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Tulsa Staffing | No one compares

Hi, my name is Cory Minter and I’m president of Trinity, Employment, Specialist Trinity, we are Staffing organization, were located here in Tulsa that we staff in Oklahoma City and the Tulsa markets. We have other markets that we work around in this in this area as well. We’Ve been in business for about 10 years. We won multiple Awards on the on our compliments, but – and you like ink magazine, Tulsa’s fast past 40 growing companies and we’ve done that by putting in placing quality over quantity all the time as it’s, what we’ve been able to do. We have a system that we’ve created to only get a players for customers and by doing that you know I was in a meeting yesterday with someone, and I was talking with him and he told me you know he asked me what we did. That was different. I said: listen to thing that we’re going to do. That is different. I believe, is it we’re not going to waste your time at all? I told him the story of how I got started in Staffing a long time ago and how all I would do would I would meet with four to five people a week that I had no business meeting with, because I had to use staffing companies. I had to use recruiting company to help me, but they were sending out numbers and it worked eventually, Tulsa Staffing but it worked at my expense because I was having to spend four to five hours a week, just 5 interviews a week is about an hour out of your time And that’s almost an entire full day and it was crushing mean eyed managers above me requiring all of the stuff, and it was just it was such a tough thing, and so I told him I said: listen we’re not even waste your time and I said in Furthermore, if we’re unable to find the candidate in a week or two. Time will then we’re going to call you and encourage you to use another staffing company and as crazy as that might sound. That’S the honesty that you’re going to get with us we’re going to. Let you know: Hey listen if I were you I’d start reaching out, because we’re unable to find that person right now and by doing that I was telling you we’ve been able to grow.

Well, that’s why? Because people know that we’re going to be honest with them. It’S not all about the book for us if we look out for the other person first and a Snowball Effect happens after you do that over over time, and that’s what’s happened to us company and we grew another 15 or 20 % of this year will find out Here in a couple of days, cuz it’s December 27th or 28 right now, so I should find out where girls rate ends this year, you’re going to want to talk about today. I want to talk to you about one of three or four more things about things that you should not do as a as a recruiter. We always do these videos when we talk about what we should do. Well, it’s just as important to think about what not to do, because a lot of people just do things that just don’t make sense. Tulsa Staffing It is because everybody gets busy and in the whole thing happens in life, happens to us all, and so we’re just trying to get through things. But just getting through the recruiting process is a very costly mistake and it can cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. So you’re at your three things that I think can help you and if you just did these three thingsI think it’ll help your recruiting process in at least give you a unique perspective in a different perspective change. Tulsa Staffing The first thing is most companies to place a job ad and expect people to come to them, and they might talk about it a little bit and ask for people that you know if you know of someone, but most of the of the Reliant is on some Level of a job at I’ll tell you we get maybe 10 to 15 % of our people from a job at and we run all the job at. But the reason is because the best candidates are never stuck in a pool applying for a bunch of jobs.

They are people who are likely working and they are, they are just irritated enough. Did they are wanting a change, but they haven’t really yet made a full-fledged effort to go and start applying. Yet these are called passive candidates, a lot of companies miss out on the best talent and they get stuck with being sea level players because they rely on only people who apply only people who apply and I’m not trying to say, there’s anything wrong with people who apply Good grief, if I didn’t have a job and well, I would want to apply online you a bit. I really think that many companies miss out on the passive candidates. Tulsa Staffing These are the people who are currently working, but they have you. They just don’t have enough time to go and sit through all the job ads and if you go after them it will make such a big difference. You will jump yourself into a likely be player, pool to almost certain a player full and it’s a big big difference. When you engage your staff on finding passive candidates in spending the majority of your time chasing the passive candidates, then you do sifting through job at you. No job applicants that have replied to your ads online definitely put some emphasis on those cuz you’ll find people but don’t make it your primary source make passive candidates your primary source. It’S a mistake that we see a lot of our customers make primarily because it takes a lot of time and they are busy doing a lot of other things. Second thing is: is train your interviewers on good, solid interviewing techniques. Interviewing has changed from, I don’t know the 10 years ago. Tulsa Staffing  Remember when the question used to be there. What’S your favorite color and then people to Hell eyes that you don’t mean people still do that, and I don’t want to knock it. But that’s probably not your best interviewing technique right now, and there are. There are things that have been proven to be a lot more accurate and effective, and I think that I think that you should train your staff, who were interviewing some very, very important that you train them and get them equipped to be able to make good hiring. Decision for you, because if you don’t making the bat making a poor hiring decision is way more expensive than what you’re thinking right. Now I guarantee you it is it’s not a number, that’s in people’s heads all the time, but it’s a very high number.

You pay attention to it. The next thing is is use Niche job ads or job boards. One of the one of the things that is more way more effective than job ads is on social media websites. Third to all these different job boards that you can post into if you’re a member of them, it’s really really important. I hope I’m not giving away a trade secret here, but it’s very, very effective in trying to recruit you don’t a job board that snitch specific and all of a sudden you’re talking to people who know people and they all work together in a lot of times. That’S how you’re going to get your passive candidates so ignoring these job boards is a huge mistake. Don’T miss this opportunity. This is really really big. Tulsa Staffing Last thing is, is not having an office space; it gets people excited, especially with Millennials. Now they want to work in a place, that’s exciting! That looks cool that feels cool and if you have a really run-down almost depressing type office space. I encourage you to take a look at this I’ll. Tell you just for my own standpoint. The only thing I want is this is just my personality I want to go in. I don’t care what my cubicle looks like. I don’t care what my office looks like. I just want to sit down with my computer and get my work done. That is the way that I am, but that I’m not like a lot of people and I’m telling you that there are a lot of Millennials that will not take your job all, because you got a boring and depressing office space. My wife took the reins on our company, thank goodness and created an exciting workspace when you walk into our office, it’s colorful, it’s very modern, and I believe that it makes a big difference, Tulsa Staffing plus our customers that walk in it makes a really big difference to them. That they feel like they’re working with a quality company, that is, that is not a has been we’re, obviously something more modern and it makes them more comfortable when they walk into our office space and so that that’s very important and then creating the top of atmosphere. We have music, that’s playing when you walk into our atmosphere, it calms people down and relaxes them, and it makes a big difference. Listen if you are struggling with York. Routing Trinity would love to help you. We can help you in many ways and save you. Thousands of dollars give us a call, so we can tell you a little bit more about it. Our number is 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at Trinity employment.com. Thank

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