Tulsa Staffing | What Can You Do To Stand Out As A Recruiter

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Hi, my name is Cory Minter and I am the president of Trinity employment specialists. Trinity is a staffing firm located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that we staff all over the state of Oklahoma and all over the nation, especially in travel nursing. Um, we are a staffing organization that puts character and high quality at the top of what we do staffing firms are known sometimes for really needing to get employees out quickly that listen to the early bird gets the worm in the staffing organization. A lot of times we have companies that, uh, use more than one staffing firm. So the first person that gets people over there is oftentimes the one that wins and the one that is preferred. But if you are willing to send over candidates just for the sake of getting them out there, um, in, in the case of winning, we don’t believe at Trinity, that is the best way of hiring because a team of a plus players runs circles around a team of BNC level players, and we are focused and committed on bringing high quality to the staffing industry and not just shooting over people as quickly as we get them, we want to win the game in, in a different way with us and the best Tulsa Staffing by far.

And so, um, one of them, one of the things that, uh, you know, uh, Oh, what was his name is, uh, is true at Kathy at? Chick-fil-A always thought that it was so interesting. I listened to a, um, a story from a very good friend of mine who was actually in the room and, uh, Chick-fil-A had had a huge, um, they had a huge year that year, uh, two or three years in a row. And they were, they were getting ready to be able to compete with like a McDonald’s and a subway. And these were companies that were looking at trying to model. And so they’re sitting around and they’re like, uh, like, what do we do? Do we want to, do we want to do like the subway and have somebody on every corner with us to get the top Tulsa Staffing? Or do we want to have someone, or, or do we want to be like, uh, you know, McDonald’s, and we’re just everywhere, you know, do we want to be a real estate company?

Or do we want to be like, what is it that we’re wanting to do as our strategy? You know, cause we need to grow. We want to grow quickly. And they said, true. It slammed his fist down on the table. And he said, no, we’re going to get really, really good at what we do. And then we’ll be able to grow from that. And companies, do, you know, companies can learn a lot from this listen, that’s where true Cathy, um, coined the phrase, my pleasure. He was at a Ritz Carlton hotel one day and he heard someone say the words, my pleasure. And he was like, you know what? That, that felt different. And, and, you know, he said, he said it wasn’t even something that they had coined at the Ritz Carlton. It was just something that, that particular employee happened to say that day.

And he was like, man, that felt completely different. And so one of the things that Truett Cathy put in place that day was as a, as a way of getting extraordinary at what they do is he put my pleasure in there and it really made the big difference. It completely separated them from what everyone else knew about the fast-food industry. The fast-food industry was definitely not known for a Ritz Carlton top of an experience. And so he knew he couldn’t get exactly Ritz Carlton, but he knew that he could get really, really close when it comes to our good Tulsa Staffing services.

You’ve got to bring this type of mentality to your recruiting process. What is it that we can do to make ourselves stand out and get really, really good? So people will want to join in on what you’re doing now. That move is the number one movie that I later spent an entire day with Dan Cathy, his son, and toured all of Chick-fil-A went to their home. I got to see everything in Chick-fil-A headquarters in Atlanta that you, you would ever imagine and sharing stories that they believe that that one move is what sent them to, to a new to another level. I think that this story is very relevant for 2020, um, in July, right after COVID, we’ve got a candidate market, like we’ve never seen before, what is going to help us to stand out and it’s going to be the way that you make people feel when they’re in your company.

So one of the number one recruiting strategies is going to need to be really making it a candidate-driven market. So very important. So how can you go about doing that? Well, first, how you treat them when you contact them, that it’s always been a past thing of an employer. It’s like, um, you know, Hey, I want to meet you. What’s set up a meeting time. And then you go through, they’re really getting to know the candidate and letting them get a feel for your company. And, um, and treaty, you know, you really need to have one of your more, more welcoming type of people do this. And if your recruiters are more of a numbers-driven real quick top of, uh, people, I don’t know that that’s going to be exactly what you need. You’re going to need someone that can really get them to feel well in just on the phone with us for your new Tulsa Staffing service.

And, you know, maybe get, even get, encourage your recruiters to stand up and project their voice, make a positive top of voice, come out and really get a chance to get to know them and answer any questions that they have. Now, once they come into your facility, how are they treated? Listen. One of the things that we do at Trinity is the, uh, their first visual, their first impression, they’re going to create belief systems about that first visual. So in, in our waiting room, we’ve got very calming music playing. Our colors are bright. We have one of the most friendly, smiling faces that, that we’ve ever met, um, meeting and greeting you the very first thing art. This is, and we’re in a staffing organization. Hey, can we go grab you some water? Is there anything that we can do for you? Thank you so much for coming here today. It means a lot to us. These are standard procedures. And then when, and then we’ve created an onboarding system. So the candidate always feels good. Not only do we want to hire top-level candidates, but we also need to be able to retain them. And one way to not retain them is to make their first week with us now for your Tulsa Staffing.

Have, have you ever gone to a job that you started and they’re like, and they set you there and you can kind of tell after 10 minutes of being there, this might not be the best environment or at least that’s what you assumed it is because no one walked you through. There’s like here, go figure it out. I’ve been in companies like that before, and I know how it turned out in the end. It was what I thought they were. Now. There was something weird that I kept me in there. I don’t know what it was, but it was what

But you’ve got to improve your candidate experience. You’ve got to improve your employer, branding. How is it that you are coming across to employees? It’s really, really important. So when people research your company, what is it that they’re seeing? What is being said about your company? I think it’s really important for you to go online and see what is being said about your company with our great Tulsa Staffing services. Um, on Google, you can do an incognito search and it’ll bring up more of an authentic search on what people are going to see whenever they get on a Google and check you out and see what people are saying, uh, check out your reviews. Um, and if it’s not what you want it to begin a process of creating your employer branding. Um, you need to be able to do this one thing that we are working on right now.

And I think it’s going to be really important is, uh, creating a way for people to interact with our company via instant message right away. Um, the, the, these are things that people are looking real quick, nice, friendly, but you need to be able to figure out what your employer branding is, is going to be like. And what kind of perception is the average person going to get? When they look at your company really, really important, you need to have an employee referral program, having employee, giving an incentive for your employees to send over people. It’s really, really important that you do that. Um, and if you don’t most likely employees won’t, but spend a lot of effort into it. And that is probably going to be your number one recruiting tool. Um, you need to make sure that your advertisements are very effective Tulsa Staffing today.

Um, you need to have them in between 720 500 characters that increase its chances of getting red, but 30% according to LinkedIn. So you need to make sure that your job description is really, really solid, and that you do a decent job of selling your company and getting someone excited about looking into your company, social media, recruiting strategies. You’ve got to have these set out and that you’ve got to be intentional with it and be working on it every single week. These are some things that can help you improve your employer. Branding. If Trinity can help you with any of your recruiting strategies, um, we would love to be a recruiting resource for you, but as you can tell in this video, I just want to add value to people. And if you help enough people get what they want, you probably are not going to ever have a problem. Getting what you want later on in life. If Trinity can help you give us a call, we would love to be a staffing organization for you. You can call us at (918) 622-2588, or you can visit us online at trinityemployment.com.

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