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Tulsa Staffing | No Comparison

Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’M president of Trinity, Employment, Specialist Trinity, is a staffing company. We work in the Oklahoma City and the Tulsa markets and in the in the two different markets that we work in, we provide staff in the medical field. Everything from a front-office person to a physician’s assistant and then on our business division. We we do accounting, finance and Banking and administrative top positions, something that we’ve done for years. We’Ve been in business for about 10 years now, we’ve been in ink magazine is one of America’s fastest growing companies, and we’ve always grown like this about 60 to 80 % of all the new business that we get comes by way of referral, and it comes this Way, if you treat somebody well, they might till one or two people if you’re lucky and if you treat them poorly they’ll tell 20 minimum and business is like that: it’s not just us, but over the overtime as treating people. Well, we’ve been able to do a Healthy Growth, which I’m really really proud of it. Tulsa Staffing Trinity and we’ve been able to create a culture that I’ve never been able to work in this is fun is what it is to work in our office. I’M so grateful to work with the people that we work with. You know a lot of you know. I had started Trinity, like I said about 10 years ago, and I’ll tell you, my team has just made our recruiting process so much better over the years. You know we keep changing our processes in and changing some of our procedures, mainly because we have to adjust to all of the outside influences that are happening. Every industry has disruptors on the recruiting. Industry is no different. We’Ve got our own disruptors that we have to deal with and because of that, we are constantly changing the way at at how we go about getting candidates and we’re adding to getting better every day every single day always working on that. But I want to share with you because it because of that constant process, it’s something that we’re able to focus on, so we’ve been able to become easily experts at this and but for most people their job. Tulsa Staffing Their primary job is not doing recruiting it’s very difficult for them to become experts at this, and so that’s where we become a really good partner for a lot of the customers that we work with.

But if you are, if you were a company and you’re needing to do all of your hiring on your own, and that’s where that’s where this little video comes in to play, where I think it could be helpful for you. So what would I want to do? Is share another group of things that that you should not do as a recruiter in the thing you should watch out for and make and make sure that if you don’t have these things in place that you put them in place, I just want to bring up some Of these things that I’ve noticed in some of our companies that we work with that are not very good at recruiting and and that’s what makes us such a good partner for them. But anyway, Tulsa Staffing I hope this helps you that the first thing is, and in this is from a high-level. This is coming from a point where you want to commit to only getting a players in your company. Like that’s the that’s the standard, that’s what you have to do. If a specially for small businesses, you can’t really afford to have a beer, c-level player on your team. It creates too much dissension and problems because you don’t have a filter or you don’t have a group of people that can back them up. Larger companies can tolerate be players occasionally, but not small company made. It really hurts him, and so, if you’re, a small company, the very best thing that you can do in the thing to watch out to not do is to not profile and really take a good inventory of what makes your best players great and try to find Out, what’s their background, what’s their personality like what are some of the things that they do, that you really like what are some of the things that they don’t do that you really really like what and really taken analysis and interview and get to know what is The makeup of your top a player’s: what is the personality type? What do you need to try to duplicate? Tulsa Staffing Because if you’re going to go, get an a player and you got an a player on your team, let me tell you the talk thing that you want to do: duplicate them as much as possible, so find out about them.

Learn about your a players! Ask them questions to be able to learn about the once, you learn about them, then you can start to create a spreadsheet or a sheet of necessaries things that you need to see in this next person that you’re bringing in so that is the number one thing I Don’T see people doing often is profiling and really knowing and understanding their top players. Tulsa Staffing Second thing is mini: hiring managers do not understand what it cost to acquire an employee, and they also don’t understand what it cost to hold on to the wrong employee, and we see this happen all the time. You know we will have often times customers who are holding on to someone and we have told them you need to terminate this person, they are wearing you out that they haven’t shown up for this many times, they’re working you, you know, and it’s often managers who Are nice and kind they don’t want to be mean to people, and so it really would bother them if they needed to terminate them and we are trying to encourage them. A listen be careful what you tolerate, because what you tolerate Not only would make your life miserable, but it will cost your company, thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars. So when it gets to a certain point where our team comes to me and says: listen, this person is wasting money having them in their company. At that point I will, I will go to him and say: listen if you know this person in the right person calculate how much causing you to hold on to this and I’ll calculate it for him and that’s where they start realizing the astronomical cost of holding Onto the wrong employee for too long really really a big big deal that, however, if you hold onto the right employee and treat that in Floyd really really well, man it’ll send your company to the moon. So really it’s important for you to pay attention to these things. The number number three thing is using a coaching culture to make sure it can attract and hold onto Millennials. I have I have three Millennials on our staff and I’m I have a coaching platform that is set up for them where, once a month, Tulsa Staffing they get to sit with me for an hour and talk about ways to accomplish whatever goals that they’re wanting to complish. And I have some people that are their goals are to accomplish certain things inside the company and there certain people that they want to. They want to accomplish certain things at home and regardless of what that is, I sit with them and I try to go through them with that journey and for them it makes a big difference. This is something that I do not make mandatory and I tell him listen. This is not something that you have to do.

This is something only if you want to do it, and it makes a really really big difference, especially with Millennials, but they desire to be coached. They mainly it’s probably because of helicopter parenting. I feel like I do sometimes too much of it myself with my own kids, but for for that reason they really want a coach along the way and they want to see they want somebody to present them a vision of what they can be and I’ll tell You what oftentimes employees set their Vision way too low and as a leader, all you have to do is tell them what you think that they’re capable of, and it won’t be long until they reach that all they need is somebody to tell him. This is what I think you can do. Tulsa Staffing You won’t believe how important this is. This is this is something that can help your entire culture is by elevating those people that are willing to let you speak into their life if you’re willing to take time to do that, it’s probably one of the most important things that I’ve done is speaking to Our employees lives and try to help them to achieve whatever it is that they’re wanting to cheat, and so those are some things that I think can help you in your recruiting process. If Trinity can help you in any way, please give us a call. We would love to be able to do that. We have a huge emphasis on striving to get only a player’s and we have a system at which to teach you how to do that. Give us a call at 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at Trinity. Employment.Com, thank you.

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