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Hi, my name is Corey Minter and I’m the president of Trinity employment specialists. We’re a staffing organization located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’re one of the top staffing firms here in the state and we have to be well, I know that we’re the we’re, we’re the most reviewed staffing firm in the city of Tulsa and I think top two or three in the state of Oklahoma. And so, um, the things that we specialize in are in is industrial staffing, general administrative staffing, and medical staffing in each one of these different areas. We staffed for a wide range of positions and we do it in our entire region in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, and Missouri. And, um, one of the things that I want to talk about today are four ways to tell, um, to tell if a candidate is going to be an, a player for your team or not when it comes to your Tulsa Staffing needs.

Um, and I think it’s really important to do this because right now, depending on your industry, some industries have their choice of, of candidates. It’s the truth. They get their choice because there’ve been so many layoffs, there’s so much dissension. Um, and no one really knows what’s going to happen. At least even tomorrow, we’re having our presidential election tomorrow. Listen, tomorrow we’re gonna, our company is going to find out most likely. Um, and if you’re a businessman, I just know this. Um, and I’m not meaning to be political. It’s just the truth. If one, if one candidate gets elected the next day, our company is going to begin to explode like the next day we know it. Um, we’re, we’re preparing for it. We’ve had clients call us, say, listen, if this person is elected, just get ready. We’re going to be, I’m giving you this.

Okay. If another candidate is elected, none of that’s going to happen. Um, but I don’t know it’s going to be doom and gloom. I just know that we are not going to just start shooting off. Our, our economy is not going to take off. Um, employers are going to really sit and go, right? What is this going to mean? And people are going to hold money. Just like what we did previously. It’ll be the same reaction. There’ll be a lot of money stock holding up. And so we’re trying to figure out how to move forward. Um, but it’s going to depend on your industry with proper Tulsa Staffing. Great. A great example of this. We have a client right now and, um, they’ve given us 30 new work orders that they’re wanting us to fill in eight days. Okay. No problem. Why is that? Because the aerospace industry and manufacturing, um, had been plummeted because of COVID.

And so we’ve got an unbelievable source of people. Now, if we were to have the same thing in the medical field right now, there is no chance, no chance it’s exploding. Um, everyone’s hiring, um, there’s not a candidate pool to support that kind of growth so quickly. So it all depends. Um, you know, so in the medical field, most of our medical people, they’re not able to be so selective, whereas in, uh, hiring for this other client in the industrial region, we’re going to get our pick of the litter and Beck. We’re going to deliver him some great, great employees. We’re really super excited about that. Um, but if you’re going to try to go and find a players, one of the things that you’ve got to do, um, and this is just the truth. You got to find out somebody’s lying to you or not.

Um, and I, I hate this, but most people’s stretch the truth this morning. We had, uh, we had, uh, one of our recruiters that’ll walk in and, uh, she came in a little bit late to our meeting and, and she, uh, she was like, you know, I met with that person, but I just couldn’t, I couldn’t get them to tell me the truth and I knew their industry. And so after asking, it took me 12 different ways of asking him until I finally figured out, Oh, you’re not a pipeline welder. Uh, you’ve just welded structures. Um, but he just kept not fibbing, but just shifting it around to where she couldn’t figure it out with a great Tulsa Staffing service. And we had this happen to us, um, all the time. It’s really important to be able to catch when someone is telling you the truth or not. I remember a long time ago when, uh, well, it wasn’t too long ago, but I had, I had a candidate come in and we were recruiting for them here in our place.

And so I, I interviewed him. He had every thing that we were looking for. I mean, he was, he was telling me that he was going to bring candidate. He was going to bring clients to his clients that he had worked with for years and years and years, and was like, and listen, they only want to do direct hires. And I do this many direct hires with them. All right. In my mind, if this guy’s telling me the truth, I’m racking up how much money we’re going to make with this deal. And I’m getting super excited, but it was so good. It was so good to experience more services for a great Tulsa Staffing service. But he was telling me, I started getting a little bit just thoughtful about it. It’s like, what, what might be going on here? And so, so, um, I called his reference or, uh, he had three references and I got ahold of one of them.

I think I’d talked to a couple of them. And there, if H one of them had really given me just cautious, like, there’s something not right here. So this, this next one I started, I was like, I’m going to get into some details. And so I started asking him some details about numbers, and I was talking to his previous manager, according to this guy. And so I was talking to his biggest manager and he, and I asked him, so how many hours did they run for you each week? Um, she was like hours. And I said, yeah, hours. And not in the staffing industry. Everyone’s going to know what this means, everyone. Um, it’s the way that you manage your, your firm. And she didn’t know what I was talking about. And I said, well, um, any manager is going to know how many hours they ran.

That’s the only way that you can calculate your profit. So like, did you guys not do this? What? And so I started, you know, this is a really nice lady year. And finally, um, after these questions, she said, uh, I’m his wife. And he wants to me to give a reference for him. All right with a better Tulsa Staffing solution. So fast forward this long story, I had a colleague of mine that also owns another staffing firm. And he said, listen, I had this guy that told me that he, that you offered him a job. And, um, he declined it because he was interested in working for me. And he’s like, okay, hired him. And he was terrible. And he said, did you offer him a job? And I was like, I was trying to be careful to not, not say anything because we’re in the field of HR and I was careful about it.

Um, but what I finally got out of him at this guy was he hired this guy. None of what he said was true. And he spent a day, it’s an amount of money trying to bring this guy up to speed on his system. And he had worked for him for three or four months. And he had, it’d been a complete and total debt. Walmart says that if you hire somebody to $11 an hour and they worked for you for three months, and then they quit, they consider it an $11,000 loss. Listen, most people have no idea what term or costume, no clue, um, estimating because that guy stayed with them for about, uh, he stayed with them for about three months that, uh, he probably cost him somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 to $30,000 of a loss. Um, that’s probably close to what it was and no tell calling if he, if he allowed him to speak with his customers and he didn’t treat his customers right.

And they could have gone somewhere else that could have cost him even more. Or so if you’re going to harm people, you’ve got, you got to hire the right people. And you’ve got to put yourself, you’ve got to go through a system of making sure that they’re not pulling away one over on you, because it can cost you a ton of money with a great Tulsa Staffing service. Some of the ways to do that is you can ask the same question several. Listen, when you get into references, dig into the references, especially if this is an important hire, that’s going to be talking to your customers. It can cost you a ridiculous amount of money. I mean, even if you’re just hiring somebody to $11 an hour, trust me that loss is way greater than what most people think. So be very careful before you bring on some, some hires right now in 2020, it’s you, there are some industries you’ve got to hire quickly, like what I was talking about in the medical field, but be very careful to check references. Be careful, be careful to still ask detailed questions in there and not be flippant about your hires because they cost you a whole lot more than what you think. If Trinity can help you with your hiring and hiring a players, give us a call at (918) 622-2588. Or you can visit us online@trinityemployment.com.