10 years old or something like that. Um, we, we have a lot of clowns clients who give us 10 year old job descriptions, but you want to make sure that it’s up to date and that you’re able to share this.

That way. You can bring everybody on the same page, get everybody in there and make sure that there are no bottlenecks in your hiring process within your own team. For example, you don’t want to sit there and wait when Joey, because Joey is on vacation this week and we can’t make a decision because Joey’s not here, but Joey won’t interview. And then we lost the candidate again. And this happens to a lot of our clients until they learn. I mean, literally we, we talked about it in the meeting. We’re like, yep. This particular manager with a great Tulsa Staffing experience, she held off for a good while, but she lost five candidates all basically within one week because everyone was moving and we’re like, see, this is what we’re talking about. You got to move quickly. And she was like, okay, okay. We finally got a hire at the end of last week.

Once she realized I can’t sit on this for two or three days, I gotta move. Um, but make sure that you create your plan. And you’ve got a plan to be able to give your team an opportunity to hire quickly if they need to. Because in 2020, you got to do that. Number three, you need to understand your target market. You know what you’re going after and formulate a plan for it. Use social media. There’s, there’s some really great within social media. And so if you’re looking for an accounting person, you can go in there and IX and join different groups where only people in those groups are counting people. And sometimes they’re 15 and 20,000 accounting people in these groups and you can post your jobs up. It can be guaranteed that it’s going to go on their Facebook page and guess what? Doesn’t cost you anything.

It’s a really great way to do that, but you need to understand your target market. So you don’t get these people off into left field when they’re trying to, um, help you out. And you’re going to seem a lot more credible with, uh, with the people that you’re sharing this with on social number four, you need to review you and understand your competition right now. If you don’t understand, this is what we’re having. We’re having to train our medical managers right now. You cannot sit on a candidate. They need to know what our industry’s doing. You need to know what your industry’s doing with our great Tulsa Staffing. For example, here in here in, uh, in Oklahoma, if you’re in the aerospace industry, listen, that industries tanking right now, you can take all the time you want. In fact, there’s a great Palesa era of great candidates that are out there right now in all areas of the aerospace industry, including welding all the way up to executives, but you need to know your industry.

So if you’re in the aerospace industry right now, you could to be very selective. You might want to take your time, make sure you get a quality hire. If you’re in the medical field, you cannot take your time. You will lose everyone because they’re going to get three to five offers in a period of two days. Um, so you need to know your industry know what’s happening in our, in, in your industry so that you know which way to, um, that you need to react at number five, um, look past the resume. I would suggest that you use social media to look past the resume and go try to find the person. Um, a lot of companies right now are trying to hire the person and training the skills. So they’re gonna, when I mean, hire the person, they’re going to hire character, they’re going to hire someone who’s actually going to show up and they’re going to hire somebody that’s interested in, in that particular job.

And that has the S the kind of qualities that they want. They can train the skill. A lot of people are looking at this, um, but you need to be able to look past the resume. And, and if you don’t have someone that’s perfectly qualified for this job, make sure that you find the right person and know what skills you can train them. It’s a, it’s a much better way of looking at hiring. If Trinity can help you in any way, we’d love to be a resource for you. Please give us a call at (918) 622-2588. We are one of the top rated staffing firms in Oklahoma for a better experience with our Tulsa Staffing, and in, especially in our city of Tulsa, but we specialize in industrial staffing, general administrative staffing and medical staffing. Give us a call or you can check it out. Check us out online@wwwdottrinityemployment.com.