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Hi, my name is Cory Minter and I’m president of Trinity employment specialists. We’re a staffing agency located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but we staff all over the nation. Um, there are specialties are in the medical field, almost every kind of position that you can think of in the medical field, as a medical assistant and RN and LPN, even in travel nursing, we do travel nursing all over the nation. And one of the things that is happening now in the United States, only because of, COVID is there has been a massive group of people get laid off, are furloughed, and then a massive stimulus unemployment bill that’s past. That’s just now wrapping up if an employee just now got on, um, unemployment or they, if they just got unemployment, right. When it started, this is wrapping up now for them. Um, but it’s been extended. So you’ve got a lot of people that are still unemployed, um, but they’re able to sustain and they’re staying home when it comes to our Tulsa Staffing services.

So it’s tough to recruit them. I want to talk about some of the things that we should look at as recruiters to be able to recruit, um, as a staffing firm here in Tulsa, I think we’re one of the top staffing firms in this area and in this region for sure. And one of the things that we’re having to look at is how do we recruit when this is absolutely a candidate market. I’ve got some statistics here that are really interesting. I need to find it here. According to research in and every recruiter and HR professional in everyday workplace, it is clear. The current job market is 90% candidate-driven, and that means you don’t pick the talent anymore. The talent is picking you all right. I gotta be honest with you in common sense. I know that we’re sitting there thinking we’re listening to this with our Tulsa Staffing options.

Now, if you’re an HR person, you know, you’re experiencing it, but it doesn’t make any sense because employees were just laid off our unemployment rate in April shot up to 14.7%. It was, it was really ridiculous. The highest it’s ever been, um, since the great depression and, but yet it’s not an employers market. It’s an employee’s market. So how is it that we recruit for this? We’ve got to market our company too, the masses to be able to get them to, uh, see your company is someplace that they want to go. And so what is it that you’re wanting to communicate about your company? I think it’s really, really important and you’re going to have to get the message out there. So you should ask yourself, how are they going to learn about your company and it’s for common-sense reasons it’s likely going to be on social media or one of these tools, one of these mediums.

So if they’re going to go out and research your company, what is it that they’re going to read? Um, let me tell you how to figure it out. Um, go research your company and see what you read. It’s, it’s pretty easy to do. Um, now what, where are they going to go to find out about your company? They’re going to go to Google reviews. They’re going to go to Glassdoor reviews. Um, they’re going to read any kind of reviews that they can find. Um, and they’re going to want to see what other people are saying about your organization. I think that it’s very important that accompany control what is being said about their company. Control the message. Um, because you’re, you’re silly if you don’t think if you think that someone is not going to go and research your organization. So the first thing you need to do is really sit back and ask yourself, what is it that we stand for when it comes to our Tulsa Staffing?

What is it that we want our company to be known for, and really define that, and then begin to ask yourself, all right, how can we get this kind of information out? You know, you might need to shoot a video, very similar to what I’m doing right now. Um, one of the things that Trinity prides itself on and we want to be known for is we give out good wisdom and information. And we do that every single week. Um, on a weekly basis, I put out a podcast, this type of videocast in the form of good information to our customers. We want to be a good information source. Um, so you need to figure this out, then you need to figure out, alright, what is it that I’m going to do to begin to record this information and get it out? Who is ours, who is going to be our spokesperson?

Are we going to ride it? Are we going to do a podcast? Are we going to do a videocast? How is it you want to get it out? Do you want to get it out through a Facebook live? Um, you know, what is it that you need most likely what you’re going to need is a marketing media type company, to be able to help you to understand how to get it out there. It is really true. Um, and, and so you need to figure this thing out. Um, so we, we do, we define it. And what is recruitment marketing, the importance of recruitment marketing? Um, you’ve got to figure out inbound recruiting. So how is it that you get people inbound? We’ll obviously you can post social media or I’m sorry, indeed ads ZipRecruiter, and you can pay for those platforms, but what’s free is social media, social media, um, like with Facebook, you can post jobs for free online, and you’re crazy not to do it.

