Recruiting others for Tulsa Jobs the way you would like to be recruited

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Recruiting others for Tulsa Jobs the way you would like to be recruited

**An article posted by Trinity Employment Specialists and Tulsa Staffing

Over many years of recruiting, I have found a unique method that has helped me to reduce our margin of recruiting errors.  It is as simple as treating others the way that you would like to be treated.  Of course most people would say that they probably do this daily, but I may have a more elaborate definition of treating others well.

The first thing is to pay close attention to potential employees’ professional desires and aspirations.  And if a mis-match is noticed, making sure and bring it up to them.  Let me explain:  As a recruiter, your job ultimately is to fill positions and make money for the company.  When doing this, as a novice, it is easy to focus on getting the positions filled first and then focusing on if it were a great fit.  It is easy to look over key concerns especially if the employee mentions enthusiastically that they are definitely interested in the position being discussed.  For example, I just met with a very experienced medical assistant and she is currently working, but not liking her job at all due to some big management gaffes.  She told me that she would be interested in anything; she just wanted to change positions.

My first response to her is that I would rather focus on a position that she can be in for the long term.  Thinking of the end first, and then the now.  The reality is that she would probably be considered and most likely hired in the front office position, but after asking more specific questions, I could easily tell that she was really not wanting to leave direct patient care.  She was just fed up with her manager.  If I would have placed her in the front office position, we definitely would have made money and she probably would have stayed the full 520 hour contract time period.  However, over the next couple of years, she most likely would have found another patient care position after getting tired of office work and moved to pursue her passion again:  Patient Care.

By looking at the end first, it greatly helps our retention rates and saves us from the drama of having unhappy employees working jobs that they don’t particularly enjoy.  It also saves our clients money and by doing that, makes us look good in our customer’s eyes.  Over time, I know that looking out for the employee’s best interests is so very important.  Treating them they way I would want another recruiter to treat me if the tables were switched was a great new paradigm and has lowered our termination rate significantly.

This paradigm shift has been an integral part of Trinity’s success over the past few years.  It has increased our placement rates significantly, saved our customers money and made our jobs so much easier by not having to replace many positions at all.  And to add to all of those wonderful benefits, it’s just the right thing to do which matches our mission statement.

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