Tulsa Staffing | Strangest Interview and Body Language Mistakes

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Tulsa Staffing | Top strangest body language and interview mistakes

You are listening to Trinity Employment’s, a player matchmaker podcast starring your Tulsa Staffing host and the cofounder of Trinity Employment Specialists, Cory Minter. Hi and welcome back to the a player matchmakers. I’m here with, Ethan May

in our topic today is list of strangest Tulsa Staffing interview in body language mistakes and they’re pretty weird man. They’re pretty weird. So if you feel bad about your interviewing skills, you’re getting ready to fill a whole lot better. But in the end we’ve got some statistics about uh, body, body language and nonverbal skills and uh, and then some of the easiest ways to ruin an interview that I think is very hopeful. Some of this stuff is going to be fun. Um, so I, I hope you stick around for a, for this, even though it might sound strange at first, it’s a good time. What happened is his career builder does a big research study every year and they, um, ask HR people all over the country to, to report back what some of the weirdest things that’s happened to you this year. And so they do that. And you know, interviewing, it’s a vulnerable area for people.

It’s a nervous area for people. And apparently we’ve got some really colorful Tulsa Staffing interviewing ticks here that’s, that’s going on. But um, but we, we want to make fun of some of the silly things that we’ve all done in interviews. I’ve done some of them myself when I was learning this. And so we’re, we’re all not immune to this at all, but at the same time we want to be able to add some value to some of the, um, body language type things that you can, uh, can improve on. So we probably ought to just get kicked off cause I’m kinda interested to read through some of these. Me and Ethan, have we, we’ve received them. We’ve glanced over them. We haven’t, like, we haven’t really gone through them, so you’re going to get our natural reactions to them. Excited about, you’re going to have your natural reaction to him.

So, yeah. So go ahead and kick us off. We have, we have some stats. Yeah, we’ve got a stat here and it’s a stat that we’ve listed dozens of times, but 33% of bosses, they say that they know if they’ll hire someone within the first 90 seconds of an Tulsa Staffing interview, you get some gut reactions. You know, when, when you, when you meet someone, whether it be for an interview, whether it be, you know, too when you’re just kind of meeting up with someone, casual friends, maybe you guys will be friends later on or whether you’re meeting someone romantically. You kind of have these gut instincts that the snap too because we’ve been conditioned that way. Um, which is sometimes a good thing, sometimes a bad thing, but uh, it’s really important to nail your interview because it, you know, you make, you may make a, a mistake that pretty quickly will disqualify you from the job.

So if your candidate, this is going to be outside of 90 seconds. Yeah. But if your candidate asked to step away to call his wife to ask her if the starting salary was enough before he agreed to continue the interview, that might be one of those I sound like range, right? Like why can’t they be like, sure, we’ll all just kind of sit with my wife or husband, hey, claim back. I’m being dead honest. I have had a wife do that. I’ve never had a husband do that. I have had a wife do that before. Interesting man in the middle of an interview to um, called right there in front of my desk. Said, do you mind if I call my husband to see if this is a good enough salary or not? And I train well just out of, I don’t know. What do you, you know, you don’t know what you’re going to say to that until somebody that’s fair.

And so let me tell you what I said. I’m embarrassed. Oh No. What’d you say? Like, yeah, yeah. She’s, she makes it right there. Oh, that’s tough, man. I, yeah, I would like to imagine that. I would say, well feel free to talk about it at home and we can, we can discuss a little later, you know, like you can call me back tomorrow or something. But how strange. Oh yeah. Listen, I’ve had, I’ve not had this happen so much with wives, but husbands, I have, um, we have had a lot of people quit for various reasons. People upset for all these weird things. But there, there are some, there are some wives that have some pretty demanding husband sees or at least at least by sounds like, yeah. Yeah. All right. Another one that’s pretty crazy. It’s, oh my goodness. Candidate ask where the nearest bar was.

