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Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’M president of Trinity, Employment, Specialist Trinity. We are Staffing organization and we staff for two different divisions. One is in the medical field, where we stand for everything from a front office, a medical front office position all the way to a physician’s assistant. So that’s going to that’s going to include like a medical receptionist, an RN and LPN, a medical billing, specialist medical cash. Posting medical collections, medical, a are all of these things. We we staff for all the way up to a physician now, and so we will staff for Physicians, assistants, nurse practitioners, all of those positions. We we staff, Tulsa Staffing or do we have another division where we staff for accounting, finance and banking, so anything from a bank teller all the way up to a loan originator you squeeze handle all of those things in the financial sector, I’m continuing a A groupware or a session. I did just just earlier about difference, recruiting strategies that you can use or I’m sorry developing a recruiting strategy in the different things underneath the recruiting strategy that helps companies and it’s so very important to pay attention to some of these things in the thing is when You’Re developing a recruiting strategy. I’Ve got a list of about 15 or 20 things here that you should really consider. I don’t think that you’re going to need to incorporate everything that I’m talking about here, but you’re you do need to bring into an accountI’m not becoming a Drifter. I use that word earlier, but you don’t want your recruiting efforts to be just drifting wear if you’re a medical practice and you are and you’re getting ready to hire someone a lot of medical practices that we come into in and a lot of the businesses that We recruit for as well they’re recruiting strategy in the pass is blast at an ad ad. Take the best person that just kind of fits and Just Go With It, And so there’s not really a strategy in place it. The strategy is hurry up, Tulsa Staffing get somebody that we decently like and let’s go and what happens there? Is it people the people that are hiring, I don’t think, did they take into consideration the astronomical cost of of hiring the wrong person in the wrong person is extremely expensive.

If you heard someone that you really liked, and even if they were awesome, but they they were really kind of looking for something else and they continue their job search and you hired them brought them in for for 5 months and they found something else. The cost That is to a company is way more than what you might think, because you have training that’s going into then. You know, by are estimation at Trinity. Tulsa Staffing It generally takes 6 months to a year to even get an employee for their valuable for them know. Even Walmart says that if they bring somebody in at an hour – and they work for him for 3 months – and I quit Walmart says that they lose ,000 on that will think about. If you brought in a higher level person and you held onto him for longer – I mean the cost is way more than what so here’s some here’s, a continuation of of the recruiting strategies and I left off last time with employment branding this time, I’m going to Start out with, are you trying to find someone? Who is you need to try to figure out if you want to find someone who’s currently working in your field or who it has some roundabout experience, or if you want to try to hire the person and train the skill? This is a really important decision to make, Tulsa Staffing because there are some companies you just need to go and truly aggressively recruit someone from another competitor and bring them in. I look at this. This isn’t necessarily our recruiting strategy. We wanted. We want to hire the person and train the skill, because I care a lot more about character and who that person is – and I can invest in that person and when I get the right person on our bus. It makes a real big difference, but there is no. There would be a lot of benefit.

I would imagine to bring somebody in who is currently has been working in the field knows so much would bring different ideas to you feel you need to figure out. What is your strategy going to be? I need to talk about that with your team. You need to decide what who is it that we need? Do we need someone coming in with the experience? Do we have a training platform at which to train the right person, because you don’t want to put someone in there and then just have them Wonder around to try to figure their way out. You know I was talking to somebody the other day he’s one of my best friends and he was he works in the oil and gas field, Tulsa Staffing and he’s in I was asking like how how’s it going because he’s one of their top producers and he’s like you Know Cory, it is really difficult because we just lost someone in a company that basically knew everything he’s like they are, throwing all of these products that they want us to sell these. Like I don’t know anything about it, they don’t have any training. I can’t call anyone he’s like our own or he’s like he’s got 20 irons in the fire. He can’t train me he’s like I’ve got to figure this out on my own he’s like he said. I estimate this to take me on my own. Probably about a year to year-and-a-half to learn but he’s like man, if I just had that guy here it would. It would probably take me about 45 months to learn this. Please, like I, don’t have any other choice. Cuz this this guy had a brain aneurysm and it took him out of work and it’s a it’s a really big deal for their company right now. Tulsa Staffing But you need to decide if you have a train platform to get somebody up to speed. Listen this guy! I’M talking about he’s got the character thing down, but he just does have the train platform is so this company is going to waste rather than getting them trained in about 4 months. He estimates it’s going to take him a year-and-a-half to get up to speed, as if that one person were there, and so you need to try to figure out figure this out.

If you have that platform, so the next thing is, you need to try to figure out. Can we make a decision quickly and as a recruiting company I’ll tell you? This is probably one of the most important things. I cannot tell you how many times we have delivered the Holy Grail to someone and their team took another 2-3 weeks to make their decision, and let me tell you something anyone’s good: they will. They will find something else. Tulsa Staffing It will not take them long, especially if they’re in a specific field, that a lot of people need it, and we had this happen all the time at Trinity. It’S one of our Achilles heels is getting people to be able to make a decision quickly, and so you need to make sure that you get the people the right people in an interview all at one time on the first day lot of people – and I think This came from Pride about 10 or 15 years ago, where you know you would have two and three different interviews, and I understand that process in. I guess. If you were only recruiting for a very high-level individual, they would take the pay. They would have the patience to be able to do that, but if you are hiring somebody, that’s in a mid-level, I’m telling you that strategy is not a very good strategy, because a mid-level just like I’m just like I’m trying to encourage you not to drift the Mid-Levels drift, they take the first thing: that’s that’s offered to them because it eliminates their fear of being unemployed and – and it’s very seldom that you get someone who’s in a mid-level that will really truly take their time and I’ll have the patience for a 2

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