The Trinity Difference – For more information about Trinity Tulsa Staffing call us today.

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The Trinity Difference – For more information about Trinity Tulsa Staffing call us today.

We attempt to do things quite different at Trinity for very specific reasons.  I had to use staffing companies many years ago to staff for a very large 500+ Tulsa employee organization.  Quite honestly, the staffing companies I used drove me nuts.  It seemed that the simple instructions that I gave the recruiter were not really paid attention to the way that I wanted them to.  As a result, the office managers that I worked with became very frustrated at me directly because they felt like I was missing the mark.  As the HR specialist for the company, this perception by the other managers was not very good for the overall company culture and their thoughts about our Tulsa HR staff overall.

The way that we recruit offers a different approach than what has been “the preferred way” in the staffing industry.  We do not take walk-in interviews.  The reason is that we do not even want the temptation to any of our clients a candidate that looks great on paper, but someone that we can’t really remember because we have interviewed so many people each week.  Instead, we take the approach to only recruit for the specific positions that are open at the time.  So, each individual that Trinity places has been directly recruited specifically for the customers opening.

Another approach that is unusual in staffing is that we put a strong emphasis and effort to focus on what the employee wants.  Most recruiters make the mistake of only focusing on the employers needs and completely ignoring what the candidate’s desires are.  When a recruiter does this:  Unknowingly, they are doing a great disservice to their client.  In the end, the employee will most likely leave the company once their desired position becomes available.  We do our very best to make a true match drawing attention to both the client and potential employee’s desires with the following philosophy: “Patience is Wisdom”   If it is not a true fit, both parties are better off to wait for the “right fit” before proceeding.  This focuses both parties on a long term mindset rather than a quick fix which not only saves money, but also time.

Over time, it is quite noticeable that our clients are very appreciative of this approach.  They have noticed and spoken with us about the employees that we have sent them.  Overall, it has lead to an 88% – 90% long-term placement rate and brought us many customer referrals.   We have had many of our customers refer us both potential employees as well as their professional colleagues.

If we can help you in any area of staffing your organization, we would love the opportunity to speak with you.  We understand that we have the responsibility to earn your trust.  Our intention is to pay close attention to your specific needs and not take a cookie cutter approach.  Allowing us to learn what your company culture is and recruit a specific skill-set and personality fit for your organization will most likely produce very positive results for your business.

Please contact us at:  918-809-7807 or visit us online at:

**If you are looking for jobs in the Tulsa Oil and Gas Business, Tulsa Medical Staffing Industry and other industries call us today.





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