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Tulsa Staffing | Tulsa’s Best staffing option

Hi, my name is Cory Minter and I’m president of Trinity, Employment, Specialist attorney, weird Staffing organization. We are in the Tulsa Market, but we also staff in Oklahoma City and we we have a hiring system that helps and all but guarantees getting an a player or a top-notch individual in your company. It’S it’s a system that work for some of the largest organizations around, and it’s it’s basically not tolerating being sea level. Players and Trinity gives you an opportunity to be able to release quickly, but yet back fill it as well, because we never stop recruiting. And when we’ve done. Tulsa Staffing This we’ve saved huge companies like Verizon and a St Francis thousands of dollars in there hiring and I’m not kidding you we’re taking very large groups staff them up. It took about a year year-and-a-half to do and. We don’t have any turn over. It worked us out of a job some extent making me have to go, sell more, but the system really does work and it’s been able to give us good referrals out to different people, and so we’re really excited about that process. I’M that we’ve been able to create for people. You know I just I was just having a conversation just a second ago about just about how to sell and I’ve. I’Ve been asked about this two or three different times, Tulsa Staffing you’re, just in passing and I’m getting ready to go, do a presentation for Tulsa Technology Center, which is kind of a larger Technical College, and every year I go do a presentation that there might be two or Three hundred kids in there and basically what they’re trying to do is there trying to go out and get a job, and you know I’m always asked: will how do you get in to meet with people? How do you do sales? You know what what is your biggest success that you’ve done, and I think it’s relative. I think this information is relative to anyone like increasing anything that they do like this. This is kind of like my staple for what I try to do in life and when you do these things over a course. About a year, it really changes the trajectory completely of what your potential is, and so I’m going to share I’m going to share this. Just it’s just for five things here that I think really helps, and this first one is the hardest one for me, but it is whatever you do have a clear vision of what it is that you want to become.

Most people start out and they just kind of let the wind take them wherever they want to go, and you know they let opportunity tell them where they’re going to be in the next 3 or 4 years, so they’re going to go interview everywhere. Anything that sounds interesting and then and then they’re going to stay in that job at what it, whichever one is offered to them. And although I kind of get that at the very beginning of your stage in your career, will you really truly don’t know what you’re doing there needs to come? A time where you tell yourself what you want to do and where, where you take control – and you don’t let just the fact that you got an opportunity to direct you where you go lot of people will only chase the money. So you know I’ve had I’ve. Tulsa Staffing Seen this happen in Staffing all the time we had this happen on Monday, where that this person had a really great opportunity somewhere, someone else offered in /bin/sh.25 more an hour and without even thinking about how happy they would be somewhere. They took the money and ran, and I think people make this mistake a lot a lot of time. So whatever it is that you do the most successful people, I’m telling you they have a clear vision of what they want to become, and they become really really great at that one thing they put their energy into that they don’t go this way. They go. This way, so that that it does number one that the second thing is is that, regardless of what’s happening to you, especially when you’re unemployed or you know, you’re experiencing struggle, Tulsa Staffing look out for other ways where you can help other people get whatever it is that they Want you’re, just a second ago a friend of mine’s, a new friend came up and he’s starting a new Pharmacy, and I have a database full of all the medical clinics. Will I have no problem offering them some contacts and helping them to get going on, and I would I’ll be more than happy if they call me to help them to get into those clinics now? Listen. I don’t want anything in return for this.

I don’t I don’t, but if you do this, if you help enough people get what they want over time, you will never ever have a problem. Getting what you want it is. It is something that is it’s the easiest thing to do. It’S not going to take very much effort for me at all to share with them who I know, but the fact that I offered and then, if they call me on it, I absolutely do it it’s if I, if I ever need some advice for them from Them later on, they’re – probably going to have no problem. Give me an olive that, for me, it’s going to be so much easier for me to feel comfortable to ask I’m not doing it for that reason that the Hokey this is to do it without wanting or expecting anything in return. Tulsa Staffing However, I’m telling you, if you do this over and over again my mentor says it. This way, money will chase you. It is true you will have so many opportunities that you’ll need to turn down things way more than you accept them. It’S so., That’s a big key to my success that the third thing is is you know I said the first one is difficult because it takes more intentional. I was doing this one last night and that is this, be grateful for what you’ve been given. Our lives are complex and we have so many things that we were responsible for and there’s there’s anxiety and stress and all of the things that come with me. That was working a successful career. All of these things are there, whether we like it or not, and so because there’s so much intensity and, like I said anxiety and stress and just demand for your time being taking the time to be grateful, is probably it it. Just is, it doesn’t come. Tulsa Staffing Natural is one of your very first top things to do in. Because of that, and we start seeing small things that our struggles, but we we see the negative, is the big picture rather than seeing. You know all of the things that God has given us that we need to be grateful for you know what this morning, my three year old, my wife, made him chocolate chip, pancakes, okay, and let me tell you he was not grateful because it was like this Big ordeal, I’m just telling you it’s not natural to be grateful, try to feed your five five year old when they don’t want to eat when they have something else. They’Re not going to be grateful. Try to try to feed your two year old they’re, not grateful.

I’M just telling you it’s not natural to be grateful, so you got to put this thing in your schedule and so one of the things that I’ve tried to incorporate every morning before I go to work, I read a little a little Journal thing that did. I do I’m just called the Utmost For His Highest. It’S a it’s a Christian. You know just encouragement, but I also take time to be grateful and think about the things that I’m grateful for, because with life and and how how crazy it is. It’S really difficult to remember those important things and in you need to keep in mind, I’m not trying to help be a better person to be holier than now. I’M trying to give you keys to success that give you peace and that give you success these things. You know grateful people, I’m telling you the happiest people do. Tulsa Staffing Do you like hanging out with you like hanging out with happy people? Are you like hanging out with the grout, the grouch’s be grateful, Bill showed other people, and the last thing is is, I believe The Best Is Yet To Come, depending on whatever your circumstances are, especially if I’m talking to somebody who’s unemployed right now. It’S really really easy to get caught in the idea that holy cow things aren’t going the way they’re going to go, and I just lost my job and everything’s getting ready to go hint hell in a hand basket. And I don’t know what to do and having a belief system of The Best Is Yet To Come. It really changes your perspective in your perspective, can change your circumstances. If Sandy can help you in your job search, we would love to. We treat people well and please go read the reviews. I think it’ll help you determine what kind of a company we are. You can go and call us at 918-622-2588 or visit us online at Trinity employment.com. Thank you.

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