Tulsa Staffing | When Are You Getting A New Trinity Company?

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Hi, my name is Cory Minter and I’m the president of Trinity employment specialists. And we are a staffing organization located centrally here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We staff all over the nation in the medical field in general business, uh, positions. And then also we have another division in light industrial. Um, we’ve grown this, we started in the medical field and have just slowly added divisions as we’ve, uh, maximized Tulsa needing to reach out. That’s what got us outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma. This particular videocast, our hiring trends of 2020. What we’re always trying to do is find ways to add value to job seekers and employers. And this one is particularly going to be, uh, geared towards employees on the hiring trends right now, because of this pandemic that we all went through, uh, with COVID-19 shut down our city and our nation. And, um, nearly 30 million employees were, uh, filed for unemployment benefits, according to the Bureau of labor statistics from our Tulsa Staffing.

And those 30 million employees came in between the months of February through May 30 million people. Well, that’s going to create a big problem because these 30 million people are going to run out in this unemployment and they’re going to need to get back to work. But a lot of people, you know, it’s a weird thing where employers were really excited to get back to work. And there were a lot of job opportunities real quick, and then they dropped off because now there’s a potential recession happening. And so how is it you’re going to nap, wait for this, um, and what should use it ploy look out for and what should employers look out for? Let’s dive into this. Um, I went and found some staffing statistics. I think this is really interesting because the staffing industry is a really great indicator of what is going to come. It always has been.

In fact, um, the department of labor uses the staffing index to project. What’s going to happen in the economy. The, um, uh, oh, who was it? Alan Greenspan used to be the guy. He was, uh, he’s overall of our finances. Um, but they use the staffing index to try to gauge what is getting ready to happen in the country. So I thought this was an interesting statistic to look at. And I went and looked at the statistic as of yesterday because they, they update the staffing index literally every day with our Tulsa Staffing. And so I’ll try to explain to you what it means. And then I’ll dive into the action items here. Um, the ASA staffing index monthly report, this was at the end of May, 2020. So right now we’re June 4th. So this was just probably a five, six days ago. This was put out. Um, and then I’ll give you the index for today.

Um, staffing jobs for the week. The second week in may increase 1.2% from the prior week, ticking up to a rounded value of 61 that’s the staffing index was 61, normally, just so you know, the staffing index in a good economy is going to be around 91 to 93. Um, according to ASA, uh, according to ASA, although staffing employment has been down 36% from the year previous, okay, listen, this 36% is unprecedented. This is like a lot of industries might lose one to 3% in a year. Okay. We lost 36% in a couple of months and we just bumped up 1.2%. So right now we’re at 35.7% loss in the staffing index. Uh, right now, um, ASA staffing index four weeks moving average held at a VA at a value of 60, which I said, normally it’s 93 for temporary and contract employment services. And like I said, 35.7% a year to year averaged.

Um, that’s what we’re down. Uh, so, so I just gave a bunch of doom and gloom. Um, we are ticking our way up, but you better be ready, especially if you’re one of those that has unemployment and you’re still getting that $600 a week part that is going to end soon. And if you have a job opportunity, you really might want to be taking a look at this number for the top Tulsa Staffing. One thing that people are going to be looking at, um, employees are looking for culture. Culture’s going to come first. If you have an opportunity as an employee to stand back and you are employed unemployed, and it’s not of any doing of your own, you have a chance to stand back and ask yourself, what is it that you want? Well, when you get to go after, when you start looking for companies to target, try to find a company that has a strong culture.

Most people that are happy in their jobs are happy because the culture is strong. Number two employers are going to brace for a recession. It’s a potential recession. Um, I went, I’ve been calling all of our customers over the last three years. Every customer we’ve had in the last three years, I’ve reached out to just to see, I’m trying to get a gauge for what to project, just see, what are you guys doing? What are you thinking? This is what everyone’s doing. I’m talking to everyone. They’re like, well, we’re just going to kind of wait and see what happens when it comes to our Tulsa Staffing. Okay. That in itself creates a recession. It’s, there’s no way around it. So most likely in this area, we have no choice, but to hit a recession because I’ve just reached out to 200 of the top, um, employers in Oklahoma or in our area in region and 98, 99% of them are waiting to see what’s going to happen.

So employers are going to be bracing for a recession because I’m not the only one that knows this information. Most likely other people do too. Number three more candidates are going to embrace a mobile job application process. Um, employers need to really recognize and understand that everything is going mobile. And, and so if you’re applying for a job, you should be able to do it through your mobile app. But employers who are not mobile-friendly on there, I wouldn’t say friendly, but they’re not mobile ready on their website. They’re going to lose a lot of candidates. But if you’re in a, if you’re an employee, you ought to be able to apply on your phone and not have any problems for us and get the top Tulsa Staffing. So you can have your, uh, resume saved on your phone and that sort of thing. But I want you to know right now because of what’s happening, my expectation is so don’t feel bad because a lot of times when you apply for a lot of positions, you don’t hear anything.

It gets discouraging. Listen, you’re likely going into a big black hole right now. You do need to apply, but, um, don’t be too down on yourself. If, uh, if, if you’re not hearing back, it’s not you, it’s the situation. Um, a lot right now, we’ve got a lot of people, um, who are experiencing, uh, just the lack of income. Our suicide rates are at an all-time high. Um, just this last week, I’ve, I’ve found out of two, somewhat friends that have one, try one, committed it, and one attempted it when it comes to our Tulsa Staffing services. And so it’s a really trying time right now if you’re looking for a job. So I don’t, I don’t want anyone personalizing, not hearing back right now. This is not about this. Isn’t a bad thing about you that you’re bad. This is employers are honestly scared and they don’t know what to do.

And so, um, but this is going to leak out, keep in mind, uh, in the, at the beginning of May, we had a bounce in the staffing index. We increased a one, 2% Trinity reflected that, um, or the staffing from Trinity reflected that. And we’ve been slowly bumping up over the last little bit. This is going to slowly rise. And as, uh, and as economic confidence comes, yeah, employers, I really believe there’s going to be a big surgeon hiring once a couple of big companies released these other companies are going to follow and we’re going to get out of this crazy 2020 that we’ve all been in. If Trinity can help you in any way, shape or form, believe it or not. We do have job opportunities. We would love to serve you and help you and be a resource for you. Give us a call at (918) 622-2588. Or you can visit us online@trinityemployment.com.