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Hi, my name is Cory Minter, I’m president of Trinity, Employment, Specialist, trainee, we’re Staffing organization, and we staff in many different areas in the Tulsa Oklahoma City Market’s, not many but two or three main number one is in our medical field. We staff for everything from front office person to a physician assistant, so we’re going to staff for LPNs RN’s front office, receptionist X-ray, techs, medical billing, specialist medical collections AR specialist physicians assistant nurse practitioners and Physicians. That is what our scope is. We have medical professionals that we have in that we hire and and we go, we go and recruit for people that we understand. The second area is in finance, Accounting in banking, Swede staff. A lot of bank tellers loan Originators. Tulsa Staffing We also staff for financial people primarily in the customer service, Arena of Finance and Accounting, Tulsa Staffing and it’s something that we we have done really really well with won many awards with super proud of it. If you’re interested in Trinity, please go read all reviews, it’ll say a whole lot about about how our company does business. So I’m wanting to wrap up a section. This is the second part to writing a resume in. So I I talked real quickly about the two styles of resumes. The first style is chronological, which it is meant for someone who has a good work history or they are trying to stay in the same field, so they’re wanting to highlight their work. History, that’s the that’s their billboard. We talked about you know making your resume like a billboard when you’re driving 50 miles an hour. Tulsa Staffing You have 15 to 20 seconds at most. Read that billboard does that billboard capture your attention when you’re driving by same thing, too resume? Are you capturing the attention of the of the reader when they’re only and give it 15 or 20 seconds at the first glance, so you want to have the things that is most important to them at the very top of your resume and a chronological style.

Does this if you’re staying in the same field, so you want to try to highlight the most important things in your position in your most recent position and then the position following that? The section that I didn’t get to spend very much time with in our last session was a functional resume, and that is that is the style of resume where you are trying to highlight your potential. This is for someone who’s trying to change career Fields. Maybe you’ve been in one career field for the last 10 years and you have decided man enough. I’Ve decided I don’t like this. I made a mistake and getting into it, I need to get into another Clearfield you’re going to want to try to highlight your transferable skill. Sets, and so what you’re going to do is rather than making the top part of your resume about your most recent job history, Tulsa Staffing you’re going to talk about one of the top skill sets that you have and then detailed that down. Tulsa Staffing So, for example, if you did some Management in your last position and you and you want to go, and I like that in a different field, you put management experience and you have bullet point all of your management experience and then you could bullet point. You know. Maybe some of your soft skills are some of the things another main topic that was relative to your to this new field and then at the very bottom you’re going to have your work history you’re, trying to get them to see your potential rather than at the very Beginning looking at your work history in the body where, where your listing your main skill, set, try to use as many facts and figures and statistics as possible, Tulsa Staffing it’s really really important that you do that, because you’re trying to convince them that you are credible individual and You want to use as many facts and figures as possible. A lot of people make the mistake when they’re riding a functional star resume to just say what they did, I’m something in a chronological stop resume. They just say what they did. No one really says how they you know how they did something extremely well.

It’S very you know most people don’t like to brag on themselves. It’S really important that you take opportunities to not just say what you did, but also say what you did well and how you exceeded expectations. If you can give yourself an opportunity to talk about that at any time in your that your experience warrants, it definitely take that that time, but in your functional so resume you will want to list your work. History. Make sure that you put it at the bottom and all you need to do. I describe these to you too, just peek your attention. I don’t expect for you to really understand exactly how these work go on. Google and type in chronological list all resume and then a functional stall resume, and it will tell you it will give you examples of how these are laid out and you can take two or three for these of the best. Looking ones mattress to it and then and then use that experience, nothing that I would. I would recommend to someone who who lacks riding skills. This is this really helpful to someone like me: I’ve written two books, but I’m not that great of a writer. I have somebody help me with this stuff, and so I would even suggest even myself to go on and if you are, if you are a medical biller type in Sample medical billing, resumes and see what other people are saying about themselves, often times you’re going to See people who are professional Riders who have written these sentences and if there are any of those sentences that relate to you, where you can use some of the language they use to describe them. You take take advantage of that. You know in life and in business as big success of mine. Tulsa Staffing I just I don’t have to recreate the wheel. I go find the people who are the best at it and try to mimic a lot of the things that they do. You know I’m. No, I’m not genius. I just go find the genius people and try to figure out what they do and try to the best. I can same thing in a resume: go find the people who are really really great at writing. These things use some of their language.

Only only if it is truly relative to you and it’s true about your experience and it’ll help you with the writing part of it so before you submit this out, have at least three or four people that you believe are smarter than you check out your Resume and make sure that it makes sense, often times people use acronyms that everybody in their industry knows everybody on their team knows, but it’s really specific to either that team or the industry, and it might not, it might not be understood by everyone make sure you Have people that are outside of your industry read your resume and tell you if they see any mistakes and it you do not want to have any mistakes in this thing, it’ll make you look silly, I’m telling you when if we were, if we miss a mistake, As a staffing agency on somebody’s resume, we send it out we getting off for they get upset at us. I’M just telling you make sure that you check these things out last thing follow up with any resume that you send out. My cousin was asking me some advice of the days she’s, Tulsa Staffing like you know what I’m just sending in my resume. I don’t know what to do and because it just seems to go into the digital black hole, and I don’t know what to do, and I might call him tell him that you submitted your resume and that you were wanting to make sure that they received it. And if they needed any other information, you wanted to be very proactive in getting that over to them and that you’ll help them with anything that they might need from you. I’M telling you no one else is doing those things, but you in today’s digital world. It’S a big back black hole admission at 3/4 x of resumes you’re going to have to call and talk with somebody to get yourself up to the top, get them to look for it and take a look at it again. This is really important to do so. These are some things that I think can help you in developing your resume. I hope that it does because no one likes doing this stuff. Let’S just be honest: we don’t like writing these things, but hopefully this this will help you and your process give Trinity a call if we can help you with love to please go, read our reviews of tell you how we do business with people. Our number is 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at Trinity employment.com. Thank you.

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