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Hi, my name is Cory Minter. I’M president Trinity, Employment, Specialist, I’m trade. We are stacking organization, we staff in Oklahoma, City and Tulsa markets. We’Ve been doing this for 10 years now, and I’m in those 10 years we’ve been in ink magazine is one of America’s fastest growing companies. We’Ve been one Tulsa’s top 40 fastest growing companies for the last 5 years, and we’ve been able to create a process for employers that have helped save them. Thousands of dollars in there hiring processes beat because we help them to set up a hiring process. So I’m going to talk to you about that just real quickly, but I hiring process is so important for your interview process. I was reading a stat the other day that was in Forbes Magazine, and they were talking about people who really just genuinely didn’t know how to interview and when you just go through an interview like normal or without a level of preparation and without a level of Knowledge, what it’s really 14 % of the time is How likely you are to actually get a good match, and the reason is because people will go into an interview and they will just kind of let the little let it the conversation flow. Much like you – and I would if we were just going to have a conversation we just met there, there be a certain level of small talk and you knowI would.  Tulsa Staffing I would likely try to find out who you are as a person what your interests are and stuff like that, and then we would part, but we’re so used to having conversations like this, that many people make that their interview and so really really. They make a decision based on how well they, like the person within that 30 to 45 minute time span, maybe an hour if you’re lucky and so then make a decision on whether somebody can do a complex job based on how well they lock them will. Tulsa Staffing  If I were to ask you, have you ever met someone before and you really really like them at first I mean you were like man. I, like this person, I hope to hang out with them more and then, when you got to hang out with the more you recognize that holy cow, that person isn’t what I thought they were and so a lot of times that happens in a job interview. You hiredBremen realize hey. This is not who we thought they were in

I’ll Tell you what that gets really expensive, because now it’s tough to terminate them and for some companies it is for some companies that can terminate them quickly. But a majority of people hold on to that person. Kind of crossing your fingers and hoping that things might get better and so want to try to talk with you just real quickly about the hiring process and trying to trying to talk with you about how we try to coach our clients in how much of a Difference it’s made, hiring hiring process is to is to actually making a higher. You know it’s so relative. It’S almost like Sarsaparilla is for root beer, the flavor of root beer. Tulsa Staffing Without it, it just doesn’t work, but with a you know, an interview you have to do this, or else you were going to end up with a crummy taste in your mouth about your about your hiring. So hiring process is really important. The number one book that I recommend on trying to create a hiring process for yourself would be taught grading and you can easily find it for most. Huge companies is like their Bible, it’s how they create it. But Trinity has taking snapshots of that and we we try to get make that available to the people, to our clients, who are hiring so that the number one thing that they recommend, if you want to you – want to have such a structured format that you ask. The same questions of every person, Tulsa Staffing I think this is now finally become a little bit more common knowledge. However, I’m telling you this is just new information to a lot of people. Is it you should ask the same questions of people whenever you have an interview but have a structured format, for you have those questions and then you need to have a scorecard, and if you go to top grading. Com, I believe they have the the scorecard there.

For you, Trinity, we’ve adjusted ours to match a majority of our clients, cuz some of the stuff in top ratings, very specific, but you want to score People based on. You know how they answer each question and score them right there in the moment. So you can compare people on back-to-back, really all you’re all you’re doing with this is you’re, creating your own statistical and Alice’s to be able to make a decision on which person best fits the position for that skill set that you need, and it helps you to Take out the just instantaneous like ability factor and focus it more on data and and the most important things to that job skill set, and so that’s really important that you create that type of interviewing process. Tulsa Staffing You ask the same questions of people and then and then you keep a scorecard of of the event. The next thing that I always recommend people – and maybe I should have said this first, because I’m kind of backing up on the interviewing process is when people come into your office one. I know this may sound like Common Sense start on time. Don’T have your candidate waiting be prepared for them to come and then whenever they get their your first two or three minutes is incredibly important and you want to put them at ease. To some extent you want to. You want to make yourself a like ability factor and make yourself someone that they feel like they can trust and here’s Why so many people lie or withhold pertinent information in the interview process and it’s a defense mechanism they’re trying to defend themselves from getting weeded out and so they’re very, very conscious about what they’re saying in the interview process and your job is to get them to Relax so they can talk to you like they’re, your friend, so you can find out the real deal soap, having a compassionate way that you present yourself, you know, maybe sharing a quit story and setting up the question in a certain way will will really help you. Tulsa Staffing Here’S a great example: if you’re trying to get somebody to tell them about your weaknesses, you know this is how I say this question or tell them listen.

I have some extreme strengths that make me so great at my job, and everyone here would be able to tell you about those strengths, but because I’m so strong, this one area, you know just like everybody else who has a strength in one area of my weaknesses, Tend to be this, and so I personally make sure that I have people around me that help me with those things. What are some of the areas that are your extreme strengths that Trinity, you know, could could benefit from and what are some areas that it would help if we had people fill in for you and when you present, when you present the question like that, Tulsa Staffing you’re you’re Telling him a story about yourself that you struggle with it you’re getting them at ease to telling you what the you know really truly what their strengths and their what their weaknesses are. But you need to get them to feel that way, so that you can find out what the big deal is, and so these are just a couple of things in the hiring process that I think, if you were to just do those two things: it’ll change, the Dynamic of the way that you do interview, I do recommend you check out the topgrading book. I think it would help you a lot and if Trinity can help you at all would love to send you our scorecard stuff. Even if you aren’t a customer of ours, I’m give us a call at 918-622-2588 or you can visit us online at Trinity employment.com. Thank you.