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Tulsa Staffing | Number one option

Hi, my name is Cory Minter and I’m president of Trinity, employment Specialists, Trinity is a staffing organization and we’ve been around for the last 10 years in the Tulsa Market. But just recently, we’ve moved over into the Oklahoma City Market as well. What happened was, is we had a lot of our customers that were here in Tulsa that also had business in Oklahoma City, or we had customers that we worked with here in Tulsa, who had friends who had businesses in Oklahoma City and all of a sudden? We’Ve got a decent group of people working in Oklahoma city, so we will be starting in Oklahoma city office, hopefully in the next six to eight months, and we should have brick-and-mortar in that town about that time. So I’m really really excited about that. But trendy we staff, specifically we staff for everything in the medical field, medical billing, medical front office, medical receptionist are for medical billing and LPNs RN nurse practitioners, Physicians, assistants, X-ray techs in all the way up to Physicians, and then we have another division in our Finance and Accounting and banking, where we recruit for accounting positions, Finance positions and then in the banking industry we stopped everything from a teller all the way up to a loan originator or some of the executive level positions in Banks. But in the middle of that we also do a lot of customer service type positions, and so it’s something that., That’s kind of a you know the targets that we go after we’re, not all things to all people, but those two different divisions handle those things very Well i’M in this is the third part of the series on talking about developing a recruiting strategy for your company and what are some of the things that you need to put into your recruiting strategy, and I’ve got a list of about 20 things here and I do Not think that it’s necessary that you incorporate all 20 of these things, but having a recruiting strategy is extremely important when trying to bring on a new employee. The reason is is because of cost it cost a ridiculous amount of money to hold on to the wrong person or to bring on the wrong person into your team in so having a system there to make sure and reduce the margin of error. Tulsa Staffing As much as you can it’s a bit, it makes a big difference and it can save companies, thousands and thousands of dollars, and one of the things that Trinity does, especially for our medical groups in our finance institutions that we work with is we create a pathway to Only finding an a player by giving companies the ability to terminate quickly if they need to and let that person go on to find something they can being a player at.

But in sometimes that’s one of our companies that we work with. But the thing is: is that being able to end the relationship early is the ticket to not taking on any more of a burden than it already is to bring on a new employee, and so like? I said this is the third session here of recruiting strategy. So I’m going to jump into this. The last thing that we left off with was how quick companies can make a decision on. If you found the right person, do you have the right team in place to be able to make the decision quickly so that another company doesn’t come in and steal one of your top candidates there and? That leads me into this next point is: how are you going to find the individual and one of the one of the strategies that I strongly suggest that you use? I want you to know that this this one strategy incorporates roughly 70 to 80 % of all of our recruiting. Comes this way and it sourcing this is, Tulsa Staffing we are not placing an ad we’re not using a referral source or when those two resources don’t work. We go out and we find passive candidates, people who are currently already working and we go out and we use back ends of websites like indeed it would go in and find people posted the resume we use the back end of the websites on Monster and Career builder Is well, these are not people that are applying for jobs there, people who have posted thereMay up in really you don’t even have an odd way of communicate with him other than like email. You can send him an email. This is one of the ways that you can use LinkedIn. Is you go out and find people that do something similar to what you do and then send them an email and see if they can see if they might be interested? I will tell you A lot of people on LinkedIn and man: are they getting hit up by recruiters way too often and it’s losing its Effectiveness, but that in general, that in general is what you do. Tulsa Staffing You know we will use Facebook and Twitter and Instagram to go in and communicate with other people and by using these job boards and creating job or on our own.

We’Ve been able to bring candidates in who are currently working to have found out about the job ad through one of their friends that we’re not even really connected if it’s a friend of a friend and by using this chain of social media. It gives you an ability to Source candidates and bring in candidates that are not out there. Looking for jobs necessarily and it’s incredibly important that you figure out or incorporate into your strategy a way to truly legitimately source for candidates. I will tell you it takes a lot of time and in fact, I believe that this one thing that we have a system for being able to do is probably a big reason. Why most of the companies that are customers currently, why they use us. Tulsa Staffing And that’s because we have an ability to do this and it takes a ridiculous amount of time to be able to do and what we we’ve gotten this down to where we were very, very effective at it. But if you, if you do not have a recruiting agency, that is great at sourcing, I would encourage you to give us awe, could likely make a big difference in the people that we bring to the table for you by bring it by tapping a different Market. In to where we’re getting our pool of people, the next thing is is before you start going after this person take time to interview your top current employees, like your best producing employees, the people that really identify who your company is, and they really in compass. What you want the culture to be going interview, these people find out what makes them tick try to find out about their personality, find a find out about what their background was before they before they came on as an employee, with you find out what they thought Was most important in their background that help them to be successful at work, where they’re at find out everything that you can about your top-earning employees? Tulsa Staffing I suggest you even go out and run a disc analysis on them on your top performing employees and find out what it is about their personality that makes them so great, and I’m telling you when you learn who your top employees are, and you just find someone That is almost identical to the end wow.

Does it make a big difference? Tulsa Staffing I’Ve done this in our company and I’m telling you our results sword. By doing this, one thing: that’s just interviewing or a players making sure that we are duplicating them, that we’re not trying to just come out and get like I’d use. The word before drift, you don’t want to drift and just try to find the right person Venom in the slot and then hold on to them for way too long spend too much money trying to train them and then recognize it through the wrong fit. And then you have to either ask them to leave or they quit cuz they’re frustrated. That is an astronomical horrible way to loot to use your money because you’re going to lose it. So it’s really really important that you interview these people know who you’re looking for and have that in mind before you start your search building a recruiting culture is also extremely important to do. You can get and develop a culture of your top performing employees to share and talk about your company. Tulsa Staffing One of the ways that you do that is treat your employees. Great, don’t go talk. We have a line of people wanting to come work for us and it’s all because our employees have talked, and we have I’ve got like two or three different people that I can choose from any given time all because of what our employees say. I think that developing this recruiting culture is extremely important. If Trinity can help you in any way with your recruiting, we would love to do so. Please give us a call at 9 622-2588 or you can visit us online at Trinity employment.com. Thank you.