Tulsa Staffing | On Boarding and How It Works

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Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’m the president of Trinity employment specialists, and we’re a staffing organization. We’re located here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Um, but we staff all over the nation, uh, for travel nurses all over the nation, um, medical personnel in medical clinics, um, light industrial personnel. Each one of these is their own division. We’ve just grown. So we’ve been in business for almost 12 years now, here in Tulsa, we’ve been in the Tulsa or the ink, uh, the top ink companies in America, really, really proud of what we’ve become. Um, one of the things that we try to add value to our customers is, is helping them out with an onboarding system, uh, meaning bringing on a new employee and right now, more than ever, it really, really matters. Um, we just had a, according to the Bureau of labor statistics over the last three months, we’ve had over 30 million people in America apply for unemployment benefits with our great Tulsa Staffing solutions.

And that means that they’re going to be 30 million more people need to get back to work. And what’s more than that. The economy, as of right now this week, I was thinking we’re probably going to see a recession, but literally that week that I was talking about, we saw 2.5 million jobs created, boom, which gives an indicator to what is getting ready to happen in our country and all of these jobs that just got lost employers. It looks like it appears like here in the near future, they’re going to be hiring all of them back. And it’s going to be like an avalanche when it happens in our country. So what that’s going to do is it’s going to open up a lot of opportunities for employees. So let’s just say, and you hired someone you really, really liked. Um, and you want to retain them.

Well, I’m going to talk to you about one of the number one ways that you can retain employees and give, get, give them a good belief system about your, about your company. Feel really good about the people they’re working with, feel comfortable in their new position and ready and, and having a perception of the future with this company. Not is this the right place for me? Should I be looking for some smells? You don’t want that with a new employee that might be a potential asset to your company. Plus the cost of turnover is astronomically high, and it’s even going to be higher when you see this research of, um, hiring all over our country. So let’s take a look at some of the ways on this number one way that you can acquire and retain employees. And that is having a really strong onboarding process with our top Tulsa Staffing processes.

And here’s why people make judgments quickly. Um, I remember when I was in college and to be quite frank with you, I was looking for a wife. And, um, this is really, it’s almost odd to talk about, but it’s a true statement. It was, it seemed like every girl that I met within two or three, four seconds of meeting them, I can say yes, no. Or maybe. Okay. So that was when I was in college, I was looking for a wife looking at this, every girl I met. Yes, no. Or maybe I made these quick little decisions and don’t think I’m weird. Every college person, high school PR I’m telling you they do this. It’s just a human thing. Alright. So now let’s just take away the I’m trying to get married phase and let’s just go to every new person that you meet. Is this person good for me very quickly, very, very quickly?

You’re going to make the decision. Yes, no. Or maybe it’s just a human, it’s a human thing. I remember hiring people, um, at an oil and gas company, this law, the, it was the last company I worked at before I started my staffing firm. And, um, and there was this huge glass, um, uh, it’s like a wall that I would walk into. You could see the person, but I had to walk down a hallway and I would see the person for about five or six seconds while I was walking towards the glass. And based on the position and the hiring manager that I was trying to hire for, I could quickly make a decision. Yes, no. Or maybe are, are they a possible candidate? I’m telling you, we do this, we do this. I don’t know. There’s probably a psychological term for it, but we do it.

So that was a long way of explaining to you and, and leading up to this. But I think that it was important. So when you’re onboarding an employee, they are going to create a belief system in their first week, maybe even their first day about the company. Yes, no. Or maybe is this good for me? Um, based on how employees on or how most likely the lead employee takes them around, they are going to create a belief system about the employees that they work with. Are they good for me? Yes, no. Or maybe they are likely going to create a belief system about whether or not this company has the ability to succeed and can they thrive in this organization? Yes, no. Or maybe, and these belief systems are likely going to be made the first one or two days. It’s just, it’s a human nature thing with us for your Tulsa Staffing services.

And it’s very, once a belief system is built, it takes, it’s very difficult to change these things because you have to change them with a, with an opposite experience from what their belief system is. Um, so that’s the psychology of it. How do we create a great onboarding experience? Here are your action items. Number one, um, prepare for their arrival, make sure that you have assigned someone and prepare for their arrival, what it is that they’re going to do that day. Have it planned out, know, know how you’re going to introduce your staff, and have a plan at Trinity. We have an entire week agenda. So from eight to nine, you’re going to be going around and meeting people on their desks. We have congratulations. We’re excited to have you here. And then we all write something. We want them to feel welcome when they get there.

That seems cheesy. And to me, even to me, it seems cheesy. I feel weird writing the card, but, um, but it means a lot to people. And I know that because they’ve told me and I’m so preparing for their arrival, make sure you have an agenda and you have one employee assigned to make sure that their first week is going well. And that you have a systematic approach to checking in with them and then helping them keep on your agenda. Um, that’s what Trinity does, but you can do it in all sorts of different ways. Number two, give them a tour of the office, make sure they know where the break room is, make sure that they know where every employee, you know, the key employees that they might be working with, and what it is that they do. Let us know, you know, where those things are here to offer the best Tulsa Staffing services today.

Um, if there is a restroom, you make sure and take them, show them where the restroom is. Um, and you, you just go around and show them the workings of the office. And they’re not having to figure this out on their own, somebody talking to them about it. And hopefully, in a jovial way, I probably wouldn’t put the accountant sitting over in the corner that never wants to talk to anyone. I probably wouldn’t assign them to this. Um, you know, you want their first, first day to be really great. Number three, train them the right way, make sure that you have someone sitting there and, and prepared and equipped to train them properly on your system. On, um, the email system on the inner workings of your office. If you have an intranet, how to access that, um, you need to have someone trained in these things.

Um, we want to start with a manageable task. First is the fourth one, make sure that the things that you give them are manageable and doable and winnable, you win, and then give them a definition of what equals winning, you know, in your, in your first week. I think it’s very important and helpful for players to have a definition of what’s winning. What are their KPIs? What are their key, um, metrics that you’re going to be? I’m taking a look at them with, do they have a scorecard for winning, um, number five, assign a mentor to give somebody to them that, uh, that can really try to walk them through the first two or three months of their job and say, listen, if you have any concerns or anything person, you go to number six, make sure all the paperwork’s finished and it’s completed and get it done quickly with a better Tulsa Staffing services.

It’s not fun, but that is not something you want to linger. The first couple of flowers. You might want to make sure that those things are done and then begin, you know, get the first things done first. And then the last thing, just check on them often. I know that we’re all doing busy. Listen, I’m busy. As soon as I get to work and I’m going to be torn in all sorts of different directions, but, uh, you’re, you’re gonna, you’re gonna do what you say. Tell yourself you’re going to do, set it on your calendar to check with them regularly. Make sure that they’re okay. If Trinity can help you in any way, shape, or form with finding the employees to onboard, we would love to give us a call at (918) 622-2588. Or you can visit us at online@trinityemployment.com.

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