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Transcription: Tulsa Staffing

Cory: Hi. My name is Cory Minter. I’m President of Trinity Employment Specialist. Trinity is a Tulsa staffing organization. We specialize in doing staffing, primarily in the medical field in Tulsa. We also have another division that works in Banking and Finance in Accounting. For this segment, I want to talk to you about a position that we’re constantly recruiting for but it’s been very difficult for us to find some of these individuals.
I want to be able to talk about what it is that we’re looking for and if there’s anyone that might be watching that knows of someone, the very best way to recruit is by way of referral. If you refer someone over to us, we have a really strong referral program that I would like to offer you. This is it. We’d like to offer you $100 for anyone who is placed with us and stays for at least three months. That’s it.
We’d love to pay you. Just by saying, “Hey, I think this person would work well for you.” That’s all it is. Good employees hang out with other good employees. What we’re looking for are only A-players for our companies that we work for and our partners. This is the main position that we’ve been recruiting for. We have to find someone specialized every time. We’re recruiting for some of the largest medical clinics in town.
We have some of the hospitals, some of the larger clinics in town that we work with. We’re always looking for LPNs, specifically right now in Neurology and Oncology. Those are the areas that we’re trying to find some specialized nurses in. They could be either LPNs or RNs by the way. I don’t think that they’re too picky about who they are but they want to have somebody who is specialized in those areas.
RNs and LPNs are in a really big demand, primarily because there are not enough educational classes in this area that gets qualified and certified students out as fast as the market is moving. One of the things that’s really getting ready to hit the medical community harder than it has and it’s already started. We’ve all talked about, heard about, read about baby boomers Tulsa staffing.
A big majority of them are starting to retire now. They with age, just like anything else, comes more health problems. We have more and more people that are visiting health care facilities, needing appointments. It’s requiring a larger staff for every major medical facility in town. Forget the fact that our healthcare industry has been completely flipped upside down because of the health insurance that’s going on right now. It’s still if you don’t how it’s going to work out. No one really knows how it’s going to work out.
We’re constantly trying to find new people. We’re having to recruit for it because there’s not enough talent in this area to supply the current need in Tulsa. We are a hub for people who might be possibly looking for a new position. We want to be that hub for someone who is passively looking. What that means is, they’re not necessarily– they don’t want to be pound in the pavement, submitting applications. They’re not that desperate to get a job but they’re just open to new opportunities Tulsa staffing.
We would love to be able to develop relationships with individuals who are either LPNs or RNs who are open to new opportunities because we have relationships with so many different clinics in the Tulsa area We’re a great asset for someone who is passively looking. We love trying to help find somebody a job who’s currently working. Those are almost always your best candidates. We don’t necessarily want to focus all of our attention on people who cannot find another job Tulsa staffing.
Even though we know that there are always situations where someone has just lost their job by no fault of their own or because of a reason that is totally justified. There’s always a better place for them. We don’t want to neglect those individuals. The people that we want to stay away from are the habitual job seekers. These are the people that if you ever go to a job fair, we don’t go to a lot of them, maybe one a year but every year, the people around our job, our tables, every year, we talk about the people who show up every year. You’re like, “Man, we’ve seen them here 10 years straight.” They’ve been looking for a job for 10 years. We don’t want that person.
We don’t want a habitual job seeker. What we do want to try to find are people who are currently, happily employed. Their employer is happy with them. Well, I said that wrong. People who are a little bit dissatisfied with where they’re at for a good reason but their employer is happy with their service. Maybe, it’s a situation where a new manager has come in and just really rocked the boat and created an unsatisfactory work environment and that’s the reason.
If there’s someone that’s an employee that has become a bully in the work force or they’re just creating a hostile work environment. You’ve put up with it for about a couple of years. You’ve just had it because the stress level is too harsh on you. It would just be so refreshing to find a good environment to work in. That are the top of scenarios that Trinity wants to try to help individuals Tulsa staffing.
Please refer your friends who are other A-players or if you’re an A-player and you’re in that kind of category, please feel free to reach out to us. We might not have something for you right now. We’ll always be able to keep you in mind for when we do have something that’s specialized for you. Please give us a call or contact us if this resonates with you. My number or our direct line at Trinity is 918-622-2588 or you can contact us online at Thank you so much.
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