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Hi my name’s Cory Minter, president of Trinity, Employment, Specialist and Trinity. We are Staffing organization and we have specialized in Staffing in the medical field for over 10 years now we work with most of the major medical clinics in town in the top of positions that we staff for are in medical billing, medical, assisting RN’s LPN. We we really specialize in the revenue cycle management of medical groups as well, something that you know we, we hired specialist that have done that before in their past, and so a lot of managers that we work with, really appreciate the fact that we actually know what It is that they are seeking and we can. Tulsa Staffing We have the ability to tell whether or not it’s a a medical biller really knows. You know some of the things that they say they know by asking them specific questions and it’s something that has really set us apart from a lot of the other medical staffing groups. Not that there’s very many actually, but we we become one of the top people for quality and it’s something that we’re really proud of I’m today I want to. I want to talk real quickly about your recruiting strategy and just your overall hiring process. I want to talk about some things that you should put into your hiring processes that that it’s really essential in it and it’s things that, if you don’t, if you don’t really study this and become an expert in hiring new employees manual, you will likely make a Lot of mistakes – I personally, just in my own company, have made all these mistakes, but a big part of it is because you know I’d. Tulsa Staffing I did not do some of these things, especially early on it, so I want to share these with you. These are some things is that we train our customers on and try to give them a vision to a new way of bringing on talent, because I’ll tell you one thing that most medical facilities, hospitals, one of the things that they are notorious for doing – is hiring someone And they’re really not the right fit and they hold on to them for too long and it’s the accounting processes they can talk about and they can show Numbers about how much it cost to acquire the employee, but it they don’t, show the most important number and That is, if this person either quits or is terminated and there’s an end to that person’s employment.

What what was lost there, especially if you bring somebody in for you, know 6 months, and they quit when you have lost basically think about it. You’Ve lost all of that salary, all of the time that you’ve had your staff come in there to try to train that person, because you – and I both know that it’s 6 months – it’s very rare – that someone is actually worth something to the company. Yet because in our organization it it appears to us that it takes about a year before someone really becomes valuable into our company, and so if we were to bring somebody in and they stay for 9 months, holy cow man, we have lost so much money that We’Ve invested into that person if they resign, so it’s really important hold on to people. Tulsa Staffing That’S why it’s so important to have a strategy and know what you’re doing have an expectation, what you’re doing and not just kind of drift is. It probably a good word at to the next person that you are higher, so I’ll dig into this and see if this helps you out at all. The first thing is you need to have a well-defined strategy. You need to decide. When do we want to bring this person on who is going to be training this person? What is the job description and write that thing out know exactly who that person is going to be reporting to have all of that everything ready to go and it’s a thought-out process? You know you need to know where you’re going to go to get the people and what time, if you’re, going to have a referral system. Tulsa Staffing What are going to be some of the ways that you Market this throughout your company and what are some of the ways that you want to Market it to some of your friends for a referral source? What what is it that you’re going to do there? Are you going to post an ad in a newspaper? I wouldn’t suggest that, but where are you going to post ads at, I think you’re going to get someone from an ad about 20 or 30 % of the time by the way, so I wouldn’t Bank on that.

But you need to have these things well thought out and have your staff involve themselves in it and give you. You ideasI also strongly suggest that you read from some of the most well-respected resources and journals on some of the best recruiting techniques and begin to know what they are and start to incorporate them in your organization. One of the one of the ways to recruit is using a staffing company and using our way of making certain that we get an a player for you. And if we don’t, you terminate the relationship quickly, and so you invest your money into the recruiting agency. Making certain that you get that a player, if you can, if you can have a staff that will terminate quickly, you can use that as a strategy. Tulsa Staffing The second thing is: is you need to have a pipeline approach, so where is it that you’re going to get the people I discuss this just a little bit ago? But where are your people going to come from if your recruiting from medical billing or a cat posting position or medical Collections and a r or an AP position, what is it? Where are you going to go to get the people you know? Are you going to go and develop relationships in a networking group? Are you going to go after friends? If so, who were the people that you were going to reach out to? I strongly suggest that you not 100 % rely on just ads and just a referral source that also go out and source for people go, find people who are currently employed and reach out to them and their ways that you can go about doing that. Tulsa Staffing Give us a call if that interests, you are I’ll, be happy to teach you about it. It’S just pretty complex. Process the third thing is: you need to try to figure out. Is your company competitive and what are going to be some of the things that you use to attract people to your company? I what?

What is it that attracts them? Is it going to be your benefits? Is it going to be the culture that you have? Is it going to be a mentor program that you have for Millennials if you’re trying to bring a Millennials, but what is it about your company that makes it great you? You and your staff need to be able to communicate this well and, if you don’t forget to ask, they need an incentive. It’S it’s difficult to get an a player over to your team without having some kind of effort on selling how your competitive and why they should come to the steam. Tulsa Staffing You need to remember that you’re, a players have options and they’re going to have options that are going to be very competitive, and so, if you want to try to bring one egg Sears in your organization, will good grief, you better be able to communicate how it is That your company is better number for you need to be able to Brand your company, so you know one of the things that we do when we brand our company. Tulsa Staffing I really work hard on the entrance of our of our facility when people walk in. I want there to be a certain feel. I mean I go to this degree. I have a certain kind of music playing. I have a certain type of it’s a colorful types schematic in in in the lobby area and it’s just a unique type. Of type of atmosphere also even consider smell. I want it to smell good whenever they walk in, and so all of these things that you can use to Brad and your company. It’S really really important that when they walk in and they know who it is that you are – and you can do a lot of branding online as well. But these are just a few things that I think can help any company try to increase the level of their other recruiting and if, if we can help you out at all, we would really love to at Trinity. Give us a call at 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at Trinity employment.com. Thank you.