Ligated interview. I read, I read that. And this is, this is what I thought. Oh, honestly thought I was like, man, you’ve seen these Jake leg salespeople that come in. They are hot. They are the cool thing, and they’re trying to be cool and they’re trying to act bad. Not all this. So where’s the nearest bar man thinking that this guy on Google is? Yeah, he is doing himself a favor. I can just see one of those young bucks. Oh my goodness. In there. And to me that’s like, did someone just asked that? Well that they probably think this interview went really poorly. Then they’re like, oh my gosh, I need to go drink way myself. Where’s the nearest bar?

Or you know, they think about this, let’s just say you’re a candidate and you’ve just had it with your job search. Maybe, maybe even have some money stashed away. And this interview is not going the way you want. You’re the candidate and you just don’t like this company here. Whatever. And what if you decided, hey, I’m really gonna mess with them today. I’m going to give them something to talk about. No, that you don’t want the job. You know, they won’t hire you for the job. You’re like, well, let’s have some fun at least. Let’s, let’s give him some to talk. What’s the next one on the list? Third, third one is candidate ass. No, that candidate brought his childhood toys. The interview. I bruise. I briefly read that and I was like, I don’t know where that won’t be going. You know, like w w like who would, I’m trying, I’m struggling to think of how someone would think, oh, this would be beneficial in an interview.

Well, I can tell you this, you know that glass door story, I keep telling them all the time that would have worked there. Definitely would have worked. Yeah. Oh my goodness, man. That’s so weird. All right, next one here. Candidate ate a pizza. He brought with them and didn’t offer to share any, you’ve walked into an interview with a full pizza. Yeah, but dude, all right. If you’re, if you’re interviewing at dominoes [inaudible] I mean, that’s a great move. That’s you just eat moderately. Sure. I love pizza. I’m all about pizza. Go to a different dominoes. Oh my gosh. All right, crazy. Next one is candidate asked interviewer why her aura didn’t like the candidate. Oh yeah, I know. I know what this is like. This is a spirit thing. So the, the candidate says, Hey, my aura is telling me I don’t like you. Yeah. Would she say that to an interviewer? Well, I mean, let’s say that. Have you ever heard that song? It’s a country song. It’s really great. It says God is great. Beers. Couldn’t be crazy. I’ve heard you sing that song. I wish. I wish we had the internet. We have a player candidate invited Tulsa Staffing interviewer to dinner.

Oh Man. Hey listen, I had, I had someone when I was working out at Samson, um, I had someone like deliver me this pie. It was like a, it was like a handmade pie. Wow. Really? Well, I hadn’t hired the person yet and it was like a thank you gift and I was like, ain’t no way I’m going to eat that. That’s terrifying. Well, what I felt bad for is like there’s no way I was going to eat it. Sure. But I felt bad. What if that was really, it was made in, yeah. You know, most likely 99% was totally fine, you know, but there’s that 1%. As soon as you’re bringing it up, you can’t stop thinking.

Oh Man. All right, I love this next one. This one makes me really laugh. Candidate stated that if the interviewer wanted to get to heaven, she would hire her. That’s a lawsuit. If you want to go to heaven, you better hire me. Yeah. Wow. Candidate at eight crumbs off the table. I was like, oh my gosh. She is candidate said hair was perfect. When asked why she would wash, you should become part of the team. You know, I had a guy one time I interviewed him and I said, so yeah, what are some of your strengths? And he looked at me for a second. He goes, well, obviously I’m really fashionable. He literally said that to me in an interview. Man. I’ve heard, I’ve heard that one before. That’s pretty good candidates saying to a song on the radio. We’re fine.

That’s good. And then, uh, last but not least, candidate put on and took off her sunglasses repeatedly. No. Oh, hold on man, man. I was waiting for a big finale. You skipped one man. And this one is a big finale. Candidate bragged about the fact that they were in the local newspaper for allegedly stealing a treadmill from an older woman’s house. That I don’t think if you were like, even think of the most random thing someone could do in an interview. I could never, I could never come up with that. Well, I’ve always said Tulsa Staffing interviewers need to write a book. And did you know that we were contacted to do a reality television show where we really, yeah. Why didn’t we do it? Because I didn’t want, I don’t know though. I didn’t want to deal with all the crazy that would come with that. It would have been our big, big break, man.

