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Tulsa Staffing | No one better

Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’M president of Trinity, Employment, Specialist and today I’m talking about recruiting techniques that some of the best recruiters use and think about and they’re all you know we’re always trying to get better at what it is that we do, and so you know it’s my job to Always read about the newest techniques, things that people are doing and make sure making sure that Trinity is on the top of the cusp of that and so part of that I always want to try to share with people the different things that were learning the different Things that we’re doing some of these things we’ve done for years and years and years and a couple of these are relatively new, but the thing is in recruiting is it is always being disrupted and I’ll tell you with all the technology that’s being thrown at recruiting Right now, man, it’s hard to keep up with it, because if you, if you find something that works literally one year, lay it’s not going to work anymore, I remembered – I remember not too awful long ago on Craigslist in our area was just such a big big deal And it was free and it was really great free, recruiting, source and sew in a lot of ways. This was 10 years ago. That’S how Trinity got started. I had a really great recruiting source that was free will pay. Tulsa Staffing All of that is changed. You know Craigslist. They they changed it to a paid top of a subscription-based and then all when that happened, everything went kaput and you know you think that you think that will good grief. Craigslist is a horrible Place, recruit from man, not back, then it wasn’t back. Then I was recruiting Physicians off of that thing, good ones and making a lot of money through it, and so you know, recruiting, is always going to change and then indeed took over LinkedIn play became a huge recruiting Source those are starting to wane out, even though those Are important, and now it’s moved on to more of a social media based on this is all happened within the last for 5 years, and now it’s all word-of-mouth good grief. Everything is about reviews. What kind of reviews do you have and people are always checking it out I’ll, tell you one thing that Millennials in the younger Generations are really really great at. Is there really really great at doing a bunch of research on who you are and what’s so crazy? Is is the you know, you’ll trust, someone that you don’t know it’s it’s.

It’S kind of a weird thing, because you know you, wouldn’t you wouldn’t go and ask a complete stranger about their opinions on certain thing and take it as gospel. You know but, we do that online now and so that’s the thing you got to pay attention to it, Tulsa Staffing and so all these things you are kind of hard wired into you know the change agent it’s happening in recruiting I want to. I want to talk to you really quick about some new strategies that I think are very effective, and some of these we’ve been doing for years couple of more or somewhat new. This is something that we’ve been doing for several years now, you hiring for attitude and you train skill. Tulsa Staffing One thing that you cannot train into someone is having a good attitude when they win in towards positivity someone who makes a choice to be happy even when things aren’t going really really well at someone who is not a, I don’t know if they’re, not a victim Of anything bad that happens to them you’re, there are lots of these things, that traits of a player’s or people that you want to work with, but the people that you want to work with are not natural complainers. They don’t naturally see the negative side of things. They generally see the positive side of things. People want to be around people like this, and it is really really important that if you put all of your impulses on the skill set of a of an individual – and you find someone with the best skill set for that job ever and then they have a Horrible attitude I’m telling you your entire team is going to be miserable and your team is going to go downhill. It all comes down to something. This simple remember: when we were two or three year, Tulsa Staffing two or three to five years old and we used to play in a sandbox. You need to try to figure out who is going to play good in the sandbox with the other kids and that’s really what you’re trying to do. You’Re trying to get a group of kids group of employees they can play in the same box well together and there’s not a lot of fighting. There’S, not a lot of bickering. People are playing and if you’re a parent, you know what I’m talking about.

You know the kids that your kids play well with it. It’S an easy transition. That’S what we’re trying to get into our teams. Sometimes you need to break it down to that simple. The second thing is is to think outside of the box in the ways that you tried to recruit and don’t just go after job ads, it’s not effective anymore, I’m not saying don’t do it and not have it a part of it of your process, but don’t Make it as a primary source you process, it’s not going to be very effective for you and not not. If you’re trying to hire a top a player and hold on to him for ever. You know you need to have a process to be able to terminate quickly, but you don’t want to have a process where you just hire anyone and it’s so thinking outside of the box to get him is really important. Look to social media, don’t don’t look necessarily to LinkedIn all the time or two job ads. You need to go on to some of the social media pages in and log on to some of their Niche job boards. Here you’ll be able to create a network of people who know other people, and so, even if they’re not looking themselves very likely, they might know of someone who is looking. Here’S another thing go where they go there, all if you’re, special, if you’re looking for someone. Tulsa Staffing That’S in a niche group in your trying to find a hard hard to find Talent. If there is an IT group somewhere, a networking group that you were aware of go to it get to know those people go find out who they are. If you are, if you were going to or if you know of somewhere in the hospital Group Watsonville Hospital groups, they go to, if you’re trying to find an executive will go to a place like United Way into some of their executive board, meetings go go and Roll to one of your chamber executive, executive board meetings, you can go to those things, that’s where they’re all hanging out. Tulsa Staffing That’S how you get to know him and you’ll find out who look at who’s, not who might be a good candidate for you go where they go. It’Ll change your ball game open up a whole new world of network to you that the next thing is is have an employee referral program really really important. I recommend that you pay a minimum of ,500 for any kind of employee referral where they stay with you at least 3 months, and they made a good, solid contribution to the team. Man pay your employees for the referrals, a players, no other a players.

Don’T take referrals from your BNC level play take referrals from your a players and bring other a players in your organization. It’Ll make a really big difference. The next thing is is keep database. You want to keep a database of all the people that come in and if you can make it searchable, because we’re recruiting company, of course we have this database and yes, it is searchable. So now every resume that comes into us. Tulsa Staffing It’S scanned in every word scanned in, and so we have a pool of people to pull from, and this is not that difficult to do. There are a lot of different resource that you can reach out to. They can scan in and create a database of people to pull from if you need to do that, these are just a few of the techniques that we use at Trinity to try to find some of the best, a players for our customers. These are some recruiting strategies that I think a lot of people Overlook, sometimes and but yet they’re the most effective. Tulsa Staffing Don’T look at just placing a job ad anymore. It is not effective for you look at the other Alternatives that you might be able to utilize and see if they might be able to make a big difference in your recruiting. Most people underestimate what it cost to. How are the wrong person and then hold on to them for too long, and it is really really important that you spend the time or have someone in your company that spends the time to get this done. I hope that this helps you in some way, with with your recruiting. Trinity would love to help you if, if you’d like to reach out to us, our number is 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at Trinity employment.com, we can deliver you a player’s. Thank you. So much

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