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An article posted by Tulsa Staffing Experts, Trinity Employment Specialists


My name is ________________, I specialize in _________________and have extensive work experience in: (list hard skills)


I have attained my_______________ (list education, GED, college,) OR

I am currently working on my ________________ (list education that you are working on)

OK, so you finally nailed down an interview and get your chance to speak with a company.  What do you need to do next?

Once you know your resume, and you have set an interview time and date, you will want to immediately start researching the company.

Why research?  You will want to know what type of company you are interviewing with.  You will also want to be perceived as educated and informed.

What is surprising about some Tulsa job seekers is that few research the company they are interviewing with.  We all know that we should have questions prepared for the interviewer, to have an extra resume handy, and things like that.  But the most important things that should concern anyone who is going to an interview are details such as:  What kind of company is this?  What do they do?  Are they stable?  What are their future goals?  Etc.

Accepting a job is not something to consider lightly.  Most Americans spend more time at their job than they do anywhere else.  Accepting a position is one of the most important decisions we make.  It is necessary to make a decision based on good research and consideration.


I am _______________(list soft skills – hard working, work well with others etc..)

So how do you find this kind of information?

Well, it’s pretty easy.  Most companies depend on their websites for advertisement and business purposes.

You can use this information to help you find crucial information on the

preferred company.  In this case you would simply 1) research and find the company website; or 2) research stock and investment information if they are a publicly traded company.

Finding the company’s internet site is (for the most part) painless.  All you need to do is to get onto a respectable search engine and simply type in the company’s name.


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