Listen, I’ve thought about it, but listen, the people that were contacting me did not have any level of legitimacy that I saw. They were contacting me and they’re like, Hey, are you interested in this? They did like three, four, five times. I never saw anything of the show. So I think what would have happened was I would have agreed, wasted my time, like mine tissue Trisha told me, but still, man, I thought I was like, hey, that wouldn’t be a bad idea. It wouldn’t be because it would, it would be interesting. It’s just that we would break a ton of laws by sharing people’s information. Yeah, no, that’s true. I actually, I just read recently an article is talking about, uh, TV shows that were like totally bogus. You know, things like house hunters, like when they go and they do like shop for all these houses.

The couple actually has already picked a house. They’re just kind of recreating what their processes, like stuff, right row. One of them was, yeah, like a [inaudible] the show would like do hidden cameras over a restaurants. They can find one. Someone was um, really slipping up and then they’d fire him, which is super illegal. Like you can secretly record people like that, but that’s probably what would have happened. Let me tell you, put a real life scenario and you have people, you have a good interviewer interviewing someone and then at the end of the day, the television audience chooses who gets the job. I’m, I’m telling you something, I’m telling you, people would dial in on that thing. We’ve got to trademark that idea real quick, man. Before that. Listen, I don’t think it’s legal. No, probably not. All right, so, uh, after bird dog and that, those are some of the craziest ones.

Yeah, we got some good ones. Yeah, we’ve got some good stats. So, um, different things that people look at in, in a, in an interview that you really don’t recognize you’re doing. Here’s the thing. Most of these people, even though just not being very wise or smart is part of it. I bet you these people did not realize the detriment that they were creating. They just didn’t realize it in body language is very, very similar to that. There are a lot of times, you know, even when we speak, you and I and you and are both pretty good speakers. If we were to get up and talk, we still have nervous ticks that we do. I play with my ring lot, you know, there’s all sorts of things that I don’t realize I’m doing. Here’s some things that people do in an Tulsa Staffing interview. 67% of people fail to make eye contact.

And in America we believe that that spills confidence. Yeah. I’m making eye contacts. Making eye contact. Yeah. Thank you. Uh, 39% fail to smile. Amazing. Because they’re scared out of skew. Yeah. Well, you know, the step that we give at the beginning, again, 33% of bosses claim that they know they’ll hire someone within the first 90 seconds of an Tulsa Staffing interview. It’s not because people are just crazy judgmental. It’s cause things like this. It’s when you walk out and you say, Hey, I’m Ethan, nice to meet you. Thanks for coming in. And in those first 90 seconds they’re not looking in the eye. They’re not smiling at you. You know, maybe they shake your hand, it’s very weak and they just seem very timid. Like it’s hard for you in those first 90 seconds to get excited about the candidate. It’s not cause we’re a judgmental is because little tiny things like this kind of line up to say, man, I’m not excited about this candidate.

If that makes sense. 34% say that uh, playing with something on the table is, I had a boss a long time ago and that just irritated the everliving part out of her and she absolutely would not hire you if you did that. Fidgeting too much in their seats. That’s just a normal one for anyone. And it’s a little bit nervous, you know, I think that I do that a little bit, but being mindful of it helps you crossing their arms over their chest. Do you know what that says to people generally? Yeah. That’s like kind of an almost an international sign of like defensiveness or closing herself off. Yeah. Yeah. And so you don’t want to give that sign to people and especially when you don’t know that you do it. I’ve, I’ve, I’ve actually, you know, I have this problem all the time. Like if I, if, if I, if I say this in somebody that are here knows me, if I, if I cross my arms, I’m likely either board and I can’t wait to get out of there.

