What Makes Trinity Different | Tulsa Staffing

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What Makes Trinity Different | Tulsa Staffing

At┬áTrinity we’re a staffing company. We have different specialties that we work on and that we work with, but the one thing that makes Trinity different from everyone else is we put a strong emphasis on doing qlty over quantity. Quality over quantity, I tell our team that every morning because it’s so important. We interview so many different people and we have so many different people that come into our place of business to meet with us, and we have so many different job orders as well, so all the competition of that … there are many other staffing companies out there, so it’s really important that we get people out really quickly. That creates this sense of urgency that … a lot of staffing companies fall into this dip and this gap. It really makes their quality suffer tremendously. This is what it is: they get pressured and they know they got to get somebody out, so they just start sending people out that just meet the qualifications on the resume. The resume looks good, but they’ve met them, and I don’t know if they’d want to work with them themselves.

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We have a thing in our office. We say this all the time. That is, if you wouldn’t want to sit with that person for 18-24 hours straight right next to you, maybe somebody else wouldn’t either. By doing that and putting quality over quantity, quality over quantity every time, no matter what, regardless of how much pressure we have to get people out, to resist that temptation, that has made us one of the top companies in Tulsa in staffing. The Journal Record and the Tulsa Chamber has awarded us Tulsa’s Top 40 for the last two years in a row, and it’s all because of this. A lot of people don’t get this: quality over quantity.

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