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This article was posted by Tulsa Staffing Leaders, Trinity Employment Specialists

When submitting your application, or when interviewing, the perspective employer will often say to you, “Tell me about yourself.”  What does he or she really want to know?

They are really asking you, “WHY SHOULD I HIRE YOU? WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR ME?”

Employers are not interested in where you grew up or how many brothers and sisters you have.  They want to know the following three things about you:

  1. Hard skills
  2. Education/Goals
  3. Soft skills


Hard skills are the things you know how to do.  For example: “I can type.”  “I know how to lay carpet.”  “I know the Windows Office programs.”

What are some skills you know how to do?


The education you have and the education you are pursuing.  For example: “I have my GED and plan to attend trade school next semester.”

What is your education?


Soft skills are descriptions of you.  For example:  “I am hard working.”  “I work well with other people.”  “I am reliable.”

What are some of your soft skills?

So, when you are asked to talk about yourself, remember the three things to discuss!


INTERVIEWER:  So, why don’t you tell me a little about yourself?

JOB SEEKER: My name is ____________.  I specialize as a cashier.  I have extensive work experience in cash handling, auditing, customer service, and I can type over 30 words per minute.  I am currently working on my GED, and my date of completion will be in August of 2005.  I am hard working, I work well in a team environment, and I always show up to work on time.  

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