When going to businesses to fill out applications, make sure that you dress as if you are going to be interviewed:

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How To Successfully Find Tulsa Jobs

– An article written by Tulsa Medical Staffing Experts – Trinity Employment Specialists

When going to businesses to fill out applications, make sure that you dress as if you are going to be interviewed:  

It is not uncommon for Tulsa employers to interview someone after seeing an application that meets their qualifications.  You never know if they may ask if you have time to meet with a manager that day, so make sure that you look appropriate.

You never have a second chance to make a first impression.

  Know which position you are applying for:

When asked what position you would like to apply for on an application, never put “any”, “open” or leave it blank!  An employer will not take the time to see which of their open positions will best fit you.

Always indicate the specific position you would like to apply for.

 Bring black pen to write with

 Before you fill out anything on an application – read it over first: 

I do not know how many times I have had job applicants come back into my office to request another blank application because they started to fill out the application incorrectly.  It can be as simple as writing their first name in the blank that asks for your last name.  You do not want to be judged as someone who does not pay attention to detail, so read over the entire application before filling out even one blank.Be prepared to present all of the required information that most applications require  

  • • Dates (month and year for start and end dates) and addresses of all previous work experience
  • • Names and addresses of schools attended
  • • License numbers, social security number/card
  • • At least three References
  • • Resume (if you have one)

Dates of Employment:  You are required to present the months and years that you started and quit each position.  Employers need to know this to understand exactly how long you have stayed at each position.  We will discuss later that in your resume you are only required to present the years that you were employed at each job.  Do not get this confused.

Names and addresses:  You will appear unprepared if you are not ready to present the names and addresses of the businesses and schools you have worked at and attended.  If you do not know the names and addresses, it is your responsibility to find them.  I recommend that you go to a phone book if the company is listed, or even go as far as contacting the employer via telephone.  If the company has since gone out of business, you need to list the address where it was located when you were employed there.

Come prepared with the proper personal identification:  Employers are required to have this documentation once making a job offer and can be heavily fined if they do not obtain it within a certain time frame.  So, it is of utmost importance to them that they receive it quickly.  If an employer is ready to hire someone that day, it is in your best interest to come prepared to present that documentation.  For a standard I-9 document, employers are required to have two proper forms of identification.  Most people present their drivers license or state issued ID card and a social security card or Birth Certificate.

References:  You need to be prepared to present three professional references that are not family members to any employer.  Most Tulsa employers will contact these references, so you need to contact each one of your references and ask for their permission to use them as a reference and let them know they may be contacted by the company you are interviewing with.  You definitely do not want your references to be caught off guard when they are contacted.  Also, make sure that your references are the type of person that will appear professional and that will say positive things about you.  If your one of your references does not speak very positive things about you, you most likely will not have a chance at getting the job.

You will need to collect the following items of information for each reference:

  • • First and last name
  • • Phone number
  • • Address
  • • Position and company they work for
  • • Relationship to you

**This article was updated by Las Vegas Motivational Speaker – Clay Clark