Okay. Or, um, I, there’s something I don’t trust about that person. Sure. And so I’ve had to learn to practice. Yeah. You know, because it, you know, sometimes it means I don’t trust you. Yeah. Sometimes it means, man, I’m in a hurry and not just wanting to get out of here. Sometimes it means you know, all of these other things. And that is one that I had to still do. Yeah. All the time. Definitely do put your, put your arms down, relax. I mean, all these things that we’re talking about are things that you may kind of do, you know, unconsciously, subconsciously without thinking about. But um, but they’re all things like you said, are very easily practice symbol. You know, like you can fix these things by just being conscious of them and um, and practicing, I mean, we say all the time, if you’re getting ready for an interview and you’re nervous, just practice in front of a mirror, print off Tulsa Staffing interview questions and the most common interview questions and then answer them, looking them in the mirror and kind of see what you do in practice.

It may seem awkward at first. Yeah. It helps, man. Absolutely. These are things you can fix. Um, having bad posture. I, you know, the, the time that I noticed this is when I had somebody leaning back in their chair ready about to put their feet up and I was like, man, you’re acting so relaxed. I don’t even think you care. Yeah. And so that was the perception that I got. They’re playing with their hair, touching their faces a lot. Um, I don’t know if you’ve had that happen very often. I don’t remember that happening. Maybe once or twice. A couple of people I kind of play with their twirl their hair a little bit and it seems like they’re bored, you know, or they’re distracted. Yeah. Having a weak handshake is 22%. I think that’s probably a little bit higher. Yeah. Um, uh, using too many hand gestures, probably a culprit of that.

I’ll tell him, man, I talk with my hands so much. I bet. I bet that’s me 100%. Yeah. Then, uh, having a handshake that was too strong. I’ve, I’ve had, uh, the big dog coming in and just not my hand off. So those were some of the things that were body language. Uh, we’re, we’re going to try to run through these really quickly just for time sake is easiest ways to ruin a job interview. I’m just gonna read these out to you. Is caught lying about something that happens every day in Tulsa Staffing interview. Our entire job is to find people and not telling us the truth. When we find it out, there’s more to come. There’s more to come. I promise you man. Candidate answers a cell phone during an interview. Um, absolutely. I’m really put off by, the one thing I’m not crazy put off by is if a cell phone rings or goes off and it’s not on silent and someone says, oh my gosh, I’m so sorry.

Let me mute it. I to me, I don’t care. Oh No, no way. I would still encourage you to put it on silent just so that doesn’t happen. Other people might be a little bit more offended like that to me is okay. Oh, real quick. Muted it and put it away. I’m so sorry. That’s fine. But if you pull out your phone and you’re like, Hey, hold on, I’m in an interview and then hang up. We’re like, shoot, a quick text done. I mean, I don’t, I don’t want to, I could probably just call the Tulsa Staffing interview right there and be done. I completely agree with you. If it fits, it fits a mistake like that and there they’re showing that’s really a way of showing respect. Yeah. You know, um, candidate appears arrogant or entitled. I mean that’s a huge turnoff to me. Who, who wants to work with that and you know, I’ve, I was meeting a guide, uh, he’s a really great guy, but he, that was his perception is that he’s going to go and show people how big and bad he was and uh, he’s going to keep doing that for a good while.

You and I know someone mutually that uh, yeah, it’s like that um, candidate dresses inappropriately. You had that happen probably a lot more than I have. I think inappropriate also doesn’t mean like, like really revealing or like sexually inappropriate. It means like I had a woman wear like a totally professional pants suit and then a rainbow hat to an interview. I’m like, why are you wearing a rainbow hat? Like, that’s inappropriate dressing just because that’s not, that’s not wanting to be wearing, do an interview so that, that’s not just like you’re dressing like sexually inappropriately or revealing. That’s just unprofessional dress. The last one is Canada appears to have a lack of accountability. You’ll probably see that in a lot of their actions. These are things that most Tulsa Staffing interviewers, um, and really the, these are great till till signs. I mean, hey, listen, I kind of agree with these six, six main reasons. That’s, that’s pretty spot on. If I hope this is a contents helped you, um, if it has been funny and down, um, if trinity can help you in any way, please give us a call. We would love to be a good resource for you. There’s a lot of great content on our Tulsa Staffing website, including this podcast. Please go to it. It’s Tulsa Staffing Trinity employment.com or you can go and go ahead and just give us a call at nine one eight six two, two, two, five, eight, eight.