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Cory Minter: Hi, my name is Cory Minter and I am President of Trinity Employment Specialists. Trinity is a Tulsa staffing company who specializes in Tulsa staffing for accounting positions, for medical positions and for customer service, finance, almost everything in the medical field is something that we staff for. We have just done a really great job in both cities of Tulsa and Oklahoma City. In fact, for the last three years we’ve been one of Tulsa’s top 40 fastest-growing companies and we have also won a big-time National Award. I can’t mention it yet, because we have to wait till the end of the month to be able to notify people of it, but it’s been quite an unbelievable journey.
Today, I want to share with you part of something I think that everyone should consider and that is your journey. With Trinity’s journey, I’ve always wanted us to be the top of company to rise to greatness. But the definition of greatness for Trinity is to have high integrity and high character in everything we do. I really think that’s one of the biggest reasons for our success. It’s the way that we handle our situations. It’s the way that we handle the stuff that comes to us that is uncomfortable type of situations. Sometimes, handling it the right way costs us money and it stinks and I don’t like it. But when it’s the right thing to do, it’s not even a decision. It’s an easy decision to make, because we want to always live our journey at Trinity with integrity, so that we don’t ever have to wonder at night, “Man I might not should have done that.” We want to be able to sleep well at night at Trinity. I’m going to share a couple stories with you that I think might be enlightening.
One of them is someone that I had hired not too long ago, actually, and she lasted for about a day. This was kind of how this happened. We were recruiting four and one of the positions in our office and this individual came in, interviewed with this, would just tell us how much she loves us and she says, “This has got to be the position for me. I know this is exactly what I want” and her experience in the past wasn’t exactly what we had done, so asked her this question, we said, “Listen, this position is not exactly what you’ve done in the past” She’d come from the oil and gas industry and the oil and gas industry had just had a big falling out. What that had done, is it’s left a lot of great talent in the marketplace and those are some great opportunities for some employers to be able to give someone the opportunity to get out of oil and gas, because oil and gas is a bit cyclical type of an industry. She just claimed, “I want to get out of oil and gas, I want to get out of oil and gas.”
Even when I made the job offer to this individual, I asked, I said, “Are you sure that this is something that you want long-term? Because if you come here in the short term and leave when the oil and gas industry gets big, it’s really going to hurt our team.” She made a promise, she said, “I promise you this is the position that I want, please give me a chance, please give me a chance.” We went ahead and gave her the opportunity. The next day she came in, she started to shadow and started our training process and she found out about a job opportunity that we had at our Tulsa staffing company and she lasted all of 24 hours. The next day, when she’d come in she she’s like, “I really want to apply for this position, but if I don’t get it, I promise you I am here for the long term, I’m a person of my word.” That’s the same thing that she had said earlier.
I don’t for any reason think that she didn’t mean those things when she said them, I think that she meant them, but it lasted for about eight hours and she had changed her mind. When you do that to enough people, you lose credibility. You need to try to figure out a way to let your, “yes” be your “yes” and your “no” be your “no” and do that enough times where the people around you unquestionably believe you. Because it only takes once and you lose your credibility with so many people. It’s just like in our business, if you treat people well, they might tell one or two people, but if you treat them poorly, they’ll tell 20. It is the same thing in people’s minds, if you go around and do the right thing, that means a lot to them, but they’re not going to put red flags in their head or it’s not going to put huge accolades on you just for doing the right thing. Doing the right thing in our society, it’s probably still a norm in Tulsa staffing.
We are changing our culture a little bit, but most people kind of expect you just to go around and do the right thing, that is a cultural expectation. When you go around and do one wrong thing and they know it, it sends red flags in their heads and then all of a sudden they’re not trusting you any longer. I’m speaking to employees, because any job that you have, it’s a journey. That journey is going to be one, of integrity and character or it’s going to be one, where people are questioning whether your “yes” is yes and your “no” is your no. I would be willing to say, that probably half or even less than half of the workers today, don’t have just a high integrity with their employers or their co-workers. I think, probably their employers and their co-workers question, if they say they’re going to do something, that they are actually going to do it. My encouragement here is, I’m trying to put a little bit of a seminar here on how to be great. It’s the pathway to greatness.
I want to share this story with you that I’ve shared before. Imagine if two thieves walked into a jewellery store in the evening and they didn’t steal a thing, but they took the $15,000 price tag off the Rolex, put it on a Timex, they took a $99 price tag off the Timex, put it on the Rolodex and they went and did that through everything in the store, they switched it all up. Took all the expensive items, made them very cheap, took all the cheap items, made them very expensive. The next day, people would walk in the store, they would be able to buy something that was worth a whole lot of money for almost nothing and they would pay a lot for a little. That’s what we as a culture have done to greatness with Tulsa staffing.
We take the $99 price tag and put it on greatness, or character, or integrity. We take the big $15,000 price tag, we put it on cars, maybe a career position, clothes that you wear, people that you might hang out with occasionally, we got it backwards. We all have to live our life as one big journey. The question is, how is your journey going to be? Are you going to be an individual of character and integrity, or are you going to be the type of individual that lives out the $99 price tag with your life? I want to say, that probably about 90% of Americans today, maybe even more, live their life in the expectations in their viewpoint with the-
Cory Minter: -the $99 price tag on the most important things and the $15,000 price tag on things that don’t matter anything in the end. For all of the employees out there, I want you to think about being great. A pathway to greatness. That’s what I want you to think about. How can you create your journey to where you incorporate character and integrity in everything that you do. This pathway to greatness is not one big sexy thing where all of a sudden, you are great. It is something that you build over time. And over time, the way that you’ve handled your business five years ago, matters now. That’s the way that I want to encourage everyone that is an employer out there to think Tulsa staffing.
Because if you do that over time, it’s the same equation that Dave Ramsey put out, “When you have a focused intensity over time, and you multiply it by God, it equals an unstoppable momentum.” In this case, when you focus on greatness, and character, and integrity over time, you multiply that by God. It gives you an unstoppable momentum and that’s what I want to encourage everybody with, today. I hope that this is a good thing to all of our employees out there. If Trinity can help you in your career path, to help you to get somewhere great, we would love to. Please give us a call or you can go check out all of our jobs online at trinityemployment.com, and our phone number is +9186222588. Thank you so much.