Um, and then also you can also have different, uh, follow up ads from Facebook that you can put up there, but really you need to just get the word out about your company. This is one thing that is interesting though when you do get information out about your company will, uh, you don’t, it’s not going to be as professional and as straight-laced is what we’re all used to people of my age generation. Um, a lot of times it’s going to be funny, goofy things that keep people’s attention. What keeps my attention is not what keeps the attention of the newest generation. What keeps my attention is honest, honestly, wisdom, new information, great ideas, videos like this. This is really great for me and for, you know, some business owners and stuff like that. But if you’re going to try to recruit some of your mainline people, um, most likely you’re going to need some kind of goofy video for us with a good Tulsa Staffing service.

Um, I want to share with you one of the, one of the things we people want to see, what is it a day like in your company? And it needs to appear, seem and feel fun. One of the most liked shared and, um, celebrated videos that we have in our company, um, is where we had this blow-up banana. That was a Lifesize banana. And we had one of our employees act like a monkey and go through the screen and made a noise. Okay. Thing was shared and literally went viral and brought us a ridiculous amount of business. It was goofy. People liked that, Oh man, they must have fun in their place of work. Alright, am I going to be looking at that? No, I would never spend my time, time looking at that never, ever, ever. Um, but I’m not like everyone else.

And a lot of managers, I think, hold back this style of marketing. And so you need to be a little bit more carefree in the way that you present your company, but, uh, you need to have a strategic, uh, process of gaining info, giving information out to your clients, and then being a little bit goofy and showing, showing who your company is. Um, this going to bring inbound, recruiting your social media platforms, but it’s a lot of times with social media. It’s not what you think that actually brings attention to your company. Um, the number, the number three thing is, is employer branding. You need to let people know what it is that you stand for. A lot of people, uh, want to know what does this company give back in any way? If so, how do they give back? What is it that they’re doing?

Um, at Trinity, one of the things that we do, we, uh, a percentage of EV a percentage of everything that we make goes back to three organizations. Number one is the Oklahoma Baptist children’s home. That is the only life in facility of an orphanage, um, here in this area, believe it or not. That sounds crazy, but it is. Um, and the second one is the plum line. They are a free counseling service and we provide for people to go get, um, mental health, mental health counseling. The th the third thing is, is a place called Dayspring village. It’s the only life in the facility, uh, for sexually trafficked women and children, um, crazy things. Um, we don’t market this out boldly, like I think we should sometimes, but it’s, it’s something that we want people to know about. So we have it on our website. We make sure that we let people know that we, a company that gives back. So you need to brand your company also with branding your company. You need to let them know what your values and what your characteristics are that you stand for, and then show some kind of evidence when searching for the top Tulsa Staffing option.

Number four, um, your candidate experience. Okay. Candidates it’s, we’ve already determined 90% of all candidates. It’s a candidate-driven world right now. So, um, when people go onto your website, let me just ask you a question. How much do you enjoy filling out a job application? I hate it. Most people hate it. It’s not a fun thing to fill out a job application. Well, statistics show that if your job application is not five minutes or less top of a deal online, people log off and leave. I remember going to a conference not too long ago. And the conference said, uh, Hey, listen, go on and fill out a job application on your website and see how long does it take. Keep in mind at about three to five minutes, people are going to log off. It took us 15 minutes just to go through our job application. We knew we had to switch things around. We switched things around and all of a sudden our application shot up. Um, you’ll want to take a look at your online job application. Is it a simple process also when you bring someone in, how is it that you’re treating them to get a new Tulsa Staffing solution?

They need to be unbelievably welcomed. They can go anywhere right now. You want them to feel like they want to go with you. So these are some things for you to think about when trying to bring on new employees, I’m going to do a part two of this. Um, and so please stay tuned for part two. If Trinity can help you in any way with your recruiting needs. We’re one of the top staffing companies in the state of Oklahoma. We would love to be a resource for you. Please give us a call at (918) 622-2588. Or you can visit us online@trinityemployment.com.

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