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Tulsa staffing company’s take on Obamacare in 2014 | An article written by Trinity President, Cory Minter

I was reading an article yesterday where Jim Cramer from the show Mad Money was talking about how staffing companies are going to be an essential tool for many companies to help to offset the cost of Obama care which will be effective in 2014.  I know for a fact that many things will begin to change in 2014 and I think that the average employee will be the one to take the brunt of cost of universal healthcare.  I am somewhat concerned for middle class America and I thought I should offer some helpful  hints on how to prepare for this drastic change in our economy.

As I mentioned earlier, I think hands down, the loser in this new change will be middle-America.  So the point of writing today is to offer some suggestions on how to position yourself if you are, in fact, part of middle-class America.  The average American worker will now be facing decisions that many large businesses will be making on how to weather the Obamacare cost.  As you will read in Jim Cramer’s prediction, he discusses options that certain employers may utilize to keep from having to pay the healthcare penalty.  Of the few, one really stood out to me as a real possibility.  This particular employer that is highlighted plans to have an employee work for their company for 20 hours and then have them work the rest of their 20 hours on the staffing companies payroll.  Or, have the employee work 20 hours on one staffing company’s payroll, while having them work the other 20 hours on another staffing company’s payroll.  Either way, the employee is in a tough position of not having healthcare coverage paid for by the employer.

Now obviously, the employer deciding to do this will not be able to attract the best talent by utilizing this method.  I honestly do not see this happening much with upper level positions.  However, you will absolutely see this happening with lower and mid-level positions.  No matter which method ends up being the avenue that a company decides to go, you can almost be guaranteed that staffing companies will be used more and more as we inch up to 2014.

What I would suggest are two goals for mid-level employees.  1) Find a good solid job with a company that is doing well financially and has the means to weather the Obamacare cost.  Or, 2) Find a staffing company that provides medical coverage and find a way to work full time with them.  Many staffing companies will provide benefits for you just as long as you work with them consistently for a certain period of time.  By searching for a staffing company that provides benefits when they are not required to by low may be an indicator of how they will take care of you when the law is in place.

At Trinity Employment Specialists, we offer benefits to our employees once they complete their probationary period with us.  We do this because we feel like it is just the right thing to do for someone who does a great job for us.  So, when Obamacare starts to hit other companies like ours, we will and have already been accustomed to providing medical coverage to our staff .  To learn more about how Trinity Employment Specialists gives back to its community, partners, customers and employees, please feel free to visit us on our website at www.trinityemployment.com   You can also give us a call at 918-622-2588.  Please give us a call, we would love to hear from you.