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Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’M president Trinity, Employment, Specialist. We are Staffing organization in Tulsa, Oklahoma City and we staff in the medical world everything in the medical from the front office person all the way up to a physician and then inara business side. We sat for finance, accounting, Banking, and it seems like a little bit in between there to see it is especially towards the holidays. We’Ve got a little bit of everything, but we try to make sure that we do. We put a huge emphasis on quality over quantity. We’Ve always done that and if you’re watching this and here’s a little bit curious about Trinity, always try to ask people. Please go read our reviews. You know, I think we have 70 or 80 of those things and I think we’ve had two people of all of them say something bad about us. Go read our reply. If it’s, it was kind of a silly thing anyway, but it’s I think it’s one of the things that I’m most proud of, Tulsa Staffing because these are things that people have said about. Not me. It’S been my staff at Trinity, and, and so anyway, it’s something I’m super proud of, so please go check that out. If you’re at all interested in Trinity today, I’m going to be talking real quickly about creating your resume. The reason I’m doing this I go once a year and I speak about certain topics to Tulsa Technology student. Cesar. The students are getting ready to graduate so in in that group. You’Re, not everyone’s going to need a resume, because you have some people here in mechanics, but a majority of the students in there are going to need to create a resume, and this advice, I think, is very true for anyone who did anyone who’s creating a resume. Somebody has 20 years of experience and then all of a sudden they lost their job. I think this can help help even that person and if you want it even more information. I have a book that I’ve written called handbook to getting hired in today’s recession and in that has a lot of information. I always go to even myself. When people ask my advice, cuz, I put a lot of research into that and that book and it and there’s some really good practical information system workbook almost, Tulsa Staffing but I’m going to go through some of these things that I think might be able to help you in. If you’re, if you’re looking trying to create a resume, I really think this would be helpful to hear before you started so that the first thing is. Is you got to clearly communicate what it is that you are wanting?

So you know I just did a piece of second ago and the very first point of it was have a clear vision of what it is that you want to become will end if you’re going to create a resume, you need to have a clear vision of What you’re trying to tell that person you’re wanting to do you got to clearly communicate what it is that you’re wanting to do someone and not to do to someone what what you’re wanting to do for someone and not and not make it muddy, and I’m in You know where recruiting agency I’m telling you 89 % of the resumes that we get our vague. They are basically saying to us: Hey, listen! Here’S my resume! Please tell me what I should go do wasn’t. That is a as a place for disaster. If that’s your approach like you’re, going to wait, you really want someone like me who doesn’t really even know you to tell you what to go. Do I mean I understand that you’re confused, but you really need to take the reins on that and you tell everybody else what you’re wanting to do, and I really want to encourage you that and I get it listen when I graduated from college, I had no Clue – and I had to do some experimenting in that, so, if you’re, young and you’re in your career, I get that, but some of some of the people who might be listening to this, your older in your career and you just haven’t – had the courage to just Put your foot down and say I am going to go. Tulsa Staffing Do this. I really would encourage you to do that. Someone encourage me to do that a long time ago and it and it change the trajectory of my life, but you got to make a billboard. So have you ever been driving down the highway and you see these Billboards, you know the ones that I hate honestly, I hate the ones where you’re driving by and so you’re about to read it and it and it switches to another one. You know those digital ones, the new digital ones, and, and so you kind of got what it was talking about, but you really didn’t know when your curiosity is is driving me crazy. You didn’t get to see what it was talking about. Your resume is going to be looked at by professionals very similarly to the way that you see Billboards going down highway.

You’Ve got about that that amount of time in front of them. So you got you know 15-20 seconds. People can be looking at it. So you know it, it makes no sense to me. People who put Billboards up there in the stuff that they really want you to see is in small letters that it’s really difficult to read. You know, or it’s down at the bottom, you know or the or they try to make their catchphrase. Are there joke that doesn’t have anything to do with what they’re doing, but the small words do. You know in the same way, that that might not that message might not relate to you on a billboard is so it’s going to be very similar to this to this resume. You want to make the very make it very clear at the very top of your resume, what it is that you want to do so in your in your objective section. Your objective is an important section: make it clear as day at what it is that you’re wanting to become so if you have decide, if you were applying for a project manager, Tulsa Staffing okay make your objective to obtain a job as a project manager with your company. I would say I would literally alter your resume to make it so Crystal Clear what it is that you’re wanting to do that, there’s no In the in the person’s mine anymore. Also, everything is ran through computer. So whenever you are sending your resume into the big dark black hole of resumes, that is almost every job now cuz everything’s digital. Well, they have. They have readers that read the resumes and send to the recruiter, which ones appear to be relevant in appear to have the the specific words. Listen if you’re sitting in a blank General resume that may or may not have the specific words that they’re looking for in there. I’M just telling you you’re going to get you’re going to get thrown to the bottom of the black hole which made me the trash. Tulsa Staffing Can and you’re not going to ever make it in so make sure that you make it very clear in your objective what it is that you’re wanting to do and then before you know before you write your objective, make sure you read through the job description and You cater your objective to that job, so very important to not sending blank General resumes. It’S just not going to be a good move for you, especially if you’re wanting to do something great and get very specific.

The next thing is, is you need to decide what style of resume that you were going to write and there are two and the two are meant for two completely different reasons. So the first reason for the the two styles of resumes that you want to consider. Our functional and chronological or let me let me see it, let me see a chronological first and then functional cuz. I want it. I want to dress them in that order. So I probably logical style resume is a resume that you are putting an emphasis on your work history. So this is for someone who has a good work history that you want people to see and that work history has been in the same field at what you’re getting ready to go into. It’S really important because that just like the billboard that is going to be a part of the top part of your resume. Tulsa Staffing So you want to have your last job and then the duties that they that you in that job and then your next-to-last job duties that you meant that job and that is a chronological star resume. Tulsa Staffing Basically your chronologically reading the work history of an individual. So it is meant for to highlight your work history and also highlight that you’ve been in the same field. A functional style resume is, is a resume that you put your emphasis on your transferable skill set. It’S for someone who does not is not either does not have a good work, history or you’re, trying to change career fields and in this second part of the of this video I’m going to share with you some ways for you to set up your Connell chronological Star resume and your functional star resume, and if Trinity can help you with this, we would love to talk with you. We talking and help people all the time give us a call at 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at Trinity employment.com. Thank you.

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